Serengeti is the best park in Africa. Is the endless plain in Tanzania with outstanding universal value.

The only place on Earth with the highest concentration of wildlife.

The vibrant life of this park is astonishing. The complex ecosystem makes it stand out as the wonder of the world.

Well known for wildebeest migration but Serengeti is beyond that.

The choice to visit Serengeti is the wise decision ever you could make for an African safari.

Nothing to compare with Serengeti when it comes to wildlife safaris all over the world.

What are the quick facts about Serengeti?

  • Is the only park with the highest concentration of wildlife on Earth.
  • Annual wildebeest migration from Serengeti to Maasai Mara starts from June to September
  • Calving season is in January and February at the Southern Serengeti
  • The best time for Bird watching is April and November
  • The dry season is ideal for a game drive
  • Serengeti is the third largest park in Tanzania
  • Serengeti is accessible throughout the year
  • The best destination for Big Five Safari
  • Is the first national park in Tanzania in 1959
  • Is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1981
  • Where is Serengeti  National Park?

Serengeti national park is the endless plain found in Tanzania. Is the only remaining natural grazing ecosystem on Earth.

Also, this vast plain is the heart of the complex ecosystem.

Serengeti is bordered by the Maasai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya in the northern part.

But also the park shares the same ecosystem with the Ngorongoro crater.

How to get to Serengeti for Safari?

Serengeti is a very accessible park in Tanzania. You can visit  Serengeti by two means of transport either by Air or by Road transfers.

Taking a flight from Arusha is the most convenient way to one of the park’s seven airstrips.

If you opt for road transfers, this park can be accessed through these four main entrance gates which are. Naabi Hill Gate, Ndabaka Gate, Klein’s Gate, and Bologonya Gate.

Getting to Serengeti National Park by air, the most recommended airport is Kilimanjaro.

Lies between the town of Moshi and Arusha. Is almost 200 miles/ 320 km from the southern park entrance gate.

There is a couple of international flights to Tanzania including. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Kenya Airways, and Ethiopian Airlines.

It is possible to take a flight from Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta Airport (NBO) to Kilimanjaro (JRO)

Local flights are so many whether scheduled or chartered flights. Most of these flights are owned by private companies and luxury lodges or hotels.

You can connect from Zanzibar to Serengeti or other parks in Tanzania.

Learn more about How to get to Serengeti National Park

What is the geography of Serengeti?

This park divides into three sections. The southern (central) part is well known as the Seronera.

This is the part that Maasai people called the “Serengit” meaning the endless plains.

The Seronera area is a classical savannah dotted with acacia plants. But also this area is best for wildlife viewing.

To the west, Serengeti is marked by the Grumeti River. This area has dense bushes and thick forests because of enough water.

To the northern part is Lobo. This is where Serengeti meets up with Maasai Mara in Kenya. Is the very least visited section of this park in Tanzania.

Serengeti national park is a well-developed park with accommodation facilities. Best eco-lodges and hotels are there to offer visitors a comfortable stay.

 What are the Things to Do in Serengeti?

1. Wildebeest migration

One of the best attractions for visitors in  Africa. Witnessing the Serengeti migration is the dream of many visitors to Tanzania.

More than one million wildebeest and Zebras migrate each year to Maasai Mara in Kenya. Is an endless process in this park.

The migration stays in Serengeti for a long time. Though from July to September you should take the front seat to witness the Mara River crossing. This is the drama you won’t dare to miss.

Timing is everything for Serengeti migration in Tanzania. You should consider prior planning with your safari experts.

Our team will arrange your trip for either Bologonja, Kogatende, or Lobo in Serengeti.

2. Balloon Safari

For a little added romance on your trip, you should consider adding a hot air balloon safari.

Nothing to compare to the feeling of soaring several thousand feet above the plains of this park.

The complete view of Serengeti from the sky is so unique.  The view of the inhabitants and the silence are remarkable.

Most of these tours are optional. But you better think about it, nothing will beat the Serengeti hot air Ballon experience.

The experience of Balloon Safari is an awesome activity you need to think about. Is the memory that will live on your entire life.

3.  Sunrise Game Drive

Many of the Serengeti’s animals are most active during the cooler morning and evening hours.

This makes the sunrise game drive the perfect opportunity for game viewing.

It’s easy to see wildcats and other animals either resting or moving.

If you’re intent on seeing African Wild Dogs, this is also the best time to spot the elusive pack hunters.

We allow unlimited game drives between 06:00 and 18:00 (park operating hours).

So all you need to do is ask your driver what you would like to see on a sunrise game drive and he’ll make it happen.

4. Luxury Tented Camp & Lodges

Serengeti National Park offers the perfect blend of modern comfort and nature.  Serengeti offers all levels of accommodation.

The luxury tented camps of the Serengeti are popular year-round. The well-known camps like An’gata camps or Whisper. Mapito Camp, Kirurumu, and Elewana Camps camps are the best places to stay.

Also, Serengeti offers luxurious lodges and hotels for your stay. As you can enjoy your stay at Melia Serengeti Lodge, Four Season Safari Lodge, and Simba Lodge. Serengeti Serena , Sopa lodge , Singita Faru Faru, Ndutu Safari Lodge

Experience the true African safari by spending at least one night in a tented camp.

Whatever your budget, it wouldn’t be a visit to the Serengeti without at least one night in a tented camp.

But if you visiting during the rainy season a brick-and-mortar lodge is the best option.

5. Camping experience

The experience of camping safari is beyond imagination.  Is something primal and magical to a tent on Serengeti?

The sound of the wilderness arouses courage and adventure.

We are experts in arranging camping safaris. The equipped team will make your trip unforgettable.

Service from our best cooks and guides is always guaranteed for your satisfaction

Camping on safari can be a great way for budget tours. Though it’s not recommended during the rainy season.

When is the Best Time to visit Serengeti?

Serengeti is one of the top year-round wildlife destinations in East Africa.

The best time to visit Serengeti National Park depends on what you want to see.

Timing is the key to experiencing Serengeti. Whether you’re looking for game drives, wildebeest migration, or birds.

Each season of the year affects each experience.

The dry season is ideal for game drives. This starts from June to October and December throughout February. The traffic is high during this time of the year.

Top tip the vegetation become so sparse, best for wildlife viewing

An ideal time to witness the wildebeest migrations at the Grumeti River is from June to July.

For the wildebeest crossing of the Mara River, the best probable month is September.

Top tip– Wildebeests migrate in search of food and water as Serengeti becomes so dry. While the short rain season is about to start in Maasai Mara

January and February are the best months to witness the calving on the southern plains.

November to April is the ideal time for bird enthusiasts to visit the park.

Several migratory birds are present in the park and it coincides with the nesting period.

Top tip – the male’s breeding plumage makes it easier to spot birds.

Something to note is that during dry or high season price tends to spike for accommodations.

Book your trip earlier if you have a plan to stay in lodges or tented camps. The possibility for accommodation to be full-booked is high.

Compared to the low season where rates are low and availability is high. So if you’re budget-conscious you better plan for the low season.

Which is always during the dry season months. April, May, November.

Top tip– January and March are the best as you can see Migration, rates are lower and the environment is green. offers the perfect conditions for photography

Top tip July, August & September are the best months for Wildebeest Migration. While the Mara River crossing is during September.

Calving Season in January and February to the Southern Serengeti

Serengeti Cost: How much do you need for Serengeti Safari?

To get a clear understanding of the cost for Serengeti. We should first consider key drivers for the price whether to be low or high.

  • Season of the year. Whether low or High season
  • Level of comfort in-term of accommodation
  • Mode of transport either Flying or Driving
  • Extra tour options like Cultural tours, spa treatment, guided walking, and Balloon Safaris.

We do offer customized trips and we offer a unique experience to each client.

We are so flexible to collaborate with you to create a bespoke Serengeti safari.

We invite you to study the guidelines for Serengeti Safari Budgets

  • Costs range from $180 to $390 USD Full Board ( Budget and Mid-range)
  • Costs range from $450 to $1,200 USD  Full Board service ( 4 Star Comfort – Luxury )
  • Costs range from $1,250 to $1,850 USD  Full Board ( 5 Stars Comfort )
  • Costs range from $1,900 to $12,000 USD  Full Board ( 5 Stars Luxury )

The above guidelines are for accommodation and may vary according to the season of the year.  But also subject to change as the government imposes taxes.

  • Park fees for Serengeti remain at $ 82.6 plus VAT
  • Special Camping Fee U$D 71 per night in Serengeti.
  • Maasai Boma visit in Ngorongoro U$D 50 per vehicle
  • Hot air balloon U$D 599 per person
  • Tipping guides include $20 per guide, per day and $15 per cook, per day.

There are clients who prefer the public campsite for camping instead of private.

We offer a professional cook and a supporting team if you’re looking for camping. Is the best option for budget trips to Serengeti.

Best combines Serengeti Safaris in Tanzania

Serengeti’s is positioned in the best place to connect you with the rest of the other parks in Tanzania.

Below is the list of other destinations which you can combine with Serengeti Safari.

Ngorongoro Crater

This is a world-renowned crater in Tanzania that offers the best chance to see the big five in one place.

But also the best location to enjoy luxury accommodation.

Whether tented camps or best lodges and hotels.

Few include Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge, Ngorongoro Serena Lodge, Lemala Camps, and Ang’ata Camps

Tarangire National Park

This is the best park to see large groups of Elephants in Tanzania. But also is the compliments for Serengeti.

Is the best park also for wildcats including Lions and Leopards?

The best services offered by lodges and camps at this park is beyond imagination.

You can stay at Tarangire Treetops, Roika Tented Camps, and Tarangire Sopa Lodge. Tarangire Safari Lodge and Ang’ata camps.  Night game drive is available too.

Manyara National Park

The park is famous for tree-climbing lions and bird species more than 400 species live here.  It is a small park created with the great rift valley of East Africa.

You can stay at Tortilis CampLake Manyara Hotel, Migombani Camp, and Panorama Camp.

Mahale & Gombe  National park

Located in remote areas of Tanzania, these parks are the best for chimp trekking.

But also visiting these parks gives you a chance to experience the deepest lake on Earth. Lake Tanganyika.

The experience is quite different from game drives, here is typical walking.

You can stay at Mbali Mbali Mahale Lodge, Greystoke Mahale, or Gombe Forest Lodge. And Kigoma Hilltop Hotel.

Ruaha National Park

This is the gem of southern Tanzania. Is the second largest park after Nyerenyere National park.

Apart from wild cats, Greater Kudu. You can stay at Mabata Makali , Ruaha River Lodge, Jongomero Camp, Ruaha Tandala camp.

Kigelia camp and Ruaha Flycatcher.

Selous Game Reserve

This is the largest game reserve in Africa. Selous is the giant of Tanzania wild.

With thousands of wildcats, buffalos, giraffes, and zebras. Selous offers the best places to stay. Including Selous Mapumziko Lodge, Selous River Camp

Zanzibar Island

This is don’t dare to miss destination in Tanzania. The beautiful spice island rich in history and culture is beyond imagination.

After a long game drive in Serengeti enjoy the sea breeze at either Unguja or Pemba.

Zanzibar offers many best hotels and lodges for where to stay. Fumba Beach Lodge, Amaan Bungalow, Zanzibar Serena, Melia Zanzibar, and many more.

Mount Kilimanjaro

The highest free-standing mountain on Earth at 5,895m. Is the highest peak in Africa.

You can combine Serengeti and climbing mount Kilimanjaro.

You can climb through  Machame routes, Marangu, or Lemosho routes.

It takes five (5) to six days to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

During climbing, you can either stay at mountain huts or tents.

Lake Victoria.

Is the largest lake in Africa. A few Kilometers from Serengeti you can visit Mwanza or Mara regions.

You can visit Bujora Meseaum or Butiama cultural center.

And spend the rest of your days on extended beaches of Malaika in Mwanza and Tembo beach in Musoma.

Best combines Serengeti Safaris in East Africa

Kenya Safari

Serengeti safari best combines with Maasai Mara in Kenya. Witness wildebeest Migration in Kenya while enjoying herds of elephants in Amboseli Kenya.

Rwanda Safari

Is the best country to visit, with clean and beautiful people. You can combine Serengeti with Akagera National park in Rwanda for more game drives.

Rwanda is the key destination in East Africa for Gorilla trekking.

The Best Safari Itineraries for Serengeti

Serengeti is the best-chosen destination for many clients visiting Tanzania.

Whether is your first time in Serengeti or the second time.  Each trip has something special to offer.

You could have been visited during the wildebeest migration. Then try on the green season for bird watching.

Or during the calving season in January to February you will feel the difference. Serengeti will never die.

Many of us take a long trip for a purpose. Other travel for a family reunion, honeymoon, or special celebration.

Our trips are not fixed, we offer a room for discussion to create something unique. For you and for you’re beloved ones.

It depends on your preference but most of the trips are typical Serengeti. Other tours offer combinations with other key destinations in Tanzania.

Either Ngorongoro crater, Mout Kilimanjaro or Zanzibar Island.

We invite you to explore our Serengeti Safari packages below. If you think you need something special, please contact our safari specialist.

For customization and further advice for your memorable Serengeti Safari in Tanzania.

How to plan for Serengeti Safaris?

Book in Advance

We recommend planning your trip ahead of time.  Six months to one is the ideal duration.

Though you can also do late booking it depends on the season of the year.

A few advantages to booking earlier is saving, you will have a better time for negotiation.

But also gives room for companies or operators to secure rooms or camps at the best price.


Depending on what you need to see in Serengeti. If you’re looking for wildebeest migration you better focus on August and September.

For bird lovers and nature lovers plan on the green season which is April and November.

For best game drives June, July, and December throughout February is the best time.

Choose activities

Having an idea of what you need to do while in Serengeti makes life easy.

Whether you need to do Ballon Safaris or guided walking in the park.

Communicate in advance with the tour operator for prior planning and budgeting.

Private or Joined Groups

This is the key point to consider whether you wish to travel in groups or travel privately.

Joining groups sometimes can be fun or challenging. Though we recommend if you travel with family or you’re friends create a vibrant trip.

Focus on private tented camps or lodges, this adds luxury to your trip.

Seek more information

If you’re doing research on the company or already in touch with the agency.

Asking many questions is the best way to see.  Visualize through questions at the end of your tour before it starts.

Ask a better question for better results.  Ask about food, accommodation, transport, safety, rescue, insurance, visa, timetable, etc.

Tour options

You can think of a safari add-on. Either cultural tours, beach trips, city tours, or shopping around town.

It’s better to add some short trips to your list, as it acts as a complement to your Serengeti safari. But remember it adds up to your budget.

Book with Licensed Tour Operators

Whether Local or International tour agencies, make sure they are regulated.

Don’t be afraid to ask for legal documents and links for reference. No wonder why prices vary so much.

Un-regulated operators offer cheap prices to induce visitors.

Take precautions cheap trips always come with expensive experiences.

Ask for companies’ bank accounts, not personal ones.

Seek more information before you decide to pay for a trip. Online is full of scammers.

Learn more about How to select a reliable Tanzanian tour operator.

Are you ready for a Serengeti Safari?

We hope that this article enlightens you about Serengeti Safari and Tanzania.  We wish you a better preparation for your Tanzania holiday.

It’s a pleasure to host you for an unforgettable Tanzania trip to Serengeti. Request for a free quote.