Camping is an amazing and unforgettable experience while in Tanzania.It is not just an easy option for budget travellers, but the best way to experience real life in the wild.  Imagine life in the middle of Africa jungle, the soothing sounds of birds and mother nature leaving you with an amazing experience away from home. While the giant creatures like elephants,lions and the millions of wildebeest in serengeti elevate your soul and redefine the true meaning of life.

Most of Tanzania’s National Parks have campsites inside. Some are public campsites owned by the government and others are private campsites owned by private companies. Not all camps are cheaper than lodges as thought to be! Some camps in the National Parks are more expensive than some lodges, all vary in price depending on  location and quality.

This adventurer in style involves setting up small, temporary camps for a night under the stars, more often than not in a remote part of the bush. Fly camps are the ideal end to a day’s walking safari or game drive, with many unexpected comforts: a canvas washbasin with hot water, fresh towels, hurricane lamps and delicious food cooked on the fire. At night, the sensation of sleeping in a light or just under a mosquito net, as the moon shines down and the noises of the African night begin, is the highlight of any safari holiday. You will never forget your night in African bush, Africa is amazing.

More than a stay, you will experience very luxurious services just like the one offered in five star hotels. The high quality tents with enough space and a veranda in front and a bathroom with hot-water shower, washbasin, and toilet behind the tent. The luxury tents can be open on two sides, giving you an extraordinary panoramic view of nature’s living masterpiece. It has a bedside table, gas or solar lamps, chairs, and a wardrobe for your clothing. A deep freeze will supply your drinks with ice and keep speciality food items fresh. Laundry service offered daily. A large staff will ensure that your meals are gourmet and all your needs in camp are assured.

Budget camping involves travelling with all your camp equipment, your guide and possibly a cook in your vehicle with you. Once you get to camp, cook and guide and help set up the tents. This is economical and fun, but does mean that you spend valuable time in the evening organizing your camp and food when you could be out on game drives. These services typically use the less expensive shared or public campsites, but exclusive camps’, or campsites with shower and toilet facilities outside the parks, can also be booked and used. Instead of beds, you will use mattresses on the floor of your safari tent.

The best time to enjoy camping safari in Tanzania is during the dry season when the weather is friendly and best for wildlife viewing. It’s actually from late June to October. The best chance of seeing the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti is during June and July and the time to see the wildebeest calving is late January to February.

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