Our driver/guide will pick you from your hotel in Arusha and transfer to Ilkiding’a village which  lies under the foot of Mount Meru 10 km North of Arusha town. It is a 30-45 minutes drive from your hotel to the village. On arrival after signing the visitors book, you will get a briefing about the Waarusha people and the Maasai culture in general. From here the tour starts.

The people of Ilkiding’ a will offer you the following:

  • A warm welcome in a local household. 
  • A visit to the biggest waterfalls in Arusha about 70m high.
  •  You will visit the primary school (you may bring pens, books, etc)
  • Walk to a view into the culture of the Wa-Arusha.
  • You will visit boma, get an idea of how Maasai live together with cows in the same house.
  • Visits to craftsmen and a traditional healer.
  • Visits the blacksmith (knives makers) learn how to make Maasai knives and its uses.
  • Walk through the farms where people produce crops such as Coffee, Bananas, Vegetables, etc.
  • You will take a rest at impressive viewpoints overlooking Arusha town.
  • You will enjoy a traditional lunch prepared by the women in the village.
  • Walk along narrow footpaths, crossing a canyon, Ngarenaro river and climbing small hills
  • A performance from Maasai Cultural Dancing Group
  • Visit Orpul, where you will witness how Masai slaughter goats, sheep and participate in preparations as well as eating and drinking soup mixed with traditional medicines

Ilkiding’a Cultural Tourism program has tours ranging from 2 hours to 3 days hiking and you will see totally different things. The profit from your visit is used to improve the primary school. Your visit helps to give the children of Ilkiding’a better education which is a base for leading a good life.

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