Mirerani is a small village located only 39 km South-East of Arusha town. It is a 100% Authentic Maasai Culture and Tanzanite experience.

It only takes 15 minutes to drive from Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) and 1 to 1.5 hours from Moshi and Arusha towns which are approximately 65 km away.

The small town of Mirerani surrounded by beautiful hills is the only place where Tanzanite mining takes place worldwide.

This makes it a destination of its own unique type, where authentic Masai culture mixes well with the Tanzanite mining business.

What to do in Mirerani?

  • A Tanzanite mining experience tour
  • A visit to Tanzanite local market dominated by Maasai people.
  • A visit to a Maasai village
  • Schools visit
  • A visit to an orphanage centre
  • A volunteering experience in schools, orphanage centres and health projects
  • Learn how to prepare traditional African cuisines
  • Visit a vegetable market and interact with local business people
  • Participate in daily African home chores in a family of your choice

Mirerani village tour

A welcome to Mirerani will take you to a Tanzanite gallery where cutting and see various gemstones on display. The tour will proceed to the mining area on the hills where you will get to know how mining is done in the area.

Here one will identify various other gemstones found near these blue rocks such as Green garnet, moonlight and red light.

Your walk inside the tunnels to the blue rock surface is a lifetime adventure where you will learn how Tanzanite is explored from such hard rocks and then collected ready to be sold at the local market or get processed for export.

Getting out of the mining area to the local market of Tanzanite, one will be amazed by a beautiful view of Mount Meru and the roof of Africa ‘ Kilimanjaro’

Maasai Village Cultural Walk

You will proceed to the authentic Maasai village where you will stay for a couple of hours learning and experiencing the Maasai way of life/ do a walking safari n the Maasai territory where an encounter with local people participating in their daily activities is guaranteed.

Learn how people are linked to wildlife and the environment where they get their food and medicine. On your way back pass by a local school for quick interaction with students and their teachers.

Mirerani Tanzanite local market visit

You will walk to our tanzanite gallery where cutting and display of various gemstones is done. Then take a short walk in Mirerani village to the Tanzanite daily operating local market where one will get an opportunity to interact with local miners, brokers and buyers from various areas.

Get to know how Tanzanite business operates in this rural setting


Mirerani is located about 65 km away from the towns of Moshi and Arusha which take about 1.5 hours to drive. Via Kijenge road-Mbuguni, Mirerani is 39 km away from Arusha where a 1-hour drive will lead you to this unique destination with friendly people.

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