Do you want to climb Kilimanjaro but, don’t know where to start?  Then, this article is for you.

We have compiled many questions and all ideas related to Mount Kilimanjaro.

All this information will shed light on your understanding. of the whole climbing process for  Kilimanjaro.

It does not matter which level of experience you have with mountains. Mount Kilimanjaro is a mountain for everyone.

Whether you are a seasonal climber or a beginner on Kilimanjaro.

The success rate for our clients is awesome. The summit of Africa is waiting for you.

Now let’s begin our journey of discovery about this highest peak of Africa.

How to climb Kili for beginners and experienced mountaineers.

Where is Mount Kilimanjaro?

Mount Kilimanjaro is located in northern Tanzania in East Africa. It’s bordered by Kenya on the other side.

The nearby town is Moshi and Arusha city.  Tanzania was formerly known as Tanganyika during the colonial era.

This free-standing mountain on Earth is also 200 miles south of the Equator. The well-known time zone is +3 GMT.

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the volcanic mountains which formed around 750,000 years ago.

Its age is the same as the Great Rift Valley. Standing tall above the African sky, Mount Kilimanjaro is 19,340 ft ( 5,895m) above the sea.

Making it the highest summit in Africa and one of the seven Summits in the world.

How tall is Mount Kilimanjaro?

Mount Kilimanjaro is 5,895 meters above sea level (19,340 feet tall).

Is the highest free-standing mountain on Earth. With its three peaks of Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira

Kilimanjaro ranks fourth on seven summits behind Mount Aconcagua. (6,961 meters) in  South America and Mount McKinley – also known as Denali (6,194 meters) in North America:

Why climbing Kilimanjaro is so difficult?

Many reasons could be stated about that, but the common issues are the elevation and amount of oxygen.

At the summit of Kilimanjaro. The amount of oxygen available can decrease to 50% of the amount available at sea level.

A low amount of oxygen stresses the body and leads to altitude sickness.

Climbing- tip. Gradual ascent decreases the chance of altitude sickness, climb slowly, and don’t stop. drink a lot of water too.

How hard is it to climb Kilimanjaro?

The direct answer is that, depends on the climbing route.

It’s very common for operators to convince clients to take the short route like 5 days Marangu climbs.

Either because of the budget or time limits.

But the truth is for climbers who opt for more than 7- 9 days, their success rate is above 80- 90 %.

Compared with 5 or 6 days of climbing for  Kilimanjaro, the success rate is below the average.

For instance, 5 days Marangu Route is 27%. This is because climbers fail to get enough time to acclimatize.

Compared with others who take other routes like Lemosho.

How long does it take to climb Kilimanjaro?

Each route offers a different number of days to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro.

The shortest route is Marangu which can either be done for 5 or 6 days.

Other routes like Lemosho or Machame offer 7 – 9 days for climbing to the summit of Kilimanjaro.

There are six routes. That originates from different points around the mountain to the peak of Kilimanjaro.

Is it necessary to have a mountain guide for Kilimanjaro?

It’s directives from the Kilimanjaro National Park Authority.

Each climber is to be accompanied by a licensed mountain guide.

Apart from the guide, you should also have a crew of porters, a cook, and an assistant guide.

What makes Mount Kilimanjaro famous?

There are many reasons why Kilimanjaro is famous.

First, is the highest free-standing mountain on Earth but also the tallest peak in Africa.

The second reason is permanent glaciers throughout the year.

Despite being located in warm and tropical regions.  Third,” The Snow of Mount Kilimanjaro Movie ( 1952).

This movie was an inspiration by Ernest Hemingway’s short stories (1936).

But also Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the “Seven Summits”.

Though coming forth on rank behind Denali (6,194 m) and Mount Aconcagua ( 6,961 m).

Yet is the best summit to reach in Africa at 5,985 m.

Does climbing Kili require technical skills?

The answer is no. The whole climbing for Kilimanjaro is hiking.

There is no risk of falling rocks or steep drop-offs on the trails.

Very few places need a bit of effort to cross but very minor during your hiking.

You will experience long walking and trekking, which is good for your health.

What are the dangers associated with Kilimanjaro climbing?

The exposure to danger is quite very low compared to other mountains around the world.

Kilimanjaro reports a low death rate of less than 10 out of 30,000- 35,000 people who climb each year.

Many sources and operators report acute mountain sickness. ( AMS ) be the main source of death.

Having the right team and well-trained guides. help so much to ensure your safety while on the climb and the whole crew.

Focus on reasonable prices rather than a cheap option. Read more about Mountain Sickness 

Is fitness required to climb Kilimanjaro?

You don’t have to be a pro athlete or superhero.

You should take care of your body and have a reasonable degree of fitness.

You should prepare, get in shape, and don’t underestimate climbing.

As we mentioned earlier, Kilimanjaro is suitable for everyone.

Beginners do very well on hiking same as seasonal climbers.  You should set a time to prepare.

Burn some calories and let’s meet while you’re fit enough to touch the summit of Africa.

When is the best time to climb Kilimanjaro?

Tanzania has two seasons. The dry season starts from June to October and December through February.

The wet season is during November, March, April, and May. We don’t recommend climbing during this time.

The risk is quite big for our clients and our team.

We have covered this topic in detail in this article. Weather on Mount Kilimanjaro: What to Expect

What types of accommodation are available in Kilimanjaro?

Climbing Kili offers two options for accommodation. Tents and mountain huts.

Mountain huts are available only through the Marangu route.

While other trails offer mountain tents only.  We provide sleeping bags and sleeping pads (mattresses)

Is Kilimanjaro very cold? How cold does it get?

You should forget the assumption that Kilimanjaro is in Africa so it could be hot.

At a higher altitude, this mountain can get cold and windy at night.

The coldest temperature you could experience ranges between 20F and -20F ( -7C to -29C).

Below freezing point which is 0C. Layering a proper diet is the key to keeping you warm here.

How about meals during Kilimanjaro climbing?

This is a good question to ask. About what you eat when climbing Kilimanjaro.

We offer a variety of foods which are typical of western dishes style.

These are foods you might be familiar with such as spaghetti with sauce. fried chicken with fries, beef stew with potatoes, and curry with rice.

Sometimes we offer local food palates like ugali and cabbage.

We offer professional cooking for all your dishes while on the climb.  Eat well, and serve enough energy for the hiking.

Are we allowed to do campfires on Kilimanjaro?

Campfires are not allowed on the mountain. It’s also against sustainable conservation.

But, also there is not enough wood to support an open fire.  We carry cooking gas for meals prepared on the campsite.

How about toilets on Kilimanjaro?

There are public toilets at each campsite and even a few on the trail. To be true they are filthy.

By request, we carry your own private and portable toilet. The small tent, shaped like a phone booth, covers it for privacy.

We set these tents at every campsite. Read more about Toilets on Mount  Kilimanjaro 

How about showers during the Kilimanjaro climb?

There are showers during your climbing. The possible option is for you to bring wet wipes and towels.

The mountain is very cold and the water supply is scarce.  You can request some water from our team to rinse off here and there.

Otherwise, keep cool and move on. You might smell a little bit but so will everyone else.  Hakuna Matata!

What is the climbing cost for Kilimanjaro?

Kilimanjaro prices vary from one operator to another.


There are budget companies and mid-range and luxury operators.

All these companies play a major role in determining the climbing cost.

The most popular routes which start from 8 days sell at  $2,900- $ 3,000.

Other budget operators can offer the same route for less than $2,000.

While luxury companies sell at $6,000 and above.

Here is the trick, don’t fall to cheap operators because of cheap prices.

Remember this is your lifetime vacation. You could have dreamed for years.

Kilimanjaro is not cheap for any service provider selling cheap.

Should be compromising other services which will affect your success in climbing.

Reliable companies pay good salaries and get the best-trained guides.

To handle all emergencies which may arise during your expedition.

We pack enough food, the best crew, and the best climbing gear.

Do your research. Read more about Kilimanjaro’s Climbing Cost 

How about climbing gear for Kilimanjaro?

Climbing Kilimanjaro is needed enough preparation for climbing gear.

You should have enough items to take you through all the weather.

Sometimes you need to wear light clothes during the day hike. But if the condition changes you should switch gears.

Different types of clothes are needed to keep you warm and dry all the time.

You need waterproof, insulated, breathable fabrics. Sleeping bags, day packs, duffle bags, and good footwear.

Tents are provided by us. Check on our recommended pack list for Kilimanjaro 

Booking a Kilimanjaro Guide

Before deciding to visit Tanzania to Mount Kilimanjaro climbing.

You should make sure you have selected a reliable tour operator to organize your trip.

It’s worth booking a local tour agency to help you guide along the way.

You should know that, if is your first time to  Mount Kilimanjaro, reaching 5,895 meters is not a picnic.

Most hikers succeed because of help from the best guides who are well experienced about the trails and weather of this mountain.

Experienced guides for Kilimanjaro are well equipped with how-to skills for Altitude Sickness and Prevention, climbing routes, leadership skills, and ethics for guiding.

The reliability of the travel agency is the key to your success rate.

Avoid cheap operators, they are after taking small profits with less care.

You should know clearly that Mount Kilimanjaro climbing is not cheap.

We have covered this article about Mount Kilimanjaro climbing cost.

Do your homework and make sure you book with a reliable tour operator who can guarantee the best service and the best crew for your Kilimanjaro climbing trip.

All our Kilimanjaro guides are certified with Wilderness First Responder ( WRF).

But also we work with Helicopter evacuation services and KINAPA for rescue in case of any emergency.

Your safety comes first during your Kilimanjaro climbing with Blessing Safaris.

How to visit Mount Kilimanjaro

The first step to getting you to Mt. Kilimanjaro’s top is to fly into Tanzania, Africa.

While there are several different airports in the country, the most direct and practical airport that will get you closer to your destination is Kilimanjaro International Airport.

There are many ways to visit Mount Kilimanjaro. Depends on your country of origin and available mode of transport.

If you’re taking a flight to Tanzania, there are different airports in the country, though the recommended airport is Kilimanjaro International Airport  ( JRO)

However, arriving at another airport does not limit you from climbing Kilimanjaro.

You can arrive at Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam.

Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi Kenya, Zanzibar Airport, or a small airstrip in Arusha.  Do what is convenient for you.

There is a lot of accommodation in either Moshi or Arusha. It’s ideal to have a place to stay before and after Mount Kilimanjaro climbing.

If you need assistance, feel free to contact our team.

What are the best routes to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro?

Mount Kilimanjaro offers six routes for ascent and descent.

These routes differ in terms of climbing days, climbing cost, difficulty, and comfort.

The view from each route is quite different from the others.

But at the end of the climb lead you to the same peak which is “Uhuru Peak “ or the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro at 5,895m above the sea.

This is a brief overview of these climbing routes for Kilimanjaro. We have a dedicated page for Mount Kilimanjaro climbing routes and packages.

Lemosho Route- Mount Kilimanjaro

The Lemosho route is one of the leading and the best routes for Mount Kilimanjaro climbing.

This route has the highest success rate of any other route for Kilimanjaro climbing.

You can spend seven (7) or eight (8) days reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro.

Expect to cover a distance of about 43 miles during your trip to Kilimanjaro.

This route is also expensive compared to other routes.

The average cost for a solo climber is $ 3,200 and group sharing can go lower to $2,560.

Check out for 8 Days Lemosho route climbing 

Machame Route- Mout Kilmanjaro

Well known as the whisky route, the Machame route is the best route yet difficult compared with other routes like Marangu.

Machame route gives climbers a chance to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro either for six or seven days.

We do recommend a seven-day climb to allow acclimatization and increase the chance for success rate.

The average price for solo climbers is $2,600 and $2,080 for group cost

Check out for 7 Days Machame route climbing 

Marangu Route- Mount Kilimanjaro

This is the very popular route for Mount Kilimanjaro. This route is situated at the park headquarters.

Sometimes is referred to as the Coca-Cola route and is the oldest trail to Kilimanjaro.

This route offers mountain huts compared with other routes which use tents for accommodation.

Marangu routes offer hikers a chance to climb Mount Kilimanjaro either for five or six days.

Is a very easy route to the summit of Kilimanjaro.

Despite being easy it has a lower success rate compared with  Lemosho routes.

The cost for climbing through Marangu routes ranges from $18,00 to $ 2,200 depending on the service level of your choice.

You can check out for 6 Days Marangu climbing 

Rongai Route- Mount Kilimanjaro

We rank this route as the V.I.P. route for Mount Kilimanjaro climbing.

Is it one of the less explored routes compared to other routes?

Is one off-beaten track for Kilimanjaro. Climbers through the Rongai route approach the mount from the northern side which is the opposite side of all other routes.

The Rongai route is the best route for those who are planning for the second climb of Kilimanjaro but also for climbers who don’t prefer crowded routes.

Rongai route remains the only route that offers climbers a chance to camp below Mawenzi Peak.

As you climb through the Rongai route expect to walk about 44 miles and can usually take seven days to reach the Kibo peak.

The average cost for this route is around $ 2,600.

Check out for 6 Days Rongai route climbing 

Umbwe Route- Mount Kilimanjaro

The Umbwe route is the crowned route for pro-climbers and athletes for Mount Kilimanjaro.

Is one of the toughest routes than any other routes for Mount Kilimanjaro.

It’s the most challenging route so get prepared for it.

You should be in good shape to conquer this route.

Because of the difficulty level, many people avoid this route.

Expect to walk for 32 miles, for six days which costs around $2,600

Check out Kilimanjaro climbing packages.


Mount Kilimanjaro is home to everyone. If you think you can, you can achieve it.

It does not matter the age, gender, or nationality. The summit of Africa is waiting for you.

In case you need any help with planning for your Mount Kilimanjaro trip.

Our team will be happy to assist in organizing your climbing trip to Kilimanjaro. Feel free to contact us now. 

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