Serengeti National Park is the dream destination for many people visiting East Africa.

As a UNESCO Site. Serengeti is an iconic African destination.

This is because of wildebeest migration and the high concentration of the big five.

Despite all the reasons for the magical destination in Tanzania.

The question is: How much does it cost to visit Serengeti?

After many years of organizing trips to Serengeti National Park.

We would like to share with you ideas about the cost of visiting Serengeti.

Either for a short safari or a multi-day tour in Tanzania.

What is the average cost for a 2-5 day safari to Serengeti?

Traveling costs to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania can cost you between $ 350. (budget camping ) to $490 ( mid-range tented camp) per day.

The cost will be inclusive of transport, park fees, and meals on your trip.

So if you’re planning for a trip for either 5 days  you should budget around $1,750 to $2,450

Serengeti National Park accommodates every type of tourist.

Whether you’re looking for a budget camping safari, mid-range safari, or luxury lodging trip.

Everyone gets served though you should avoid the very cheap option.

While on safari might end up costing you more than you can imagine.

In this article, we will highlight how much you expect to spend.

And tips on how you can save money while visiting  Serengeti National Park for a safari.

How is it to get the actual cost for the Serengeti safari?

The key factors for your trip cost in Serengeti.

It is determined by the type of accommodation which you will prefer.

A number of days you want to spend in Serengeti and extra services you want on your trip.

Your safari can be either very expensive or a budget safari.

For instance, if you choose to stay in luxury tented camps like Accacia Luxury Camp or Ang’ta  Serengeti Camps.

The price should be very different for someone staying at the Seronera public campsite.

Others may prefer to add extra activities like a hot air balloon safari.

The cost per person for this trip is around $550 excluding park fees and concession fees.

Bear in mind that not in Serengeti but all over the world you get what you paid for.

What is included in the Serengeti  Safari  Package?

The following items are inclusive for your trip to Serengeti National Park

Park fees and Taxes (18% VAT).

When visiting Serengeti you should pay two types of fees :

  • $70 as park entry fees for high season and $60 for low season.
  • Concession fees / Hotel concession. These are the fees charged for overnight stays within the park which are $ 60 for high season and $50 for low season.
  • Camping fees are $60 for private and $30 for public campsites

The above fees are the cost per person excluding 18% VAT

So it depends on the number of days you wish to spend in Serengeti. will determine the number of park fees you should have to pay.

Game drives

Serengeti is known for the best wildlife safari viewing in Africa. These activities are charged per day.

The cost of hiring a safari guide who is also a driver is the inclusive cost you should pay for.

The game drive can during the morning or at sunrise game drive.

Transportation on 4×4 Safari Jeep

The transport cost on safari is inclusive of your package in Serengeti.

May tour operators offer unlimited mileage on a game drive.

Whether you drive from Arusha or Nairobi the cost of transport is inclusive of the cost.

Depending on the agreement costs for airport transfers are inclusive of the package.

Accommodation on Safari / Pre and Post Safari

Many tours to Serengeti National Park start in Arusha, Nairobi, or even Zanzibar.

Depending on your arrival point many clients prefer tour agencies to book hotels or lodge on their behalf.

You can arrive one day before your safari to Serengeti and prefer to stay either in Arusha or Nairobi.

But also after your trip, you may need an extra day for relaxation after a long game drive.

But while in Serengeti tour companies organize accommodation for you.

Serengeti offers many places to stay. Whether luxury camps, lodges, or even public campsites.

What determines the level of accommodation you should get is what you pay for.

Accommodation offered within Serengeti is in full board services ( breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

You should pay more if you want to stay in luxury. And comfortable accommodation while in Serengeti.

Your safari cost may be quoted as inclusive of all these services.

Professional safari guide

Tour guides are the masterminds of your game drive. It’s very rare to find a driver and tour guide on one trip.

Many tour operators prefer wildlife guides who are also drivers. Guiding service should be part of your trip cost to Serengeti.

Even if you plan for tipping you should consider your driver guide as the priority.

Safari tour guides have a vast knowledge of the park.

Wildlife and large networks with park rangers in case of any emergency.

Meals and Drink on Safari

The key component of the ideal safari plan in Africa is the best meal.

Many safaris to Serengeti cost are inclusive of soft drinks, mineral water, and meals.

Whether you choose Tanzania budget safari or luxury safari.

As we stated before safari operators offer full board services.

This should align with day to day safari itinerary offered to you.

Expect to pay extra in case you want alcoholic drinks. Especially if you’re traveling on a budget.

May of luxury safari trips to Serengeti are all-inclusive.

What is the exclusion of the Serengeti Safari Package?

Travel Insurance Cover

Taking care of your health and luggage while on travel should be your priority.

Many tour operators prefer clients to buy themselves. For comprehensive insurance cover before the tour starts.

The insurance helps you so much in case of trouble like getting sick or missing your flight back home.

We recommend our clients buy in advance their insurance. And they should do so from a reputable insurance company.

We are not affiliated with any but we are in the best position to advise in case our clients may request. Remember we do not bear this cost on your package.

International Flights

Many tour operators do not include your flight fares as part of the package cost for Serengeti.

You should take care of your flight back home. What should safari organizers do is take you to the airport on time.


Whether you buy Maasai products. Arts and other souvenirs when traveling within the Serengeti.

It will fall outside of the total  package cost for your trip to Serengeti

Visa Fees

Foreign eligible visitors traveling to Tanzania.  For Tourism, purposes must have a visa to travel to and between Tanzania and Zanzibar.

While in Serengeti  you will also need to take care of the visa fees for entering Tanzania

You can process your visa online before arrival or you can pay at the airport during arrival.

However, we recommend applying online to avoid check-out delays at the airport during arrival.

Read more about Tanzania VISA and how to apply here.

Safari  Add-on

You may decide to visit cultural tours.  Or adding extra accommodation which is not part of the shared trip plan and cost.

These costs should also fall out of the total cost of the package. Like visiting Maasai Boma. Adding day trips either to Arusha or Nairobi.

Tipping for the Guide or Crew

Tipping in Tanzania is not mandatory but is a custom. Tipps should be after having the best service experience.

Is the best way to show gratitude for the guide and your camping staff or lodge.

Tipping can be another expense that is out of the total Serengeti safari cost.

You should consider this tipping guide when planning for your Tanzania safari. $10 to $20 per day. Read our Tipping Guide on Safari 

How to save money on Serengeti Safari?

Customize Your Safari Package

Many tour operators allow clients to change accommodations or days.

Focus on collaborating with the agency to secure a good deal.

Bargaining in any Africa is common, so don’t feel shy.

But make sure what you dream of is what you will get.

If you customize your trip will help you to be part of the planning process for your trip.

This will help you fix your safari budget in Serengeti.

Advance Booking of your Flight to Tanzania

Early booking for your flight to Africa is the ideal plan to save costs. Compared with late bookings.

You can save extra cash to spend on other things while on your safari to Serengeti.

Group Joining Safari

Traveling with a group is the best way to reduce costs while traveling in Tanzania. How does group joining reduce the cost of a safari?

If you’re in a group either friends or family. Or even joining groups organized by tour operators, will help you save a lot.

The cost of hiring a car which costs almost $200- $300 a day will be distributed to every individual on the trip.

Accommodation is also the other service that can be shared by the group.

In Serengeti, many luxury camps or lodges offer twin or triple-sharing rooms.

Instead of paying for a single room which is always priced high.  You could choose to share with the other visitors and save cost on your safari.

Group joining safari is the best option for a budget safari in Tanzania.

But also there are some other limitations in traveling with a group. In our article about why you should choose a private safari, we have covered a lot.

Take a look to learn more about the pros and cons of this type of travel.

Request for Low season safari  discounts

During the rainy season of March, April, November, and May.

Many accommodations within Serengeti offer a discounted price.

Even tour operators experience low traffic for their business.

This is the best time to take a trip if you prefer to travel in low-traffic season.

Is the luxury style of travel with few visitors in Serengeti.

Request from our team for seasonal discount packages for Serengeti.

The dry season could be the best time for game drives but if you wish to experience nature at its peak performance.

Then the green season is the best. Is also the best time to enjoy migrating birds and breeding season. Once everything is green there is life.

Research, Request, and Compare

While planning for the Serengeti safari. You should take the time to research reliable tour operators.

Tour agency which can offer you a trip at a reasonable price. ( not too cheap or too expensive ).

We recommend having 2-3 reputable safari operators.  Who can supply you with a Serengeti safari quote?

Take the price out of the equation and try to understand the value shared ( the total experience).

Go the extra mile to observe the level of professionalism and customer care you receive.

Avoid falling into the trap of cheap safari operators, being local does not mean they are cheap.

Both budget and luxury travelers pay the same taxes, and fees and travel the same mileage.

So take care of whatever seems too cheap if it’s not larger groups for a budget camping safari.

Precaution is the key, no cheap safari in Africa. A cheap safari always costs more than you can expect.

Compare prices and stick to operators who seem to understand your inquiry. And offer you an affordable price.

Whether you’re on a family safari in Serengeti or a group joining a budget safari.

Read more on How to select a Reliable Tour Operator in Tanzania.

Do you need to carry cash while on the Serengeti safari?

The answer is YES.  You may need to purchase items like souvenirs, tipping, or even pay for extra service. at the hotel or lodge.

Some tour operators accept cards like  VISA/ MASTERCARD.

But on some occasions, you might need cash while on a safari to Serengeti National Park.

Then the question is: How much cash should you need for a safari?

You can carry dollar bills (US$) or Tanzanian shillings.  A dollar bill is accepted in many parts of Tanzania.

Especially in tourist destinations like Serengeti. Our advice is to carry around $50- $100  depending on your expenses.

Sometimes you might need to buy something on the way and some vendors do not accept cards.

But also is not ok to throw your credit card at everyone on safari.

If you want to exchange your cash for Tanzanian Shillings, you should consider doing it at Arusha.

Many Bureau de Change are available or talk to your guide or safari organizer to drop you at the bank for exchange.

N: B You also need to ensure that the US dollar bills that you are carrying are printed later than 2006.

Bills older than this are not accepted at the bureaus due to the risk of handling counterfeit bills.

You also need to ensure that the bills you carry are not crumbled up, old, or dirty.

This will give you an easier time when exchanging them at the Forex Bureaus.


As we conclude this topic about the cost to visit Serengeti for safari.

We would like to advise anyone who wishes to visit  Serengeti to prepare in advance for your trip.

Make sure you secure your booking with licensed tour operators. Close your booking in advance.

Decide on the best time you wish to visit Serengeti if it’s during river-crossing or calving season.

Remember wildebeest migration in Serengeti is very unpredictable.

You should liaise with the safari specialist for better timing.

But also your time to be in Serengeti should be around 3- 6 days for the best experience in Serengeti.

In case you need any help with planning for your epic  East Africa safari.

Our team will be happy to assist in designing the bespoke safari experience for you. Feel free to Contact us Today.

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