Tipping on safari is a very appreciated generosity among staff in Tanzania.

Tipping is not mandatory but can be term as a custom in Tanzania as well as in the service industry all over the world.

Based on the nature of the economy of Tanzania tipping is the best incentive for staff who are in travel.

Either you guide or lodges and camps staffs.

Remember you can only give tips if you’re satisfied with the quality of the service.

It’s up to you either to tip or not, though we encourage all our visitors to appreciate the quality service.

Different groups of staff work to make sure your experience is wonderful.

Waiters, guides, trackers, park rangers, and drivers during your transfers.

Tips impact life. Since the economy of Tanzania is not standard compared to developed countries.

But before we dive into the tipping guide for Tanzania.

We would like to advise moderate tipping during your trip.

This will help to create balance for future clients who will be served by the same group of staff.

So now let’s discuss who and when to tip on the Tanzania safari

There are many people working on your trip. Knowing who will appreciate a tip is quite important and worth it. Consider  the following groups :

Tipping Guides – For Safari & Mountain

In Tanzania, we have many categories of tour guides.

The well-known categories are Mount Kilimanjaro Guides and Safari Guides.

Your trip depends so much on how your guides perform.

Whether it’s a climbing trip or a wildlife trip in Serengeti or other parks in Tanzania.

For this reason, we suggest tipping him/her separately to ensure that they receive a fair tip

Mountain Crew & Lodge/ Camp Staff

In case you are on a climbing trip to either Mount  Kilimanjaro or Meru.

You will always be accompanied by porters, tent crews, cooks, and waiters.

This also applies to camps and lodges. These staff are the best unit for you to have a successful trip in Tanzania.

Pro Tip

Do you need to tip managers? The truth is we don’t think so! Do you sometimes tip the owner of the restaurant?  The answer is always no. It’s up to you to decide.

So when is the best time to give tips while on safari or climbing?

There is two to three option to do tipping on safari or climbing in Tanzania

  • After each activity or excursion
  • At the end of each day
  • At the end of your stay or trip

We recommend tipping once and always at the end of your safari, trekking, or staying at the lodge or camp.

This will create the best expectation for your guide. This will create a professional balance for each unit to perform better.

Paying each day will disrupt the work balance. But also could distort the relationship between other guests with the team.

This might happen if you’re the one giving tips while others are not doing so at the moment.

Then how to tip in Tanzania?

The common practice is to use the  “tip box” most available in camps or lodges.

The tip box is the best way to tip a group of staff for instance in camps and lodges.

But for individuals like guides, trackers, or rangers it’s better to tip them directly.

You might find in other camps or lodges they don’t have a tip box, it’s better to ask the manager for other proceeds.

Few facilities accept cards for tipping. This will depend so much on their accounting systems.

So you better have some cash either in US Dollars (U$) or  Tanzania Shillings (TZS) or other currency like EURO etc.

You might be also on the mountain, the responsible team leader will always collect your tips.

If you are in groups there is always a form to fill in to create transparancy for the crew.

So in case, the team requests information, the mountain guides always present the document.

Also, keep in mind that tipping on Mount Kilimanjaro or Meru is during the last day of the trekking.

Either at Mweka camp Mandara camp or Marangu gate. Or even at the hotel or lodge.

Pro Tip

Reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro is not guaranteed. Altitude sickness is a threat during climbing.

Failure to reach the peak can be a better option to save a life.

This can not stop you from tipping your crew. Your climbing crew is your best companion on trekking.

How much to tip in Tanzania while on Safari?

For years of experience, this is our suggestion on how much you can tip for Safaris in  Tanzania.

Despite our suggestion tipping can be very personal you can either tip above or below this mark. It depends so much on your satisfaction.

To that degree, we would like to recommend that for quality service. Tipping needs to be around:

  • $7- 15 per guest per day for a group guide
  • $7-15 per guest per day for a private guide
  • $5- 10 per guest per day for accommodation facilities
  • $2-5 for city transfers

The above guide could be suitable for safari. But how about Mount Kilimanjaro climbing?

Mountain climbing in Tanzania specifically for Mount Kilimanjaro and Meru.

These are the challenges and risk activities for mountain crew.

The tips you provide boost the amount of the salary paid to hardworking porters, cooks,s, and guides.  The tipping guide varies with safari as the following :

  • $20-30 per day for Mountain Guides
  • $15- 20 per day to cook
  • $10-15 per day for porters

What are the other options for tipping on Mount Kilimanjaro?

  • You can pay for tips after the last meal on the mountain. You may pay it in separate envelopes given by us before the beginning of the tour.
    You may hand over the envelopes to the head guide who will then help you to distribute them to everyone.
  • You can pay tips at the hotel after the end of your trek. In case you don’t want to carry money on the mountain, you may leave it at the hotel/bank.
    Then you pay your supporting team at the hotel soon after descending
  •  You can pay for your package together with tips. For those who wish to receive the invoice for the whole package. (include tips), It is possible to don’t hesitate to tell us.

Pro Tip

Tanzania’s Gross National Income  (TGNI) is $2 per person per day. This could give you a clear reflection of the average income of Tanzanians.

So whatever your tips are create a  change in someone’s life.


Driving this topic home we are sure that you have learned and understand the appropriate tipping practices in Tanzania .

Tipping not only expresses gratitude for excellent service but also plays a role in supporting local communities.

By adhering to the suggested tipping guidelines and considering the efforts of the dedicated safari staff, visitors contribute to the sustainable tourism ethos in Tanzania.

Whether expressing appreciation to guides, drivers, or other service providers, thoughtful tipping is a sign of rewarding adventure for both travelers and those who make it possible.

Feel free to ask for your Tanzania trip planning and customization. It’s free of charge to contact us. 

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