There are many advantages of travelling solo compared with group joining travel. Apart from freedom of choice, there are other key benefits which you can get by travelling solo. These benefits are:

1. Flexibility on safari

Travelling solo offers you the best chance to do what you feel when you want. You can either decide to change your tour plan by either extending or reducing time. Imagine you are in Serengeti in Tanzania and you are on six days migration safari.

You might find yourself exhausted after three days of game drives. As a solo traveller, you can switch plans and travel to either lake victoria. Or take a flight to Zanzibar Island or even visit Rwanda.

2. Leadership development

Leaders always find a new path for other people to follow. Deciding to travel solo takes courage and self-responsibility. For whatever action needed to be taken on time you will be responsible.

Either paying for flights, taking care of your luggage, or finding hotels.  Finding travel companies and budgeting for your safari.

Many people who travel solo attract attention from others. Whether big co-operation or businesses. So travelling solo doesn’t have to be for fun only.

3. You will learn how to take calculated risks

Risk is everywhere in life. There are predictable and unpredictable risks in our daily life. Risk while travelling can either be good or bad for you as a solo traveller in a foreign country.  The good thing about being solo on travel you will learn to take calculated risks. And safety precautions should be your priority.

4. Simplicity

Travelling solo can teach you many things. You should learn how to travel simply with a few things. Most of the time you will carry your bag. Can be simple bags like a duffle or backpack bag. Travelling solo can teach you essential skills in packing as little as possible.

This will force you to live with some limitations for a few days or weeks while on vacation. This will create simplicity in your life. You don’t need the whole world to travel. It’s simple as that! Make it simple

5. Psychological Benefits

Travelling in groups sometimes needs supervision. A trip leader always becomes the mastermind of the trip. And when any problem arises during the trip. The trip leaders always take a course to control the situation.

But now you’re travelling alone, meaning you will have to calm your mind and asses the whole situation. The ability to solve problems alone or control situations alone. Strengthen your psychology and boost your courage.

6. Create awareness of the world

As you travel solo you encounter many things. You meet with other people in foreign destinations. You live, talk and eat with them, and you exchange social and cultural tokens. You will learn about other people’s political views, religion and economics.

You can also observe challenges facing people or see opportunities available. While on trips to other countries or destinations.

You return home with new ideas. Languages and even skills from other communities around the world. There is no limit to absorbing knowledge while travelling solo.

7. Problem-solving skills

Sometimes while in our comfort zone, we rely on our people or our daily life to solve issues. But while in foreign destinations we no longer have access to our comfort zone or services. Imagine you are in a foreign country and get an injury.

You should learn to use your skills to address the wound before getting to the hospital. Or your phone is dry of charge or you don’t have internet access and you need to get connected. You will need to learn how to connect with other people especially locals to get help.

As you travel solo this ability grows very rapidly.  And you learn to use what you know and what is available to create solutions.

8. Compassion

You might be lucky to be born in a developed country with a good family. Travelling to another side of life could challenge your spirit.

Visiting third world countries or countries affected by civil wars. Like Somalia, the Middle East. Congo, and many other countries with political instability and chronic epidemic diseases.

You will feel the difference, you might see women’s and children struggling to survive. Visiting refugee camps in foreign countries. Will help you to develop a passion for humanity and be part of global change.

9. Trust your intuition

As you travel solo anywhere in this world. Can be Kenya in Maasai Mara or Botswana visiting Okavango Delta. Or Tanzania for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. You take all actions based on your thinking.

Any better move you make as the result of trusting your gut. Doing it repeatedly makes you rely so much on your intuitions and gut feelings.

10. Self-esteem

Travelling solo boosts your self-esteem.  Relying on your thinking to make clear decisions. Will help you to grow in terms of confidence and self-reliance. Saving and budgeting for your trip add layers to your life.

You will feel better after a successful trip back home. You no longer rely so much on other people to decide how to go about life. Even members of the family start to acknowledge your maturity in taking decisions.

Bonus for travelling solo includes.

  • Gaining confidence
  • Self-reliance
  • Learn new languages and cultures,
  • Add  to your palate,
  • Seem different by your friends and  family,
  • Sense of adventure
  • Living your dream
  • Grow patience and destroy your fear
  • Grow your communication skills

Travelling solo is a unique gift you could give to yourself.  You become a more interesting person.  A self-acclaimed icon where other people feel interested in you. How can you not be after all the experience you have as a solo traveller?