Some people feel that energy of being alone on the trip as a gift, while others need to experience that before they fall in love with solo travel.

Here are the best tips to make solo travel the best trip ever in your life.

  • Develop a mental picture of the trip that you want. ( visualization process )
  • Take time to research and read articles about the destination
  • Immense in other people’s cultures. Learn and Unlearn
  • Learn to chat with strangers. No one is an introvert in a foreign land
  • Be flexible but don’t spend beyond your budget
  • Enjoy every moment of the day
  • Try different options and activities. Visit  historical sites or museums to  grab the history of the city or country
  • Live local and eat local. Try new cuisines while on new destinations. Can expand your palate and love for new foods. Even add creativity to your food preparation back home
  • Enjoy local events like Sauti Za Basara in Zanzibar. Travel exhibition or Saba Saba in Tanzania
  • Ask for help if you’re unsure of the route and services or location.
  • Make new friends. Travel is for people for the people
  • Shop with locals. Visit local grocery stores, souvenir shops, or even local markets if you have time.
  • Know the landmarks and city directions. Not every place has developed Google Maps locations. So you should learn to  navigate manually
  • Learn a few words in a foreign language like saying Hello, thank you, etc. For instance Jambo, Asante, in the Swahili language, or Bonjour, Gracious, Como esta ? in Spanish and French.
  • Plan for dinner and enjoy the best dishes across town