Tanzania is one of the East African countries which is incredible for cultural heritage.

With more than 130 ethnic groups, this country is a melting pot of African cultures.

If you’re looking for a unique culture in Africa, then Tanzania is a place to be.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the best cultural experience in Tanzania.

1. Visit the Maasai Village

The Maasai people are one of the few remaining nomadic pastoralists in East Africa.

Their unique lifestyle attracts many people who are visiting Tanzania.

Maasai people are not only found in Tanzania but Kenya is also the other best place to experience the Maasai.

The Maasai depend on cattle and their sheep and goats for food and a source of income.

The life of Maasai in Tanzania dates back to the 16 century when they arrived in the northern part of Tanzania.

Maasai don’t hunt wild animals, but they sometimes kill predators like lions.

The main reason to kill lions is the threat posed by predators to their cattle.

It’s possible to visit Maasai village, to learn about their culture, dance, and even the art and craft.

The best places to see Maasai are the Ngorongoro conservation area or Arusha. Learn more about the Maasai people.

2. Explore the Stone Town of Zanzibar

Zanzibar Island is a beautiful place to visit in Tanzania for a cultural experience.

With the hybrid culture of coastal people and Arabs.

This island is one of the UNESCO heritage sites because of its historical significance.

Apart from history, Zanzibar is home to more beautiful beaches than any other part of Africa.

This island should be on your bucket list. The Swahili people dominate Zanzibar.

The Swahili people’s lifestyle is unique in foods, customs, and even clothes.

While in Zanzibar you can get the best chance to visit their homes, schools, museums, and markets.

This gives you the best feeling of how it feels to be in the coastal cities of Tanzania including Unguja and Pemba. Read more about Zanzibar Island.

3. Attend a Tinga Tinga Art Class

Tinga Tinga is a unique collection of Tanzania artistry started in 1968.

This collection is a gem of Tanzania’s art. All products available are hand-made crafts, which add a fine tune and authenticity.

They outsource their material from local people and this gives economic support. Their materials are environmentally friendly.

While in Tanzania, you can visit curio shops or artist centers to learn how they create these products.

You can support their work by visiting their website. Here is the link for the Tinga Tinga Store.

4. Visit the Chagga Tribe on the Slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro

Chagga people live on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. This tribe is one the largest ethnic groups in northern Tanzania.

Chagga people have caught the attention of many people who are visiting Tanzania.

Either they’re visiting for wildlife safaris or Mount Kilimanjaro climbing.

There are many things to learn from the Chagga tribe. Including coffee farming.

Local beer production, traditional songs, and visiting Materuni waterfalls.

You can decide to stay for days or take a short trip to Materuni village.

This place is the last village before the Mount Kilimanjaro conservation area.

Explore this trip to Materuni Village.

5. Attend the Serengeti Cultural Festival

This is an annual celebration of art, conservation, and cultural heritage.

The Serengeti Cultural Festival brings together more than seven (7) living tribes.

Including the Kurya, Ikoma, Ngoreme, Sukuma, Maasai, Jita and Wamang’ati.

Serengeti Cultural Festival always starts in the third week of July at Mugumu.

This event takes three days, starting from 10 – 16 hours daily.

Is ideal to combine this trip with wildebeest migration in Serengeti.

Or visiting Lake Victoria in Mwanza or Musoma but before Mwanza there is a chance to visit Bujora.

Experience the beauty and uniqueness of African culture.

6. Visit a Traditional Hadzabe Tribe

The Hadzabe tribe is one of the remaining hunting and gathering tribes in Tanzania.

They live in northern Tanzania around Lake Eyasi.

While in Tanzania you can get the best chance to visit Hadzabe village to experience their life.

While in Eyasi, you can also do working trips with Hadzabe people.

You may for hunting, and learn how to use bows and arrows taught by the Hadzabe people themselves.

Is an amazing experience to visit Hadzabe communities in Tanzania.

This trip best combines with other parks including Tarangire National Park.

7. Explore the Ruins of the Kilwa Kisiwani

Kilwa Kisiwani is one of the oldest cities in Tanzania. Since the 8th century, Mwera people occupied this place.

Kilwa Kiswani has a long-standing history as a prosperous trading center.

The remaining ruins include the Palace of Husuni Kubwa, the Great Mosque, and Gereza.

These are a few of the long-standing buildings you can find in Kilwa Kisiwani.

Apart from these buildings, this place has a long history of Sultanic settlements.

The prominent figure during the 14th century was Sultan al-Hasan ibn Sulaiman.

Visiting this area in Tanzania is priceless and best combined with Zanzibar or Dar Es Salaam.

8. Attend a Taarab Music Concert

Taarab is the typical coastal music in East Africa, including Tanzania and Kenya.

The Taarab music is a fusion of Indian, Arabic, and African melodies to create a unique rhythm.

Taarab is accompanied by drums and dance.

While in Tanzania best place to enjoy and dance to this kind of music is Zanzibar.

You can visit some monthly concerts like Full Moon in parts of Zanzibar.

Hotels or restaurants organize this kind of music to entertain their clients.

9. Visit the Bagamoyo Arts and Crafts Market

Bagamoyo is a very vibrant town on the coast of Tanzania. Bagomoyo is very close to Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam.

Bagamoyo is rich in culture and history. The old building includes Caravan Serai, Kaole ruins, and Bagamoyo stone town.

You can learn about culture, art, and craft, and visit Bagamoyo Art & Music Theater (TASUBA).

You can get the best chance to interact with local artisans. Buy souvenirs like colored textiles, carving, and handmade jewelry.

You can extend your visit to Saadani National Park or northern Tanzania.

10. Join a Swahili Cooking Class

Swahili people are well known for delicious curries, seafood, and spices.

Visitors to Tanzania can join the short course for food preparation.

The Swahili cuisine flavor is a fusion of Arabic, African, and even Indian cultures.

You can subscribe to a short course on traditional food preparation.

Learn how to prepare traditional dishes, including pilau rice, biryani, and coconut-based curries.

This also gives you a chance to interact with Tanzanian families and learn their customs.

11. Sauti Za Busara ( Sound of Wisdom )

Sauti za Busara (Sound of Wisdom) is of one the best Music festivals in Africa.

This event takes place every year in February in Stone Town.

Sauti za Busara presents the music heritage of East African artists.

You will experience different genres of music such as hip hop, taarab, jazz m reggae, and art.

This festive attract thousands of people from different part of the world.

Sauti za Busara, accompanied by exhibitions and live performances.

This will offer you a well-rounded cultural experience in Tanzania.

12. Bujora Cultural Concert – Mwanza

This is the best cultural concert that offers visitors the best chance to see Sukuma.

This concert occurs every year in Mwanza.

While you’re there you will get the best opportunity to witness the local music, arts, and dance.

Bujora cultural concert also takes place during July.

So it best combines with the Serengeti cultural festival.

Bujora Museum is also available for visitors to explore history.

This Museum exhibits the largest collection of the history and culture of the Sukuma people.

Read more about Mwanza City for extra activities to add to your trip to Tanzania.

13. Kilimanjaro Marathon

Kilimanjaro Marathon is one of the cultural experiences in Tanzania.

This event takes place in February every year in Moshi town near the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

This marathon has gained momentum and attracts runners from different parts countries.

You can decide to choose a long race or a 5 km fun run.

The beauty of this marathon is a combination of sport and adventure.

Kilimanjaro Marathon provides them an opportunity to engage with local people.

Enjoy the view and banana farms along the way.

After the marathon, you can decide to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or visit Tanzania’s parks.

14. Serengeti Marathon – Lake zone

The Serengeti Marathon is another cultural experience to witness and participate in while in Tanzania.

This is very unique race since runners get a chance to run within Serengeti National Park.

Like other races, it offers different categories depending on experience and fitness.

You can opt for an athletic long run or a 5 km fun race.

The main goal of this race is to promote conservation and general health.

Serengeti Marathon brings people from different parts of East Africa.

But NGOs and private companies joined the race.

After the Marathon, you can visit Mwanza for relaxation or a continuous wildlife safari.


Tanzania is the hallmark of culture in Africa.

Whether you visit the south or north, this country sums up the whole cultural experience.

Whether you visit for culture, music, marathon, arts, history, or even wildlife. Tanzania is the place to be.

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