Zanzibar Beach: What makes it so special? 

Zanzibar beach is the best destination in Africa to think about for your holiday.  Now words can explain the beauty of Zanzibar’s beaches, and the azure of the Indian ocean. Think of the extended sand beaches, the coral reefs, and the sea breeze.  Apart from aesthetic beauty, visitors to Zanzibar’s beach enjoy different activities, which include diving, swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, kite surfing, scuba diving, beach parties,  or even enjoying the cocktail. 

The question is, how do you choose the perfect beach in Zanzibar for your African holiday? In this article, we will share details about the 11 best Zanzibar beaches to visit and why you should choose one over the other.  We hope this article will help to make the right choice for your Zanzibar holiday.

Why you should visit Zanzibar’s beaches and not other beaches in Africa like Syschelles or Diani in Mombasa?

There are many reasons to pick Zanzibar’s beach for your holiday in Africa. Despite its relatively small size, Zanzibar has over 1,000 km of coastline.  And this is the main reason for having countless best beaches in Africa. Bare in mind that Zanzibar is under the equator line this guarantee the best weather throughout the year.  The beauty of these beaches is incomparable with some of the best water sports, hotels, and lodges in East Africa.

Where do you find the best beach in Zanzibar? Can you visit the east or the north? For any part you decide to visit, there is the best beach depending on your holiday wishes list. The famous Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is in the west and has few beaches compared to the east or the north part of Zanzibar.

With that being said, let’s dive in for our top 10 best beaches to visit in Zanzibar, no matter your holiday wishes list to visit Zanzibar Island in Tanzania. Don’t get confused with the ranking, every beach here is so unique with something special to offer to you.

11. Kizimkazi Beach

kizimkazi beach

Kizimkazi beach is one of the notable beaches to add to your vacation list. This place is home to a beautiful fishing village, which is very local and authentic. If you’re interested in cultural experience then Kizimkazi beach should be on your list for the Zanzibar holiday. 

While in Kizimkazi you can get a chance to visit the oldest mosques on the East African coast including Dimbani Mosques which are dated back to 1107 AD.  Apart from the historical visit, you can also get an opportunity to swim with dolphins ( bottlenose dolphins). Whale watching can be organized by local tour operators.
The magic of Kizimkazi beach continues with visitation to rock pools to see crabs, and starfish during the low tides. Enjoy the stretching beaches which are exposed during extremely low tides. 

How to get to Kizimkazi beach in Zanzibar?

The distance to Kizimkazi is only 60 Km from Stone Town. Like other beaches in Zanzibar, you can either take public transport or hire a taxi to Kizimkazi.

10. Nungwi Beach

nungwi beach

Nungwi beach is a vibrant beach in Zanzibar, the lively energy with the nightlife is a unique experience that money doesn’t buy.  Nungwi beach is very popular, and this comes with fun opportunities beyond what you will expect in Zanzibar. The palatable food and drinks are always amazing.

The warm water at Nungwi beach offers the perfect chance for you to enjoy snorkeling and diving.  You will also get a chance to explore underwater creatures including the sea turtle, dolphins, and tropical fish. 

Don’t forget that, Nungwi beach offers different activities water sports activities like kayaking, horse riding, fishing, and many others.  But when the sun goes down, we put on our dancing shoes to celebrate the day.  Rooftops Bar, Sex Fish, and Fisherman’s Grill are the best places to enjoy music, good drinks, and marine foods.

How to get to Nungwi beach? 

Nungwi beach is 58 km from Stone Town.  You can board for public transport vehicle aka Dala dala from the Darajani station.  Taxi or private vehicles can be hired to take you directly from Stone Town to Nungwi beach.

9 . Kiwengwa Beach

kiwengwa zanzibar

If you have a plan to visit Zanzibar with kids then this could be the best beach to visit. This beach is full of hotel and resorts and even offer small BnB for budget options.  Swimming at Kiwengwa is not possible during the low tide but, many of the facilities here offer standard swimming pools.

The better idea here is to stick to hotels or lodges with swimming pools during your holiday in Zanzibar. 

How to get reach Kiwengwa Beach?

Kiwengwa beach is not far from Stone Town around 46 km. You can either  hire a taxi or board a public car commonly known as dala dala

8. Nakupenda Beach

nakupenda beach

The word Nakupenda is the Swahili word that translates to “I love you”. Nakupenda beach no wonder is the best-rated beach in Zanzibar by locals and foreigners.  This beach resembles a long string of gorgeous white sand dropped in the turquoise waters. Is the wonder of its own visible during the low tides.

Visitors to the island of Zanzibar can go for romantic leisure walks or just soak up the sun at this place.  Like Nungwi beach, Nakupenda gives you the best opportunity to swim with dolphins, and turtles while taking amazing photos of your Tanzania experience. 

The other popular reason to visit Nakupenda beach is for snorkeling. There is a wonderful world underwater. The beautiful coral reefs and marine life offer the most amazing view ever to be seen on the surface.  Nakupenda beach can be combined with prison island or Changuu, don’t forget to take pictures for a social media posting experience. 

7. Paje Beach 

paje beach

Paje beach is the other best beach in Zanzibar which is popular for water sports. If you want to chill and enjoy your holiday in Africa, Paje is the best option for you in Zanzibar. Paje is home to certified scuba divers and those who are not yet certified get a chance to learn and earn certificates.

Paje beach is also the best beach for snorkeling, scuba diving, and kite surfing.  If you’re interested in surfing the best month is December and February. Like other beaches in Zanzibar, low tide is not favorable for swimming, so don’t forget to book with hotels or lodges which offer standard swimming pools and even access 24/7 during your holiday in Zanzibar 

How to get to  Paje beach in Zanzibar?

If you will arrive in Stone Town, the distance is about 60’s km.  You can either hire a  private car or taxi but even board for dala dala ( public vehicle ) for a budget option.

6. Bwejuu Beach

bweju beach

Bweju beach is another vibrant place to visit while in Zanzibar. You can either decide to relax, swim or chill and enjoy the refreshing air emanating from this beautiful sand beach of Zanzibar.

Bweju is so unique with its warm clear water, offering the perfect spot for those who are interested in swimming. Bweju is very popular like other beaches in Zanzibar, perfecting your day with foods and drinks offered by facilities around this place. 

5. Pongwe Beach

pongwe beach

Pongwe Beach is one of the few tropical paradises you won’t dare to miss when visiting Zanzibar. The palm trees and beautiful white sand make Pongwe an amazing beach here in Zanzibar. 

The existence of the offshore reef protects this beach against tides. This makes its water calm and safe for swimmers.  Paje beach attract is a family-friendly beach, the environment, and soft sand add spice to the family holiday here in Zanzibar.   Don’t forget activities like snorkeling  and boat trips to coral reefs can be organized by  local operators

4. Jambiani Beach

jambiani beach

Jambiani beach is the hidden gem of southern Zanzibar’s best beaches. This beach offers a unique experience compared to the other beaches. Vibrant with good restaurants often a mixture of locals and tourists.

Jambiani offers a chance to meet the locals, and learn about their culture and economy.  An easy way to navigate this place is by taking a bike. You can meet friendly inhabitants and enjoy local food. 

Jambiani beach like other beaches in Zanzibar is the best place for water sports.  Kite and windsurfing, fishing, and snorkeling.  Best restaurants like Lustania, Karibu Restaurants, or Fadhil offer palatable seafood while in Jambiani beach.

How to get to Jambiani beach in Zanzibar?

If you’re in Stone Town you can take only one 1 hour drive to Jambiani beach, it’s about 56 km. You can either hire a taxi or board public transport to take you to Jambiani beach.

3. Kendwa Beach

kendwa beach

Kendwa beach is a very popular beach in Zanzibar, it offers a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. It offers clear water ideal for all water sports activities like diving, snorkeling, and swimming.

If you plan to visit Nungwi village then Kendwa beach is a few miles from Nungwi. Kendwa beach is characterized by fewer sea tides, which makes it a perfect destination for beach lovers. 

This unbelievably clear water beach offers a lot of fun activities including volleyball at the beach, and beach soccer. What about nightlife parties at Kendwa? The party is light on when the sun goes down.  Don’t mention mouth-watering dishes and drinks.  Kendwa beach is the place to be if you planning to have a blissful experience on your holiday in Zanzibar 

How to visit Kendwa beach in Zanzibar?

Like other famous beaches in Zanzibar, Kendwa is only 56km from Stone Town. You can either hire a private car or taxi which is a bit expensive or board public vehicles ( dala-dala ). Ask the public vehicle conductor to stop you at Kendwa rock, villages can point you in the right direction to the beach.  Walk for 15 minutes to the village before reaching Kendwa beach in Zanzibar.

2. Matemwe Beach

matemwe beach

Matemwe beach is an amazing beach to count on while in Zanzibar. This beach offers the longest stretch of the finest white sand which will create a buzz in your mind.  Undoubtedly Matemwe beach is the best beach in Zanzibar worth visiting.

Matemwe is so beautiful and authentic. It’s very close to fishing villages, which gives an opportunity to add a cultural touch to your beach experience. Other activities like diving kitesurfing, snorkeling, and sailing are a few of the experiences you will have at Matemwe beach.  In case you are interested to explore the coral reefs, Matemwe is only two kilometers from Mnemba Atoll. 

1. Michamvi Peninsula

michamvi penisula

Mchamvi Penisula beach is beyond magic, this beach is always referred to as a honeymoon paradise. If you want to experience the best sunset ever and sunbathe then Michamvi is your place to be while in Zanzibar. 

It’s located off the central east coast, with two peninsulas. Michamvi-Pingwe and Michamvi-Ikae both of these places offer the topical paradise beaches

If you are intent is underwater exploration then visit Michamvi- Pingwe( coral lagoon) while if you need t refresh and relax you better opt for Michamvi- Ikae ( Palm-fringed ). Enjoy the rides and the best sea foods and cocktails in Tanzania’s Zanzibar Island. 


As one of Africa’s top holiday destinations, Zanzibar beaches remain untouched, unique, amazing places to visit with local experience as the gift you received back. As we drive this discussion home about the 11 best Zanzibar beaches to visit.  We hope you have gained some tips for planning your next beach holiday in Zanzibar.  You can contact our trip specialist for more questions or customization of your Tanzania holiday. 

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