Serengeti is home to millions of wildlife in Africa.

Is the only place on Earth with a high number of animals than any other part of the world.

Serengeti National Park is well known for its great migration.

This occurs each year between Serengeti and Maasai Mara game reserves.

Because of that, Serengeti has been the top priority.

For many people who are visiting Africa for wildlife safaris.

In this article, we will give you details about luxury accomodation in Serengeti.

Whether you’re looking for high-end services Serengeti.

Whether for lodges, hotels, or luxury-tented camps, we got you covered.

We invite you to read and explore our best list of luxurious places to stay while in Tanzania’s Serengeti.

Here is the list of Luxury accomodation in Serengeti

Singita Serengeti House

singita serengeti house

Singita Serengeti House offers guests exclusive-use accommodation and access to 350,000 acres.

This private land provides an unparalleled private safari experience.

The house accommodates 8 guests, with 2 spacious suites located in the main house.

The other 2 garden suites – one set to each side of the house in separate buildings.

The building all features private outdoor showers and terraces.

Singita Serengeti House is the pinnacle of luxury within the Grumeti Reserve.

Positioned on the lower slopes of Sasakwa Hill and with the wide Serengeti plains.

Serengeti House is an exclusive-use retreat. Located within the easy sight of a watering hole.

For Serengeti, migration seekers’ timing is an ideal plan.

From early July to September is the perfect time for a Tanzania safari.

Combining the Serengeti House, or any of Singita’s properties within the park.

This creates the best experience of an African safari.

The Serengeti in its busiest season can become busy.

Staying at Singita allows you the opportunity to escape the crowds.

While having a first-class, exclusive, and personal experience that you will not forget.

You can book with us, the price starts from $ 13, 920 for exclusive use.

Four-Season Safari Lodge

four season safari lodge

The Four Seasons Safari Lodge is one of Serengeti’s most opulent safari hotels.

It is one of the best places in the world to witness the Big Five.

The Serengeti plains, and predator-prey dynamics during the migration in the park.

Views of the surrounding environment are spectacular from elevated platforms.

Watch elephants and other animals come to drink at the waterhole below your balcony.

With your guide, go game driving or bushwalking. Return to camp for a spa treatment or a dip in the infinity pool.

Take a hot-air balloon ride above the plains to see the sunrise and get a panoramic view of wildlife.

Serengeti Migration Camp

Serengeti Migration Camp is the embodiment of the ‘camp’ experience.

Located next to the Grumeti River which is home to resident hippos that bark and wallow their days away.

Serengeti Migration Camp has become synonymous with low-impact high-action game viewing.

In a landscape that is untouched since the dawn of time.

This luxury camp is hidden among the rocky outcrops. Serengeti migration camp is located at the starting point of the Migration.

Comprising 20 luxurious elevated tents, each with spacious and furnished bedrooms.

Serengeti Migration Camp blends into the environment.

The main ‘tent’ has a split-level lounge, a swimming pool, and a restaurant.

Viewing platforms offer views across the river and the rugged landscape beyond.

But it is the drama and proximity of the wild, which take the experience of this camp to an altogether higher level.

Prices start from $1,163.

 Acacia Seronera Luxury Camp

Acacia Seronera Luxury Camp is in Serengeti National Park at Makoma Hills.

And offers a panoramic view of the Serengeti plains and its hordes of wildlife.

This unique camp combines adventure, serenity, and luxury.

On a safari vehicle, search for the Large Five, big cats, and vast migration herds.

Listen to the call of the wild from your camp’s deck, have a romantic bush picnic, or take a bath with a view.

Learn about Maasai traditions, songs, and dances by taking a Maasai culture tour.

In a hot-air balloon, you can float above the herds and landscapes around daybreak.

Melia Serengeti Lodge

melia serengeti lodge

The Melia Serengeti Lodge overlooks the Mbalageti River valley.

Is a blend of African and colonial flair.

The lodge is surrounded by nature but has the amenities of a high-end hotel.

Enjoy the thrill of wildlife activity as seen in nature documentaries.

As wildebeest runs through the grasslands, you will see lions, hear hyenas, and smell the dust.

For a closer touch with nature, go on foot with your Maasai guide.

Enjoy a woodland picnic while listening to the sounds of nature.

Relax on your patio while taking in the beauty of the valley or the pool or spa.

Take to the sky for a hot-air balloon trip over the plains against the riotous backdrop of the morning sun.

Ang’ata Serengeti Camp

One of the best Serengeti safari camps is Ang’ata Serengeti Camp.

The Maasai word for wilderness is Ang’ata, and it’s a fitting name for a camp with a natural location with views

of grasslands and wildlife. It is located in the heart of the park.

Game drives are available in all directions from the camp.

Including the Moru Kopjes, and Maasai Kopjes with their rock art.

N’gong Rocks, the Grumeti River, and the western corridor.

Expect to witness big cats and the Big Five all year.

With enormous herds traversing the plains during the yearly migration, it provides further excitement.

Between game drives, unwind at camp, or enjoy a private bush lunch.

You can also make time to take a hot-air balloon trip high above the plains of Serengeti

&Beyond Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp

Beyond Grumeti, The Serengeti Tented Camp.

Is the luxury camp located on the banks of a river in the remote western Serengeti.

The river, which is a tributary of the Grumeti River, attracts a variety of species.

Hippo rafts may be spotted in the river pools in front of your tent.

With a rim-flow pool and open-fronted social areas with river views, the camp is rustic but stylish.

Ndutu Lodge

ndutu lodge

Ndutu Lodge is located outside the Serengeti National Park boundary. But is very much in a great game area.

The lodge is best accessed by vehicle as it is a ‘drive-in’ Lodge from Arusha.

Or neighboring game areas such as Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater.

We like Ndutu Lodge for two reasons, its location, and its simplicity.
This place is not going to blow you away but from December to March time when the herds are in this area.

During February Ndutu Lodge gets very booked up. This is a ‘drive-in’ lodge that requires you to bring your vehicle.

Kiota Camp

Kiota Camp is located on Banagi Hill and offers a world-class view of the Seronera River Valley.

It’s a calm location to unwind before and after your game drives.

You can enjoy observing the incredible density of animals, and its surrounding.

Take a moment to appreciate the Serengeti’s vast plains.

Umbrella trees, and massive rock outcroppings. Enjoy a picnic lunch on the plains.

Or relax on your shaded veranda with a set of binoculars to watch passing animals.

Before dinner, take a hot bucket shower and sit around the campfire to listen to the night’s call

Alex Walker’s Serian Serengeti North

It is an adventurous experience with a luxurious edge that no one ever forgets.

Located a few minutes from the Mara River. Serian Serengeti North is exactly what a safari camp should be.

Alex has spent a lifetime in the East African bush and knows it like the back of his hand.

It is this kind of knowledge that he demands from his guides and they rise to the challenge with aplomb.

The camp opens in the Kogatende region in the north of the Serengeti. From the 15th of June and will stay there until early November.

Both North and South allow you to be flexible with your safari trip.

Serian is also one of our most popular Tanzania honeymoon camps.

The price for Serian Serengeti starts from $ 1,245 per person

Lamai Serengeti

Lamai Serengeti rests on a jumble of gigantic boulders near Kopje. commanding vistas of the herds roaming the grasslands below.

Year-round, topi, buffalo, giraffe, and wildebeest abound, and lion sightings are guaranteed.

The camp is available near the Mara River, which gives you the best chance to enjoy to the fullest the wild animals.

In case you visit during the Wildebeest migration, get ready to witness the crossing.

Whether you’re in a private veranda or an open-fronted shared room after a game drive.

But, then you can decide to take a walk with your guides to explore the real ecosystem of Serengeti.

Asilia Highlands

The Highlands is Asilia’s newest project and a very exciting one at that.

Thinking of the best camp for Safari enthusiasts, then this camp is your ideal camp.

The Highlands is a piece of art with a unique design that blends well with the environment.

At the edge of the mountain forest is the Olmoti Volcano, north of the Ngorongoro crater.

The new design still re-connects the traditional approach by the Asilia safari camps.

This balance creates the charm you’re looking for on your trip.

Ubuntu Serengeti Luxury Camp

Ubuntu is a mobile luxury tented camp located in Northern Tanzania in the Serengeti.

This camp offers you the best opportunity to witness the wildebeest migration.

Like its sister camps, Olakira, Kimondo, and Dunia.

Ubuntu is a very safari-orientated camp designed to give much of a wild experience.

Luxury service is the tradition with all Asilia properties.

So let yourself permission to immerse yourself in this amazing camp.

If you are looking for a luxury safari package. Then Ubuntu is the place to be.

Mbugani Seronera Camp

Mbugani Seronera camp is the luxury camp you should think about if you’re visiting Africa.

Enjoy the endless view and nature sounds.

There is a sitting area in each enormous tent, or you can mix with other guests in the lounge tent.

The camp looks out over a natural water source where lions, leopards, and buffalo like to roam.

Apart from that watching the sunset is not something you should dare not miss.

Serengeti Pioneer Camp

The Serengeti Pioneer Camp is situated in Serengeti.

Is one of the traveler’s best resorts for viewing the annual migration and seeing the Big Five.

It’s evocative of the famous mobile camps of the 1930s.

With expansive views across Moru Kopjes, Lake Magadi, and the huge plains.

Enjoy the best game drives. Enjoy a bush picnic at a private location on a hill with a spectacular view of the plains below.

Drink cocktails on the sunset deck, and eat under the stars by lamplight. Or take a hot-air balloon ride over the Serengeti.

Chaka Camp

This is a luxury and lightweight designed to move according to the season.

Chaka camps stay in the Ndutu area from December to the end of March.

And in north Serengeti from May to the end of October.

So whether your interest is wildebeest migration ( Mara crossing) visit Chaka in May.

This provides access to Lake Ndutu and Masek. For the calving season, December to March is the best time to stay at this camp.

Chaka Camp offers value for your trip budget investment. Request for a free quote.

Singita Sabora

Singita Sabora is the twin sister of other 2 high-end luxury properties owned by Singita.

Built in the private reserve, this is an exclusive reserve attached to the west.

While is permanent and luxury camps in western Serengeti.

These camps sum up the top-notch place to stay while in Tanzania.

Singita Sabora is located within the Grumeti Reserve.

Staying in Singita Sabora gives you a chance to visit other properties from Sasakwa.

Singita Sabora is position strategic with scheduled flights from different places in Tanzania.

Price for Singita Sabora start from $1,891

Mwiba Lodge

Mwiba Camps is a piece of art sitting inside the Serengeti.

Designed with attentive details to create relaxation and priceless feelings.

The standalone baths, all with a great view, are the highlight.

Enormous glass-paneled doors lead out onto private wooden decking.

Again enjoying huge views across the trees and beyond.

Limited to 10 suites, each with a private deck, spectacular views, and a large soaking tub.

Outdoor rain shower, personal minibar, and grand bed made for dreaming of Africa.

Singita Sasakwa Lodge

Built in the style of a stately Edwardian manor house.

With featuring a light and airy atmosphere. Singita Sasakwa Lodge offers panoramic views, a sense of immense freedom, and stillness.

Striking the perfect balance between casual luxury and sophisticated elegance.

It features a grand entrance, wraparound verandas, silver candelabras, and coveted antiques.

The bespoke décor elements such as local artifacts and tribal cushions.

The experience makes for an unparalleled East African safari.

Complete with leisure activities that include bush walks, soothing wellness treatments, and tennis.

A sense of grandeur is woven throughout the turn-of-the-century manor house.

The private cottages are a blend of authentic European style and East African.


Serengeti is Tanzania’s safari paradise, with nothing to compare with when it comes to the best view.

The big five, or the small five.

As we wind up this article about luxury accommodation in Serengeti.

We believe that you gain insight into where to stay in Serengeti and why.

Serengeti best combines with Ngorongoro and Zanzibar for your Tanzania Luxury Safari.

Let’s start planning your holiday in Tanzania.  Send your request today.

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