Part of the Asilia brand, this little camp is excellent value and you can guarantee a top level of service in all departments.  It follows the migration thus allowing perfect game viewing opportunities and remote camp locations.  Being a small camp of only eight tents it’s a lovely personal experience and great for groups too.  There are other mobile tented camps to choose from which are better quality with private vehicles and arguably better guiding.  However, they do cost more but the up cost is justifiable.  if you do fancy a higher quality of tented camp then look at Alex Walker’s Serian, Nomads Serengeti Safari Camp and Olakira.

Ubuntu Camp – The Facts

Ubuntu is a mobile tented camp located in Northern Tanzania in the Serengeti National Park. The idea of the camp is to follow the wildebeest migration and intercept its movements. From December to March the camp is located in the Ndutu area, which sees the wildebeest congregate in their largest numbers. During February and intense three-weeks see 8,000 calves born per day, giving rise to some extraordinary spectacles. From the end of March, the herds start moving North, passing through the Seronera and Grumeti regions and arriving in Kogatende in the North of the park in the last couple of weeks of June.

Like its sister camps, Olakira, Kimondo and Dunia, Ubuntu is a very safari orientated camp designed to give you as much of a wild and authentic experience as it is a luxury and comfortable experience, and the balance is just right. The communal area is designed with an open feel, looking out over the plains where you can enjoy a drink whilst relaxing in the lounge and bar. The dining room is also made from canvas and allows a typical bush experience.

There are only 6 canvas tents with a spacious bedrooms area and en suite facilities. The bathroom has a flush toilet and canvas shower bag that the staff fill up with hot water when you need. The layout of the camp is simple yet very effective.

Like every Asilia property, the standard of service is of the highest level and the more you immerse yourself, the richer your experience will be. Activities here consist of game drives. The guiding is superb and the quality of the vehicles and equipment is very reliable. If you are looking for an action packed honeymoon to remember forever, this is the Serengeti safari for you.

One of the biggest choices to make when heading on safari in the Serengeti is choosing what type of camp would suit you best. There are some big differences between permanent lodges comapred to your mobile camps. The permanent lodges don’t move throughout the year and have more facilities such as swimming/plunge pools. This makes them perfect for families with children who enjoy spending the middle of the day splashing around in the cool water, yet they do come at a much higher price.

On the other hand, mobile camps are what encapsulates the Serengeti. Permanent lodges can be found all over Africa, but a camp that moves with the wildebeest migration is only found in Tanzania, and we love them! Apart from being great value for money, their movements ensure you are in the best possible position to view the migration throughout the year. Mobile camps allow you to really immerse yourself in nature and give you that authentic ‘Out of Africa’ feel which is what draws so many visitors to East Africa.

Before the Serengeti, a typical Northern Tanzania itinerary would see you head to the Ngorongoro Crater for a couple of nights and there is no better choice than Asilia’s property The Highlands. Here you can hike, visit the local Maasai villages and explore the wildlife within the Crater itself. The unique-bubble shaped rooms are unlike any other camp in Tanzania and combining this with one of Asila’s Serengeti camps would make an unforgettable trip.

If spending a prolonged period in the Serengeti seems like the best choice for you, then combining Ubuntu with one of Asilia’s permanent camps in another area is a great idea. Namiri Plains offers some of the best big cat sightings in Africa and is a brilliant year-round camp. With the migration either in the North of the park or the South for the majority of the year, combining Ubuntu with Namiri should not be overlooked.


Ubuntu Camp Rates: $967 per person