Lamai Serengeti is an absolutely fantastic lodge. It is of the highest quality and boasts some of the best services in the region. With its simplistic luxury that typifies a Nomad Camp, it gives you luxury without all the glitz and glam that often detracts from that true safari feel. It sits upon the Kogakuria Kopje, with breathtaking views down onto the Serengeti’s plains where the migrating herds can be seen from late July onwards. It is like a breath of fresh air when compared to a lot of luxurious safari camps with its quirky style and incredible location.

Nomad Lamai Serengeti – The Facts

Lamai sits stealthily atop the famous Kopje, completely hidden to the naked eye, it is built into the rocks that typify the Kogatende region of the Serengeti.  This Serengeti Safari area is one of the most naturally beautiful landscapes you could ask for and is situated in the northern most region of Tanzania’s Serengeti.

The lodge is spread out amongst some enormous boulders overlooking the spectacular plains below.  The main guest and restaurant area is the heart of the camp.  It sits slap bang in the middle and is comfortable, luxurious and designed in a very homely form of quirky, safari style.  The open fireplace is the centre piece in the green seasons, yet the real star of the show is the round sitting area which boasts the best views from camp, except maybe the lunch table by the swimming pool! It really is a dream home away from home!  The general service in the lodge is also great with the kitchen in particular doing an absolutely sterling job.

The rooms are lined up either side of the main area, each one boasting an incredible view.  However, the room at the top of the Kopje would be the winner if we had to choose!  They are large and spacious rooms made out of completely environmentally friendly materials.  The beds are massive and look out over the plains, meaning that opening your eyes in the morning is better than ever before.  They have beautiful balconies that are a great for sitting and leafing through a book, painting a picture or just peacefully watching the amazingly varied landscape. A firm favourite for honeymooners.

The addition of a a lovely swimming pool area is perfect for anyone who fancies a bit of well-earned down time in between game drives!

Last but not least it is definitely worth mentioning that the guiding is of the highest standard at Lamai. As with all Nomad camps, their guides are trained to some of the highest standards in East Africa and the managers are often former guides ensuring standards are certainly maintained.

Lamai is of course most popular when the migrating herds arrive in Northern Serengeti around late July. Through to the end of October, and even into November guests can enjoy seeing the herds pass by camp as well as the famous river crossings at the Mara River, located around half an hour away at game drive speed. But even without the herds, Lamai is a wonderful place to visit. In the shoulder seasons, fewer visitors in this area allow guests to enjoy a plethora of resident game all to themselves, couple this with lower rates and you have the recipe for an unforgettable safari.

Price start $ 1,445 Per person