Best time to visit Tanzania, At a Glance

Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa. With friendly people, abundant wildlife, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Zanzibar Island.

Knowing when to visit time Tanzania for a safari  is important while planning your trip

One of the most common questions is when is the best time to visit Tanzania ?

Getting the answer to this question depends on the kind of holiday experience you are looking for.

That will help you decide the best time to visit.

The dry season is the best time for those who wish to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Though if you’re planning to see migratory birds rainy season is the best.

During this time you will witness birds from Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Aligning your trip with the weather is a great place to start. For first-time safari-goers, the best time to go to Tanzania is usually during the dry season.

Since wild animals become so easy to track and spot.

What are the available seasons in Tanzania? There are two common seasons here in Tanzania which are:

The dry season

June to October is the best time to go on a safari in Tanzania. The vegetation becomes sparse and makes it easy for wildlife to spot.

Also, a good time to visit the coastline is when it’s cool and no rain.

While the summer months of December and January are ideal for beach lovers. The fresh ocean breeze helps to lower the high temperatures.

The wet/rainy season

Tanzania has two rainy seasons. The first starts in March and ends in May, and the second rainy season is shorter in November and December.

Other months are ideal for game drives and mountain climbing.

Best time for Safari in Tanzania

The best time to visit Tanzania for a safari is from July to October (peak season). June is also a good month when the bush is still lush from the rains, although it makes it harder to see the game.

June is the best month for birding with many migratory birds from different parts of the world. For southern highland parks including Mikumi and Ruaha National Park.

July to October

Is the dry season with cool temperatures and a great time to see wild animals and migratory animals.

It becomes easy for wild animals to track when the bush is less dense. When the game gathers around rivers and water holes to drink.

During these cool and dry months, you also won’t find mosquitoes. The months of August and September are the winter months.

The nights and early mornings can be cold, but the days are still beautiful and warm.

July to September is a good time to see the great migration in northern Tanzania. The wild wildebeest started to cross the Mara rivers towards Kenya.

In November the herds start to move southwards back into the Serengeti from Kenya. While January is the calving season in the southeast of the Serengeti.

Difference between high and low seasons

Is the best knowledge in negotiating discounts with tour operators and travel agencies. Many people misunderstand these terms and some of them do not understand them at all. These are the differences

High or Peak Safari Season

  • Time: June to October, December, January to February (dry season
  • High rates for accommodation
  • booking is in advance
  • Cool and dry weather
  • Best time for Migration
  • Best time for Photographic tours
  • Crowded season

Low or Green  Safari Season

  • Time: March, April, May, November
  • Low rates or discounted rates
  • No booking required
  • Hot and wet weather
  • Best time for calving
  • Most scenic landscapes and colorations
  • Less crowded

As we continue to expound on the mystery of the best time to visit this beautiful country.

The reality is there is no right or wrong time to visit this well-loved country but as a rule of thumb.

The dry season is the most popular time and very vibrant season to enjoy what Africa has to offer.

We invite you to explore the best time to visit Tanzania based on top destinations.

The Best time to visit Tanzania, Park by Park

Best time  to visit Serengeti National Park

The dry season in Serengeti National Park is from June to October and from December to February.

Serengeti National Park needs no introduction anymore once it comes to Africa safari.

If you’re visiting during this time and searching for the wildebeest migration.

Your best chances of seeing them are in the western and northern regions of the park during May and June.

If you come across videos and photos of the wildebeest migration, Serengeti is the source.

The great migration is always the dream of every adventure seeker visiting Serengeti.

Booking in advance for the high chance to coincide with the magic of the Mara River crossing is the key.

Remember the best month with a high chance to see the Mara river crossing is from July through September.

Missing the river crossing does not disqualify the adventure in Serengeti.

January to February and March is the best wildebeest calving season in the southern part of the park.

The rain and long grasses during mid-March through April and May cause the giant crowded park to feel empty.

Offering a luxury experience for visitors who prefer less crowd.

Expect some short rain showers that always last for a short time and many migratory bird species.

Enjoy the adventure when our best safari guides show the best skills on how to pilot a 4X4 WD safari car. Enjoy the ride.

Excited to visit Serengeti? Explore our trips right here.

Best time to visit Tarangire National Park

The dry season from June to November is the best time to visit this park. The nature of this park during the dry season is very unique.

The scarcity of water in most parts of the park draws in species from different parts of the park. Gather for water along the Tarangire River.

For the best experience choose to stay in the southern part of the park. Offer you the best experience by escaping the crowd.

Is an amazing experience and very intimate from June to November.

The wet season comes also with blessings, the return of less crowded days. The migratory bird species. create a vibrant rhythm during this time of the year.

Beautiful vegetation across the park enriches the soul of nature lovers.

You could combine Tarangire National Park with other trips. Either Serengeti or Lake Manyara as a trip adds on.

Best time to visit Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater is well known as the Africa Eden. Very few places on Earth can be compared with the Ngorongoro crater.

Game drives and walking trips within the Ngorongoro crater. Start in the dry season which is from June to October.

The dry season is the best time to spot the very rare and shy Black Rhino in this park. Though very crowded during the time.

Ngorongoro is a daring adventure for visitors to the northern part of Tanzania.

The diversity of wildlife and nature is the main reason Ngorongoro gets its name the African Eden.

Visiting this park during the dry season is an unbelievable experience.

Visiting the Ngorongoro crater during any season of the year is the best option to think about.

It offers the best option to visit other parks.  Learn more about Ngorongoro Crater 

Best to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro climb is a rewarding challenge for anyone who dares to accept. This giant in the African sky at 5,895 needs no introduction.

The best time for climbing is during the dry season. Which is from June through September, October, December, January, and February.

We do not recommend climbing during the rainy season which is March, April, May, and November.

The degree of a successful summit becomes very low but also increases the risk for climbers. The heavy rain, mud, ice, and fog can detract from the experience.

Mount Kilimanjaro offers different climbing routes to the peak. Kilimanjaro remains an iconic symbol for Africa and one of the wonders of the world.

The free-standing mountain on Earth but also the ice-capped mountain in tropical areas.

Are you ready to challenge and conquer the highest mountain in Africa? Pick your challenge here with our best-designed climbing package.

Best time to visit Zanzibar Island?

The beautiful land on the Indian Ocean is an unforgettable experience in Tanzania.

With two Islands of Pemba and Unguja, it offers relaxation not found in the other parts of Tanzania.

The best time to visit is from June to October when the climate is quite cool, and dry.

September and August offer the best chance for Whale viewing and Snorkelling.

Restaurants and shops close in Zanzibar in June and July during the Ramadan festival.

February and December are also the best time to explore Zanzibar and other islands.

Along the coast, the temperature during these months rises to 40 degrees Celsius.

For those who love sunbathing and swimming this is the best time to be in Zanzibar.

Like other areas in Tanzania, the wet season starts from March to May. The water, sunset, and other activities take a short leave.

Zanzibar is a one-stop safari shop in East Africa. You can take a trip to Zanzibar.

Enjoy different activities offered including Spice tour, dolphin tours, and Safari Blue.

Combining it with a wildlife trip in Selous Game Reserve or Ngorongoro Crater is a good idea.

We invite you to explore our best places to visit in Zanzibar 

When to visit Ruaha National Park?

Ruaha “The lion Glade” of Africa. Like other parts of Tanzania, the best time to visit is during the dry months of June to October.

The dry season presents the natural gift of abundant wildlife and the best view of the park.

The rare wild dogs are easy to see during this time running from one side to the other.

The Lions hunting on the glade is an amazing experience during this time in Ruaha National Park.

Also during this time, walking safaris are best because the grasses are shorter.

This park is larger than Serengeti and always less crowded throughout the year.

The return of migratory birds during the wet season is an exceptional experience.

For bird lovers, this is bird heaven from Asia, Europe, and Australia. November, March, April, and May mark the rainy season for this park.

The weather is different compared to northern circuit parks.

It gets hot during the wet season and some camps close while few remain open during the green season. Talk to us if you need more details.

For adventurer seekers, Ruaha National Park is your best park to visit during the dry season. In the southern highland of Tanzania.

Remember you can combine your trips with Selous Game Reserve or Mikumi National Park

Chartered flights are available to connect you to other National parks in Tanzania.

Do you need something unique for your Africa trip? You can choose from the list of our best southern safari packages in Tanzania.

Best time to visit Selous Game Reserve

The best months to visit are from June to November when the park is cool and dry. Less water in waterholes during the dry season makes a lot of animals migrate. To nearby remaining sources of water within the park.

This creates an incredible experience for game viewing. Enjoying the Mambo Jumbo of big wildcats on hunts and not forgetting about rare wild dogs’. Life here in Selous Game Reserve from June to August is vibrant.
The largest group of Lions, Elephants, giraffes, and African Cape Buffalo are everywhere.

The wet season coincides with other parks in Tanzania. The heavy rain starts from March to May making the wild animals spread out. The rain could affect some camp’s operations and others close during the green season. Despite that, this is the best time for migratory bird species to return and calving season.

Every season brings natural gifts for any trips you make to Tanzania.

Selous can combine well with other destinations including Zanzibar and Ruaha National Park.

When is the best time to Visit the Tanzania coastline?

The best time to explore the coastline of Tanzania is during the dry season.

June to October when the temperatures are pleasant and there’s no chance of rain.

Is a great time to experience the crystal clear azure water and white sand beaches.

December to mid-January is the best time to visit the coast because of the festive season.

Though it can get very busy and prices for service and accommodation could turn high.

Planning in advance is the best idea to avoid late booking issues.

The rainy months of April and May are not suitable for the coastline. Rain during this time can continue for days with no break.

This is not the right time to take part in watersports as rain makes it very dangerous.

The storms during this time disturb the underwater visibility and disappoint scuba divers. To enjoy the coast at its best aim for the dry months.

The Long Rainy Season

The long rains start in March and end in May and bring the dry bush back to life with lush greenery.

This is the low season and game parks are less crowded.

Hotels and lodges may close or you can often get discounted rates at those that are open.

This time is the best season for bird watchers with a chance to observe many rare species of birds.

Avoid wildlife adventures during this season. The routes tend to get slippery and are difficult to navigate in the rain.

Remember, during the rains, malarial mosquitoes become very common.

So if you’re traveling make sure you get the right advice about anti-malarial medications.

Best time to visit Tanzania, Month by Month

For a quick reset of when is the best time to visit Tanzania. This is a quick guide month by month from January to December. However, some events are subject to change.


The weather is hot along the coast and dry in other parts of the country. Suitable for wildlife safaris and Mount Kilimanjaro climbing

  • Cultural event: Zanzibar Swahili Festival
  • High season
  • Accommodation is high
  • Booking in advance required
  • Best time to visit Serengeti
  • Zanzibar and Ngorongoro crater


The weather is still hot, with few raindrops in other parts of the country. Flower in Kitulo National parks and Calving season in Southern Serengeti National park

  • Cultural event: Sauti za Busara
  • High season
  • Accommodation is high
  • Booking in advance required
  • Best time to visit Serengeti
  • Zanzibar and Ngorongoro crater


The ring of the green season starts to ring around this month. Hotels and camps, most of them close, while few remain in business during this time in most parts of the country.

  • Social & cultural events: Kilimanjaro Festival & Nyama choma Festival
  • Low Season or green season
  • Discounted rates for hotels and camps
  • Less crowded
  • Not recommended for Mountain climbing
  • Seek social and cultural events


The rainy season is on in every part of the country. The vegetation becomes so green. Birds returning from different parts of the world.

The wonders of Serengeti wildebeest migration begin to migrate north and west in search of food.

  • Low or green season
  • Discounted rates continue
  • Best time for bird watching
  • Wildebeest migration begins from south to North and West of Serengeti National Parks


This month is the rainy season in every part of the country. Actually, makes this month less favorable for many travelers

  • Discounted price for hotels
  • Best for nature lovers
  • Rain season
  • Low season


End of the rainy season, a few safari trips start to roll over. The mountain climbing resumed and the land started to dry out.

In many areas including Serengeti and other national parks. The migration begins to shed light on an impressive wildebeest show on the planet.

  • Safari resumes
  • Mountain climbing activities take off
  • Wildebeest migration preparation in Serengeti National Park
  • High season
  • Zanzibar beach holiday


The weather is cool and dry. July marks the start of peak season in Tanzania. Travel destination becomes so crowded with safari jeeps, that hotel prices rise.

Beach life becomes so vibrant and the best months for wildlife viewing in all parks in Tanzania

  • Peak season
  • High prices in hotels
  • Best time to visit National parks
  • Beach life resume
  • Take part in the Ruaha Marathon
  • Dhow Festival in Zanzibar
  • Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF)


The dry season and the best time for the wildebeest migration across the Mara River. Wildlife viewing in every part of the country is amazing.

  • Peak season
  • Mara River Crossing
  • Wildebeest Migration
  • The best time for Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Mount Meru Climbing
  • Zanzibar beach holiday


This is the best month in the country. The weather is quite good and animal spotting is amazing. From Mount Kilimanjaro climbing to beach visits, everything works.

  • Best time for Mount Kilimanjaro climbing
  • Zanzibar Beach Holiday
  • Game drives
  • Bagamoyo Festival for Arts and Culture
  • Peak season


The country is still dry yet lovely for wildlife spotting. The best view of the environment change from green to dry savanna adds spice to your view of the world

  • Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Beach Holiday
  • Spice tours
  • Game drives
  • Peak season


A short period of rainfall creates a short-lived low season. It’s still the best time for travel. A few hotels offer discounted rates during this month.

  • Discount Rates
  • Low Season
  • Game drives in Ngorongoro and Tarangire national parks


The hot and dry weather brings people to explore different destinations in Tanzania. This is the best month for Mount Kilimanjaro climbing, and visiting other parks.

Don’t forget the wildebeest migration to the south of Serengeti

  • Serengeti for wildebeest migration
  • Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing
  • Beach Holiday
  • Swahili fashion week
  • Independence event
  • Christmas

We invite you to explore tours and safari packages in Tanzania. And let us help you to plan a trip to Tanzania for an unforgettable experience.

You can check out our travel information pages. On how to get a visa and explore destinations. Contact us and let’s plan together. Hakuna Matata.

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