Africa is home to mystical places on Earth. No one can tell you the beauty of Africa unless you decide to pay a visit.

The stretches of coastlines surround the continent of Africa.  It’s very hard to point out one beach to visit from the hundreds of beaches available all over Africa.

Our travel experience across Africa has encouraged us to share with love these amazing beach destinations in Africa.

The truth is, we don’t have enough space to cover all available places in Africa, but we believe this guide will shed light on your search for the best beach to visit in Africa.

The aesthetic beauty of Africa’s beaches will make you feel emotional, and leave a memorable experience in your life.

We’re inviting you to read this article is the complete guide for the 10 best beaches to visit in Africa and why you should visit.

Here is the list of the 10 best beaches in Africa

1. Kendwa Beach, Zanzibar

kendwa beach zanzibar

Kendwa Beach is a very popular beach in Zanzibar, it offers a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

It offers clear water ideal for all water sports activities like diving, snorkeling, and swimming.

If you plan to visit Nungwi village then Kendwa beach is a few miles from Nungwi.

Kendwa Beach is characterized by fewer sea tides, which makes it a perfect destination for beach lovers.

This unbelievably clear water beach offers a lot of fun activities including volleyball at the beach, and beach soccer. What about nightlife parties at Kendwa?

The party is light on when the sun goes down.  Don’t mention mouth-watering dishes and drinks.

Kendwa Beach is the place to be if you planning to have a blissful experience on your holiday in Zanzibar

How to visit Kendwa Beach in Zanzibar?

Like other famous beaches in Zanzibar, Kendwa is only 56km from Stone Town.

You can either hire a private car or taxi which is a bit expensive or board public vehicles ( dala dala ).

Ask the public vehicle conductor to stop you at Kendwa Rock, villages can point you in the right direction to the beach.

Walk for 15 minutes to the village before reaching Kendwa Beach in Zanzibar.

2. Kaya Mawa, Malawi

kaya mawa

It may shock you to see Malawi on this list, but we promise that this land-locked destination has the third largest fresh-water lake in Africa.

This lake is 47 miles wide and is a beautiful place with the feeling of a traditional beach resort.

The beach lodge of  Kaya Mawa is translated as “May Be Tomorrow” in the local tongue. The best place to visit at Likoma Island in Malawi.

This place is a paradise for honeymooners and beach lovers. You can choose either to relax or take a short combined trip with wildlife in Malawi or Zambia.

If you need to enjoy the lake, do it during the morning when no tides and when a day comes the wind pickups.  You can enjoy kayaking or paddleboarding.

Later in the day you can do other activities like mountain biking or walking trips, meet the locals, and experience what Malawi has to offer.

In case you need to visit this place, feel free to contact us for your customized trip to Malawi.

3. North Island, Seychelles

North Island, Seychelles

Seychelles is the true definition of a tropical paradise destination in Africa.

The powder-fine sand, lapped with azure Indian ocean and fringed palm trees enchants any visitors to this place.

North Island is one best-rated islands in the world. Many famous people have chosen this Island for its beauty and uniqueness.

Despite being accessed by helicopter from the main Island of Mahe, the North Island is home to 11 luxurious villas with private beaches.

No doubt why the North Island is named a picture-perfect destination in Africa.

Whether you’re planning for a honeymoon vacation in Africa, then this Island is the place to be.

The feeling of pristine, private, and alone Africa is what makes the North Island the perfect beach destination on our list.

Are you planning to visit Seychelles? Feel free to talk with our expert today.

4. Thonga Beach Lodge, South Africa

thonga beach lodge

It’s here in rural South Africa, the place known as Kwazulu Natal.

This land is part of Maputaland, which forms part of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This magical stretched coastline Is the excluded place away from the built-up and busy city of Durban just 4 hours further south.

Visiting this place is beyond beach activities. It offers a different experience of wilderness, fresh air, and the salty spray of the ocean as the waves crash the shoreline.

People who live diving and snorkeling have found paradise here. Diving with  Giant Rays Whale Sharks and Bottle-nosed dolphins is magical.

Experience the reefs and other fish on the local reefs. But witness the Leather-backed Turtles and Loggerhead during November and hatching during January and April.

Thonga Beach Lodge is a wonderful beach to visit in Africa.

5. Azura Benguerra , Mozambique

azura benguerra

Mozambique shares the palate of the Indian Ocean coastline. It has a stretching coastline of 2470 km down to the southeastern coast of Africa.

Mozambique is home to two of Africa’s archipelagos, Quirimbas (north ) and Bazaruto (south ).

This beach combined perfectly with safari. Either you take a flight from South Africa to Mozambique.

There are different places to choose from for beach visits in Mozambique, but the top of the list is Benguerra Island.

The Benguarra is set within the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park.

You can either use speed boats to encircle the island or enjoy the endless beaches that your eyes can see, teaming with reefs and colorful fish.

Guess what? If you love snorkeling and diving, then this area is top-notch.

There is a chance to spot a very extremely rare sea mammal “Dugong” native to these waters but also dolphins.

Benguerra Island is not about the beach only, there is a local community that lives here. Enjoy meeting people and learning and unlearning about cultures.

Local people in  Benguerra Island are fishermen and prefer to unwind during weekends for football games.

5. Bweju- Paje Beach, Zanzibar

bweju beach

An exotic place to visit in Zanzibar out of Stone Town noises.

The Bweju-Paje island on the South-East coast remained relatively unchanged over the past decades.

This beautiful beach in Tanzania’s Zanzibar was named the World’s top 30 beaches by Cond Nast Traveller Magazine.

Bweju-Paje Beach accommodates all types of visitors. Either family or solo travelers.

During low tide, a shallow lagoon makes it safe for families to paddle and play, and at high tide, the reef tames the ocean making it a good swimming spot for divers.

How to get to Bweju- Paje beach in Zanzibar?

If you arrive in Stone Town, the distance is about 60 km.  You can either hire a  private car or taxi but even board for dala dala ( public vehicle ) for a budget option.

This beach is a luxury paradise if you’re visiting Zanzibar for either a honeymoon or a family vacation. Bweju-Paje Beach gets you covered.

It’s home to the popular Zanzibar Collection resorts, yes you can opt for Luxury, Baraza, and Palms.

These accommodations offer 5* service experience. Read more on  Zanzibar luxury hotels and lodges.

6. Skeleton Coast, Namibia

skeleton coast namibia

This is the mystical beach in Africa’s Namibia.  Why is named the Skeleton Coast?

This is when the Kalahari desert meets the Atlantic Ocean to create a natural beach paradise.

The Skeleton cost is named because of the dotted skeletons of whales and rusting bones of shipwrecks ( a tragic story of the lost ship pushed by waves to this coast).

A tale of the ocean never ends, this tells us how mother nature is powerful.

There is a mystery about this inhospitable desert environment.

Some animals including lions, elephants, and brown hyenas adapted to these harsh environments.

So visiting the Skeleton Coast is not only about a beach vacation, but the combined trip with the wildlife experience adds spicy to your  Africa’s Namibia experience.

You can read more about Kalahari’s desert lions in our article about lions of the world.

7. Nakupenda Beach

nakupenda beach

The word Nakupenda is the Swahili word that translates to “I love you”.

Nakupenda Beach no wonder is the best-rated beach in Zanzibar by locals and foreigners.

This beach resembles a long string of gorgeous white sand dropped in the turquoise waters. Is the wonder of its own visible during the low tides?

Visitors to the island of Zanzibar can go for romantic leisure walks or just soak up the sun at this place.

Like Nungwi Beach, Nakupenda gives you the best opportunity to swim with dolphins, and turtles while taking amazing photos of your Tanzania experience.

The other popular reason to visit Nakupenda Beach is for snorkeling. There is a wonderful world underwater.

The beautiful coral reefs and marine life offer the most amazing view ever to be seen on the surface.

Nakupenda Beach can be combined with Prison Island or Changuu, don’t forget to take pictures for a social media posting experience.

8. Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar Island

nungwi beach

Nungwi Beach is a vibrant beach in Zanzibar, the lively energy with the nightlife is a unique experience that money doesn’t buy.

Nungwi Beach is very popular, and this comes with fun opportunities beyond what you will expect in Zanzibar.

The palatable food and drinks are always amazing.

The warm water at Nungwi Beach offers the perfect chance for you to enjoy snorkeling and diving.

You will also get a chance to explore underwater creatures including the sea turtle, dolphins, and tropical fish.

Don’t forget that, Nungwi Beach offers different activities water sports activities like kayaking, horse riding, fishing, and many others.

But when the sun goes down, we put on our dancing shoes to celebrate the day.

Rooftops Bar, Sex Fish, and Fisherman’s Grill are the best places to enjoy music, good drinks, and marine foods.

9. Diani Beach Mombasa, Kenya
diani beach

Diani Beach is Africa’s top-rated beach in Mombasa, Kenya.  Diani Beach is heaven for silky wind sand lovers.

It marks the border where Africa’s land meets the giant Indian Ocean to create this tropical paradise in Kenya.

Visiting Diani Beach can be combined with the best wildlife safari in Kenya.

You can start with a safari either at Maasai Mara or head toward Diani to unwind and relax on the turquoise water and palm-lined streets.

Diani Beach has been awarded as the best beach destination in Africa for years running, and it’s easy to see why.

How to get to Diani Beach Mombasa?

Located 30km south of Mombasa, this south coast beach is surrounded by the warm Indian Ocean, with countless beach resorts to accommodate you during your stay.

Diani Beach is everything that comes to mind when you think of a tropical paradise – rolling white sands perfect for sunbathing, crystal clear waters perfect for snorkeling, and an abundance of wildlife to discover.

Perfect for everyone from families to couples, visitors choose to head to Diani for a few days at the end of a safari in Kenya, but it’s great as a standalone getaway too.

Diani Beach is one of the greatest water sports destinations in East Africa.

Kayaking, jet-skiing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddleboarding, and scuba-diving are all possible – whatever your pace or skill level, you’ll find something to experience at Diani.

You can check out our 11 Days Kenya Honeymoon Safari 

10. Agadir Beach, Morocco

agadir beach

Morocco is the best destination in North Africa. Is one of the famous destinations for visitors from Europe.

Morroco offers the best attractions for visitors including the best beaches in Africa and historical tours in Marrakech.

We have decided to choose Agadir Beach on our list instead of others and you can see why.

Agadir is located on the southern Atlantic Coast and, is one of Morocco’s most famous beach resort towns.

European travelers looking for a laid-back well-priced, family-friendly beach vacation have flocked here for decades.

Agadir’s trailing stretch of golden sand rims the length of the city center, so there’s plenty of space to choose from.

If you’re after full facilities, with easy access to cafés and restaurants while on the sand, head to one of the two private sections known as Palm Beach and Sunset Beach.

These two strips sit in front of Agadir’s central tourism district and offer up the promise of easygoing days of sun and sand.

Hotels that sit slap on the seafront also have their own private patch of sand.

The five-star Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort Hotel is the pick of the bunch for visitors seeking resort living with a beach, pool, excellent service, and rooms imbued with a stylish Moroccan aesthetic.

For family travelers, the Iberostar Founty Beach steals the show with a focus on activities and entertainment geared towards little ones, a large pool area, and a great swath of sand out front.

If you’re planning to visit Morocco and don’t know where to start, feel free to contact us


The choice of where and which beach to visit in Africa can be very tricky.

But we hope this simple guide for the 10 Best beaches to visit in Africa and why.

Have shed light on your understanding of which part of Africa can make the most of it for your beach holiday.

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In case you have any questions or requests for the planning of your Africa safari feel free to Contact us today.

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