Is the new perspective of exploring the world of Africa’s nocturnal predators. It happens on a night game drive. Night game drives in Tanzania are exciting.

They happen at night in an open safari vehicle. The vehicle has a canvas canopy and spotlight torches. A professional guide drives and an armed park ranger protects.

In selected protected areas in Tanzania, visitors are allowed to go on night game drives.

Lake Manyara National Park is one of the areas. Tarangire National Park is another area. Mikumi National Park is also included. Ruaha National Park is the last one. night game drive is one of the exciting activities to engage in on a safari in Tanzania,

Night game drives provide the best opportunity to observe wild animals. These animals are rarely seen during the day but are very active at night.

Stay vigilant and you might see elusive genets, agile civet cats, and spiky porcupines. Watch out for aardvarks, mongooses, and bush babies.

Also, be cautious of big cats like lions, leopards, and spotted hyenas. These animals usually hide in the bushes and shrubs during the day.

Don’t forget to look for hippos too, as they spend their days in the water and come out at night to graze.

Where to go for a night game drive safari

Tarangire night game drive

Tarangire National Park is in northern Tanzania, only a short drive from Arusha town. The national park is popular because of its abundant wildlife. Many people visit this protected area. One exciting activity is the night game drives.

These drives last until 22:00 hours. After the drive, you return to the lodge for dinner. The game drives are done using an open safari vehicle. You are accompanied by an armed park ranger for protection. Spotlight torches are used during the drives.

In Tanzania, you can experience the park’s nightlife during Night Game Drives. You can see nocturnal animals like honey badgers, wild dogs, and serval cats. During the night drives, you can observe different nocturnal animals. Examples include white-tailed mongooses, lions, and leopards.

Other creatures include jackals, hyenas, genet cats, and bush babies. Additionally, bat-eared foxes, aardvarks, and caracals can also be spotted. You can also see hippos eating. Elephants and buffaloes rest under baobab trees.

Anga’ata Tarangire Camp can arrange night game drives in Tarangire National Park. Visitors pay $80 per person, $59 for the park entrance fee, and $23.60 for the ranger fee per group.

Ruaha night game drive

Ruaha National Park is located in the center of Tanzania. It is the largest national park in the country. The park offers a night game drive. It starts at 6 pm and ends around 22:00 hours. After the drive, you will return to your lodge or camp for dinner.

During a night game drive, an armed park ranger accompanies you. The ranger guarantees your safety. They also assist in identifying nocturnal animals. These animals include leopards, genets, porcupines, civets, and giant eagle owls.

Night game drive in Ruaha National Park costs $50 per adult, $25 per child, and park entrance fees. Apart from night game drives, the national park offers other activities. These activities include bird watching, guided nature walks, and game viewing.

Lake Manyara night game drive

Lake Manyara is the ideal location for a night game drive because of its many ecosystems. The area has 11 different systems. It is a melting pot for animals and plants. There is a lake nearby, along with Rift Valley cliffs. The area also has a groundwater forest and Ngorongoro highlands. Additionally, there is a dry Tarangire system in the vicinity.

Lake Manyara wildlife

Manyara National Park has abundant water all year round. The animals in the park thrive, enhancing wildlife viewing. Animals that are rarely seen are usually active at night. Lake Manyara National Park is full of these animals! Porcupines, genets, and civet cats are frequent visitors to the forest.

Hippos are active at night. It is likely to see many of these beasts grazing on the side of the road. Lake Manyara is famous for its plenty of Leopards. Although they are not common, people spot these elusive cats. Lions are often seen more during the day. They are sleeping, but become active at night.

Your drive starts around 20:00 from where you head into the thick ground-water forest of Lake Manyara. From the forest, you head down towards the lake following the Simba River to the hippo pools.

You will return to the forest and finally be back at the park gate around 22:30. You have two options: wait at the gate for your safari driver or go to Serena Manyara Lodge and get picked up there.

The night safari will show you the park and wildlife. Contact us to add a night drive to your safari. You can also choose canoeing, walking, or mountain biking.

Mikumi National Park night game drive

The national park is the fourth largest national park. The location is between the Uluguru Mountains and the Lumango range. It is bordered by the Selous Game Reserve in the south.

Mikumi National Park offers a night game drive activity. An armed park ranger leads the drive. It starts at around 20:00 hours after dinner and continues until 23:00 hours.

During the night game drive, you can see nocturnal animals. These include lions, leopards, and hyenas.

Night game drive in Mikumi National Park costs $50 per adult, $25 per child, $20 ranger fee, and park entrance fees.

Besides the night game drive, the park offers other activities. You can enjoy a day game drive and see giraffes, buffaloes, and elephants. The park also offers guided nature walks and birding to view different bird species. Additionally, you can go camping in the park.

What are the packing lists for the night game drive safari?

Night game drives in Tanzania are thrilling activities conducted in various national parks. These parks include Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Mikumi, and Ruaha National Park.

The night game drive begins at 6 pm and lasts 2-3 hours. During the game drive, visitors should carry certain items. Spotlight torches attract insects, so use insect repellent to prevent bites.

It is also important to bring anti-malarial medications, cameras, and binoculars. Additionally, wearing warm clothes is necessary to protect against the cold at night. Visitors should also consider wearing neutral-colored clothing.

What are the rules and regulations for night game drives?

In Tanzania, during the night game drive, follow rules and regulations.

  • Keeping a low tone while in the park so as not to chase away the animals,
  • Not driving too close to the animals because the spotlights can confuse or blind the animals,
  • Not littering rubbish in the park, not driving off track, not smoking while in the park because it may cause some fire.

Don’t miss the night game drive on your Tanzania safari. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can also take part in other activities. These activities include game viewing, guided nature walks, bird watching, and camping. For more information, you can

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