African Cape Buffalo

Buffalos are very dangerous

Is leading on the list of the most extremely dangerous animals to fear while on safari. Buffalo kills more than 250-300 humans every year. Though visitors are safe while on game drives with vehicles.


Leopards can swim and climb

Leopards are land mammals but they’re also extremely good at swimming and they can also climb very well. When they are not hunting, they can often be seen resting high up in the trees. And when hunting, they like to drag their kill up a tree to feed in complete privacy.

Leopards are natural loners

The African leopard is a solitary creature, meaning that it likes to live and hunt alone.

Unlike lions who move around in pride.

Rhino’s – Black or White

They are extremely heavy

Rhinos can weigh 1000kg, which is around the same weight as a small city car. (such as a Mini Cooper). And they are generally considered the second largest land mammal after the elephant.

Rhinos can be very clumsy by nature

Due to their poor vision, it’s likely to see rhinos sometimes attacking. Still, nature such as rocks, bushes, or tree stumps because they think it’s another animal!

Because they can’t rely on their vision, rhinos have a very good sense of hearing. And they have a heightened sense of smell too.

Rhinos are temperamental animals

You do not want to get on the wrong side of a rhino. Whilst they are happy to keep themselves to themselves. They are known to have mood swings like human beings and are tempted to charge if they are provoked in any way.


Elephants are vegetarians

Elephants are vegetarians and feed on grass, leaves, tree bark and twigs, fruit, and seed

pods one single elephant can eat up to 170kg of vegetation per day. Because of their high veg consumption, you’ll always be able to spot where an elephant herd has been

Elephants are peaceful animals….most of the time!

Kids love elephants. So do adults. They’re universally adored animals. And that’s mostly down to what people hear about the elephant’s gentle and friendly nature.

The elephant is generally a very peaceful animal. But if they ever feel threatened or are provoked, they also can lose their temper. And watch out because elephants can charge when they’re angry!

Elephants are sociable creatures

This particular trait helps to humanize the African elephant. They love to socialize with their herd. And they can sometimes be heard making grumbling noises. These noises are low-frequency sounds. That can be heard up to 6 miles away by their friends and family members

African Lions

Lions have a complex social structure

The African lion has a very complex social structure and hierarchy system. And a typical pride will have around 15 members (although there has been pride as large as 40).

Within each pride, there are many female relatives and their offspring. Plus a few unrelated males to mate with. Female lions are also better hunters and they do most of the hunting for pride.

There’s a correlation between age and the color of their mane. This is a great way of trying to tell the age of lions when you’re out on safari. The darker a lion’s mane, the older the lion is.

Read more about Type Lions and their distribution across the world.

Is it possible to combine the Big Five & Zanzibar Holiday?

Combining safari for Big Five and Zanzibar is the ideal plan if you will visit Tanzania. You will get the best chance to visit world-renown parks in Tanzania.  Including Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and even Tarangire. After the game drive, you will get the best chance to explore the beautiful island of Zanzibar.

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Is it possible to combine the Big Five & Mount Kilimanjaro?

This is the best-combined trip for Tanzania. You will get the best chance to reach the peak of Africa at 5,895 meters. Depending on the climbing route for Mount Kilimanjaro. After the climb, you will finish your trip to Tanzania. By enjoying game drive either in Serengeti or Ngorongoro crater.

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To conclude, we wish to enjoy to the fullest being in Africa for the “Big Five” safari.  Take time to spend on which destination to visit. Either  East Africa or South Africa.  You can either book your Africa trip with an international agency or Local Tour Operators in Africa.

We recommend you do your research for the best tour operators and book in advance for your package. You should also focus on contacting licensed a tour company. Safety comes first while traveling abroad.

Also, remember to pay for your insurance coverage. Is very important than anything you should think about.  As we close this topic about “where and when to see Big 5 in Africa?

Our Final Remarks

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