Is better to choose a private or group joining safari? Is the hard-rock question for visitors wishing to visit Tanzania? And it takes courage and wisdom to make the final decision.

Before we proceed on reasons for choosing private safaris in Tanzania. Let’s discuss the followings terms:

  • What is a private safari?
  • What is a group joining safaris?
  • What is the budget myth for private v/s groups joining safaris?

Private Safaris

These are trips organized for solo, couples, or families.  These trips are special requests from clients who wish to travel on their own. It can be either solo, family, or a group of friends who share the same interest.

Group Joining Safaris

These are trips organized for clients who wish to join others on vacation. Most of these tours can either organized for a limited time as “pre-scheduled groups “. Or remain as “Open group joining safaris”.

Pre-scheduled groups joining safaris.

These are fixed dates departures tours organized for a specific period. It can be a month, a week, or even a year. Always these tours are tailor-made and focus on budget camping safaris.

Open group joining safaris.

As the name suggests these tours are not fixed trips. Clients from different companies can join others to fill the remaining seats on cars. Last payments can be up to 12 hours before the tour starts.  Remember tour plans are not flexible.

Budget myth for private v/s group joining safaris in Tanzania

Experience is a good teacher. For years we have been able to support our esteemed clients to fulfill their African dream holidays. We both learn and evolve.

Here are our arguments for budgeting and cost for private or groups joining safaris.

What is the budget for groups joining safaris?  Is it cheap?

We are not farther from the truth that sharing costs leads to lower prices for trips.

Many safari jeeps in Tanzania can take up to 6 pax for standard trips. But sometimes tour operators add up to 7pax in the same car is like suffocating clients (  God’s forsake ).

The difference between these trips sometimes can be less than $200 or even less.  Late departure to the parks, limited mileage on safaris, fixed itineraries, tailor-made menus. Low-quality safari jeep ( think of a hundred thousand mileage ).  No AC, refrigerators, and many more essential items you will need for your trip.

Accommodation on these tours always focuses on budget camping safaris. Even if it’s lodging options, will always stay in low-rate accommodations. You don’t need that to happen on your long- journey to Africa.

Thinks twice and even thrice before deciding to book for group joining safaris. Because there is no cheap holiday in Africa, there are no cheap flights, there are no cheap parks fees.

So whatever seems cheap!  Always get prepared to pay for the expensive bad experience that you won’t dare to pay for!

What is the budget for private safaris? Is it expensive?

The answer can be either yes or no. Being private does not mean it’s an expensive trip in Tanzania. Private tours can be day trips or multi-day safaris, so the choice determines the cost of the trip.

Private safaris always focus on quality over quantity. The budget for these trips depends so much on the client’s wishes.  Because of customization prices can go up or low.

Imagine clients visiting Serengeti and the first plan was to stay at Ang’ata camps. Then the discussion changed to Singita Faru Faru Lodge. These are two facilities with different price ranges and the budget should change.

The luxury and privacy of being on a private trip are awesome. Tanzania private safaris do not mean you have to be solo. It can be a family, couples, or friends traveling together with a common shared interest.

The concept of shared cost also applies here. We always give options to our clients to seek partners to get shared cost discounts. It’s vibrant and beautiful to travel with your colleagues or family.

To close this discussion about the budget for private or group joining safaris. The answer will depend so much on your inspiration for travel.

Do you want a trip or experience in Tanzania? This question will remain open to challenge your curiosity about the African safari.  Here you can learn more about how much the Tanzania safari costs.

We hope now you have the idea for these tours. And we invite you to explore with us the pros of private safaris in Tanzania.

How are private safaris in Tanzania? How and what do these trips offer? Well, Tanzania is not only the hotspot for wildlife safaris in Africa. But is the paradise for honeymooners, historians, and climbers for Kilimanjaro.

Tanzania private safaris can be classified into a few groups to create clarity. For first-goers travelers, it could be of good help in making decisions. And for repeat visitors will be an added value in making a selection of other ideas to explore.

Private safaris for wildlife

These are safaris that focus on either game drives or walking safaris in national parks.  These trips can be day trips or multi-day safaris either in Serengeti or Ngorongoro.

These tours can stay in luxury tented camps or at either lodges or hotels within or outside parks.  Visitors are free to re-customize these safaris to fit their budgets and wishes.

You will have your own  4X4 WD Private Safari Jeep, Safari Guide, and all other services. It doesn’t matter if it’s a solo or families trips. Read more about how wildlife viewing in Tanzania 

Private safaris for Zanzibar

This Island is a paradise for beach holidays and lifestyle travel in Tanzania.  Zanzibar private tours can range from mid-range to high-end luxury. Trips can be luxury trips for 7 days in Zanzibar.

The key factor of pricing in Zanzibar depends so much on accommodation levels. If you choose Zanzibar Serena, Melia, or Fumba Lodge you should expect a different price.

Despite the difference in accommodation, many tourist activities are very similar. Read more about things in Zanzibar.

Private trips to Mount Kilimanjaro

Trekking the peak of Africa can either be done through Machame, Lemosho, or Marangu routes. You can either climb alone or with family and friends.  Private trekking to Kilimanjaro can be the best safari you can do in Tanzania.

Like other private safaris in Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro’s climbing prices vary. Either from one route to another or from one local operator to the other.

The key is to consider reputable travel companies for your climb. Kilimanjaro climbing is a risk, proper preparation, and a well-equipped team is key. Avoid cheap climbing operators for climbing.  You’re putting your life at risk.

Private safaris for honeymooners

These specific trips focus on special moments. It can either be wedding anniversaries or new couples on vacation.  The uniqueness of these trips is wonderful. Always designed in collaboration with clients.

Honeymooners can decide to combine wildlife trips with beach or cultural tours.  Many options for add-ons include hot air balloon safaris and night game drives.

Private honeymoon safaris depend most of the time on combined sky safaris. Where our clients rely on flights to connect with different destinations. This gives enough time for exploration and relaxation either in the best lodges or hotels.

The Six Best  Reasons for Private Safaris in Tanzania

Luxury and Privacy

Traveling on private safaris in Tanzania is very comfortable, private, and luxurious.  You will have your safari guide, hotel, or camp of your choice and the best meal on request. Joining groups denies these luxuries. Thinking of traveling with strangers in groups. There is no way to have your privacy.

Flexibility on your Safari

Whether you’re solo or traveling with family and friends. Private safaris give you the flexibility to decide at which time to wake up or break for lunch. But also changes in dates of when to travel or which park to visit.

Imagine missing a flight or falling sick on fixed departure trips.  The probability of refunds turns to zero. But with private Tanzania safaris is a matter of placing a call or informing us about the changes. Is this not a beautiful idea and secure?

Private Safaris Cars

The other advantage of traveling in private is access to your own 4X4 WD safari jeep. Safari jeeps always accommodate  6 pax. It doesn’t matter if you’re alone or 2pax. We always offer you luxury open-roof cars. Best cars for game drives and for wildlife viewing either in Serengeti or Selous.

Fulfill Your Tanzania Dream Safari

You can plan a trip for five years or even more to Africa. To witness the Serengeti migration or climb Kilimanjaro. Think of you planning to see the “Big Five”.

Private safaris focus on helping you fulfill these dreams with confidence. Our guides are always attentive to listening and deliver according to your request.

Freedom of choice while on Safari

Private safaris give you the freedom to choose what you need your trips to look like. You can decide on a diet, change hotel, or change game drive schedules.

Imagine you’re trip is 7 days in Tanzania. At that moment you feel exhausted from a game drive on the fourth day, and you can decide to rest in the lodge swimming pools.

If you don’t like to eat at the picnic site, our drives will take you back to the lodge or your luxury tented camps for lunch.  All these options are available on private safaris compared to group joining safaris.

Suitable for Honeymoon Safari

Let’s say you need to visit Tanzania for your honeymoon. Do you feel comfortable being with a group of six (6) people in the same car?  We leave this question blank …..  We hope you have the right answer !!

Honeymoons need privacy, comfort, flexibility, and uniqueness.  You might be in a luxury lodge like Melia Serengeti or Ndutu in Serengeti. Or you decided to visit Ngorongoro and stay at Sopa but what if you are in Zanzibar at Serena?  Do you like disturbance?   Always the answer is NO.

If the world would let us do it, we can offer both of you the African moon! Yes, we mean it and it’s only on private Tanzania safaris.

Traveling in Style

Apart from being flexible, private safaris give extra options.  You can add on short trips, and request special occasions like cultural weddings.  You can switch from game drives to village walking or bike tours.

Imagine you’re in Ngorongoro crater. It’s possible to leave the car either at the hotel or camps and walk along the Empakai crater. Tents in Maasai highland or overnight at Hadzabe homes.

Do you need help in planning your Tanzania safari? Consultation is free. 


As we drive home this discussion, you might be asking yourself many questions. What are the packages available for private safaris in Tanzania?

A good thing about Tanzania. You can decide on which type of tour you need depending on your budget and time.  We offer the following trips :

  • Private Luxury Camping Safaris
  • Private Mid-range Camping Safaris
  • Private Budget Safaris
  • Kilimanjaro Climbing Trips
  • Zanzibar Luxury Holiday
  • Luxury Lodging Safaris
  • Honeymoon Safaris

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