Security and Safety on Mount Kilimanjaro

security and safety kilimanjaro

Is mount Kilimanjaro safe?

Tanzania is the safest country in Africa, Tanzanians are very friendly. There is no history of dangerous animals on Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro trails are always busy. There are hundreds of people climbing all routes every day. Every group is accompanied by mountain guides. Security is also reliable at the campsite there are rangers at every camp for safety.

Only climbers to Mount Meru will be escorted by the armed rangers due to the presence of the wild animals. Inside the Mountain.

No need to fear your health, we provide healthy food. Our guides are well-trained and certified in First Aid. We always carry the first aid kit and oxygen cylinders for emergencies.

The rescue is also available on the mountain at all camps. In case of any serious emergency, we can arrange for a helicopter rescue