Your safety in Tanzania is not something that you have to worry about. Tanzania is a very peaceful country despite having more than 120 ethnic groups.

The colonial history and the role played by the founders of this nation set the foundation for its peace.

Anyone can live and work in any part of Tanzania without any problems. Tribalism is a criminal offense punishable by the law of the country.

Whether you’re coming for travel or business Tanzania is the best place to visit.

People are so kind and generous that you can approach anyone on the street and request help.

Feeling safe is a combination of many things. And in this case, we would like to present Tanzania based on these categories.

Government System of Tanzania

From a political standpoint, Tanzania is a democratic country. The election process involves a multiparty system.

There are few cases of chaos during elections like in other countries, precaution is the key.

All tourist areas are safe whether you’re in Serengeti or enjoying the sea breeze in Zanzibar.

Hotels are very safe to stay you can leave your bags at the hotels if you’re taking a trip to national parks.

Banking and Finance

Traveling abroad needs preparation and money is a valuable token for exchange.

To pay for services or buy items in local areas you need to have Tanzania currency which is shillings (TZS).

You can sell and buy currency from Bureau de Changes or Banks

Access to financial services while on travel gives you peace of mind. Tanzania’s banking system is more advanced.

Distribution of ATMs across the country that accept electronic cards.


Not only cards but other digital transaction systems are available.

You can use PayPal, Skrill, Western Union, World Remit, and MPESA to send and receive money.

For personal safety in Tanzania, no need to travel with a bunch of cash on hand. Is not safe since it attracts theft.

Cashless travel is better maybe by having some cash for the exchange in Tanzania.

In case you need to pay for your trips, make sure a company helps you with the company bank account.

Never transfer cash to a personal account. Business accounts are offered only to registered companies in Tanzania.

Safety in Tanzania on arrival

On your arrival at airports and borders in Tanzania. The immigration systems are in place for permit clearance and other formalities.

On our side, as the company, we ensure your safety in Tanzania and that all the bags are in good order.

It’s a pleasure for us to show you around the city and have fun.

The check-in procedures for lodges or camps must consider all details.

And in case of an emergency like illness, all our trips are secured with rescue service.

Tanzania Safety while on Safari

You might be asking yourself how is safety during your safari. That is a good question.

All our trips either to Ngorongoro Crater or Serengeti and all other parks are very safe.

We use professional driver guides who are well knowledgeable about wild animals.

They will provide you with guidelines on Tanzania’s safety and measures to take in case of any challenge. Listen to your guide.

But also use of the well-equipped off-road safari cars ensures your safety in Tanzania.

We use open-roof 4X4WD Landcruisers and Landrovers. Our cars provide the best option for wildlife view while on a game drive.

Tanzania Safety in Accommodation

Where to stay is the key factor before traveling. Is it safe to stay in Tanzania accommodations? What are the standards?

Whether hotels, wildlife camps, and lodges all offer international services. Many of these hotels and lodges are equipped with check-up facilities.

The use of technology to detect hazardous staff like bombs is one of the security standards. For instance walk-through metal detectors.

Also security cameras and private police available all the time. Avoid staying in cheap accommodation.

Is the common practice for thieves or pocket pickers to target foreigners. Not only in Tanzania but in many other parts of the world.

Most of the hotels offer a continental buffet. The five-star hotel in your country is also available in remote areas of Tanzania.

Meals and Drinks Standards

Knowing what to eat and drink is the other factor to consider for safety. Drinks available either in hotels or camps receive approval from Tanzania Standard Bureau.

And others recognized by the International Standard Organization (ISO)

The best quality foods and drinks whether local or international are part of our services. Either you need to experience local cuisine we are experts on this.

A-la-carte menu is available in all camps and lodges whether in Serena, An’gata camps, or Mount Meru.

Medical Services and Rescue

Health services are in every city and district. There are plenty of government and public hospitals ranging from Referral to regional.

You can have an emergency service anywhere anytime. For the case of safari or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, our guides were trained to offer first aid.

If the situation is serious we are covered by Flying Doctors Emergency Service. (AMREF and SAR)

Remember this cover is for evacuation and first aid only, not for medical expenses. It is very important before traveling to get your travel insurance.

Diseases. Quest for Ebola and STDs in Tanzania

This is an important question before traveling to any country apart from Tanzania. In Tanzania, Malaria is a common disease so take some mosquito repellants.

Make sure you use a mosquito net while in a hotel.

Ebola is a threat in Africa but is not available in Tanzania. we are a free zone for ebola and other outbreak diseases.

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). HIV& AIDS are a threat to both urban and rural areas.

If you need to have an affair use protections like condoms or have a medical test for your own safety in Tanzania.

Safety on Mount Kilimanjaro

There is no history of dangerous animals on Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro’s trails are always busy. There are hundreds of people climbing all the routes every day.

Clients are led by mountain guides from the first day. Security at the campsite is available there are armed rangers to ensure your safety.

Only climbers to Mount Meru need an escort of armed rangers. This is due to the presence of wild animals inside the mountain.

Climbing needs a healthy diet to keep you with energy and heat. No need to fear about what you should eat or drink. We provide healthy food.

Many climbers experience mountain sickness. These are common diseases most climbers experience. Some of these challenges are
Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), High Altitude Cerebral Oedema (HACE). And High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema (HAPE)

Our guides are well-trained and certified in First Aid. We always carry the first aid kit and oxygen cylinders for emergencies.

The rescue is also available on the mountain at all camps. In case of any serious emergency, we can arrange for a helicopter rescue.

Service Contract

It’s very rare to meet clients asking for a service contract. As we are relying here on travel. This is the best tip to add to your list.

Is the best idea to request your service agreement from the service provider, this will help you so much.

In case of violation of terms, you will be in a better position to seek legal support.

This doesn’t need to scare you to visit Tanzania. Though cure is better than prevention.

Prepare in advance for your trips and ask the right questions to clear your ambiguity.

Human Rights in Tanzania

Human right is the key measure of peace and safety in any country.

Tanzania is not a religious country, is the free will of individuals to choose.

People are free to worship, travel, walk anytime, and have freedom of speech.

The important thing to consider is to follow the regulations of the country.

Despite that, there are customs and traditions which need careful attention.

If you’re planning to visit Tanzania make sure you respect the local culture.

Tanzania is a country with many ethnic groups. Some Western practices are not allowed in public.

For instance, wearing half-naked clothes like bikinis, shorts, and other neo-cultural practices.

It doesn’t mean you could not wear your latest catalog at all but they should be in either hotels or beach areas. You better ask locals.

To derive this topic home personal safety is the first priority before traveling.

Make sure to prepare in advance and seek companies that offer consultation.

Tanzania is very safe and open for travel. Remember to apply for your Tanzania visa in advance before you book the flight.

“In case you requested for referral letter contact us we can help with that”

Avoid cheap operators for your trips. This is another tip for ensuring your safety in Tanzania. C

heap always comes with hidden costs that will ruin your dream holiday.

Focus on customizing your trips many tour operators offer custom tours.

You might need more information on how to visit Tanzania.

Feel free to contact us by filling out our contact form. Your safari specialist will be happy to assist you 24/7.

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