Regulation for drone uses in Tanzania. What you should know

Drone laws are constantly changing. In late 2018, Tanzania introduced new rules for drone use in the country.

Now, every drone in the country must be registered.

In order to Fly a drone in Tanzania, one must be compliant with Tanzania’s drone regulations.

Listed below are the regulations to follow so as to do so.

General Tanzania Drone Laws

Drone use with the required permits is allowed in Tanzania.

Operators who have obtained a permit must ensure that they follow the following drone laws when flying in Tanzania,

  • Do not fly your drone over people or large crowds
  • Respect other’s privacy when flying your drone
  • Do not fly your drone over airports or in areas where aircraft are operating
  • You must fly during daylight hours and only fly in good weather conditions
  • Do not fly your drone in sensitive areas including government or military facilities.
  • The use of drones or camera drones in these areas is prohibited

Permit Needed For Recreational Drone Use?

A permit is required for recreational drone use in Tanzania.

Drones (under 7kg) can be operated privately by submitting an application (What Is

Permit Needed For Commercial Drone Use?

Yes, a permit is required for commercial drone use in Tanzania.

Commercial / Professional drones require additional approval from the Ministry of  Defense, and a company operations manual.

Click here to purchase a permit, or contact the local aviation authority.

We recommend hiring a Tanzanian drone operator for work inside the country, or to

help facilitate your permitting and importation into Tanzania.

Bringing Your Drone On Airplanes Guide

For a detailed guide to bringing your drone on airplanes click here. All drones should be brought on carry-on luggage if possible.

This is because according to the Montreal Convention, airlines are only liable for losses up to ~$1,000 USD.

When traveling internationally, theft and lost luggage can be common issues, particularly if your flight has many connections.

If your drone is worth more than $1,000 USD and you cannot bring it onto the plane you should consider shipping it with DHL, FedEx, or UPS instead and fully insure the shipment.

You should NOT place drone batteries in your checked baggage. All drone batteries

should be placed in a Medium Size Lipo Battery Bag like the one shown here in the link

and brought onto the plane in your carry-on bag.

Lithium-ion batteries are considered “dangerous goods” by airlines and rules surrounding these batteries on planes are EXTREMELY strict due to multiple incidents of these batteries catching fire.

Failure to properly pack lithium-ion batteries in a bag such as the one shown in the link above can result in the airline seizing them, getting fined, or being denied boarding.

Drone Travel Guide

Tanzania drone laws are up to date as of March 2022. Please email us, or Chat button to leave a message” at the bottom right of the screen if you have any questions or comments.

Flying drones in Tanzania’s national park.

On your Safari preparation, you may have thought of bringing a drone with you for the aerial shots, right?

But you should ask yourself, are drones Allowed in Tanzania’s national park?

The answer is that drones are NOT allowed in any of the Tanzania national parks for regular tourists.

However, such permission may be approved if one requests and obtains a permit from the authorities.

Why drones are not allowed inside parks?

This is due to the fact that they cause a disruption to the wild animals and it can cause injury to them and other tourists.

Also, drones have often been used by poachers to hunt down animals.

Another reason why drones are not allowed in National parks in the humming sounds causes chaos to animals and may lead animals to a stampede which can result in injuries and even death.

What it costs to fly drones in Tanzania’s national park.

For you to fly a drone in National parks you will need to have a large sum of money that will be paid to the park authorities so as to ensure the safety of the animals and other tourists while you’re flying your drone.

The park authorities haven’t stated the cost, but it is quite expensive and is usually reserved for television networks or film crews who can afford it.

If one can afford then find more procedures for using drones in Tanzania’s national park

Where to fly drones in Tanzania?

Apart from the national parks, other places where drones are not allowed to fly drones are near an airport and within City Limits.

Other than that, you are allowed to fly drones within Tanzania as long as you have the necessary permits and licenses. That’s good news, isn’t it?


As you can see, it is quite difficult for Tanzanian tourist to fly their drones legally in the country.

We advise you not to consider drones on your safari unless you eagerly want aerial view footage in the parks.

In this case, our team is here to help you get everything needed for using drones in the country (additional charges will apply for this complex task)

and remember, procedures should be done before your arrival in Tanzania.


For further information, you can contact the Tanzania aviation authority.

You can also ask the embassy in your country for more information about the regulations