How fortunate we are to share this protected space with one of the most majestic tribes in the world – the proud Maasai, still living their ancient ways up in the thin crisp air of the Ngorongoro Highlands.

The Ngorongoro Tortilis Camp respects this space and incorporates the Maasai into much of the activities of this Tortilis Camp. Our Ngorongoro Tortilis Camp is a special oasis nestled under a forest canopy at the end of a valley. A magical place of dappled light, surrounded by the lushest green vegetation, and buzzing with an energy of this high altitude wonderland. Just 13km away is the Ngorongoro crater rim. The crater itself is a must-visit wonder of nature, but you’ll be happy to be staying away from the cold and mist which envelops the crater rim for much of the year.

This Tortilis Camp has many activities to enjoy. Join the Maasai staff for a hike to the top of Mount Makarot a steep and exciting challenge with a peak over 3100m and when you reach the summit enjoy the rewards with spectacular views of the Serengeti, a peek into the Ngorongoro crater, and, on a clear day, Mount Kilimanjaro in the distance.

On offer too is an authentic Maasai wedding with the local tribe. A pulsating experience and unique spectacle with you and your partner at the very centre of it all. 

What clients have to say about  NgorongoroTortilis  Camp ?

 “Something we’ve never experienced before. Place is absolutely amazing! Location below the trees is like living in jungle. Tent was great, very clean, prepared as desired. Level of service, kindness of staff is – with no doubt – EXCELLENT. We wish we could spent there more nights”

Rate starts from $ 250 per person . You can request for shared price from Blessing Safaris

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