Perched on the higher grounds of the western Serengeti, Mila is the epitome of an “Out of Africa” safari camp.

Ideal for those seeking a sublimely comfortable tented experience, the camp’s prime location within the remote region of Nyasirori offers phenomenal wildlife viewing on a year-round basis.


Offering the ultimate in secluded privacy with only 5 tents and one family tent.

Decor draws inspiration from local tribes and the yellow-gold grasses of the Serengeti, the colour of which is reflected in the linens and textiles, with gentle nature-inspired colours blending into the landscape.

Experience immersive Africa from under the canvas

Surrounded by the smells, sounds and sights of the Tanzanian landscape, Mila is an idyllic tented camp offering total immersion on safari without sacrificing comfort.

Ideal for multi-generational families, we recommend a three to four-night stay to truly savour the freedom of the endless horizon. Perfect for the middle or end of an itinerary.

Things to do at Mila Tented Camps

Script your own adventure

With your dedicated guide and vehicle, the wild is yours to explore at your own pace.

Venture down to the Grumeti River to encounter some of the earth’s largest crocodiles, or amble across the savannahs through vast herds of plains game.

Wander the wild

A walking safari is one of the most authentic safari experiences, enabling close-up sightings, scents and sounds to be heard on foot, without distraction or interruption.

Float above the Serengeti

Hop aboard a hot air balloon to soar above untouched Tanzanian wilderness that infinitely stretches on, spotting great herds from above and revelling in the utter quiet and wonder

Lion prides en masse

Nicknamed ‘Simba’s Camp’ by our expert guides, experience what it is to be truly alive by living amongst the abundant cat population that calls the area surrounding camp ‘home’.

Mila Tented Camp Photos

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