Mdonya is without doubt the best value camp in Ruaha National Park.  It has that same charm and character of its famous sister camp in the Selous, Lake Manze Tented Camp.  Mdonya may be basic and simple but this is what Ruaha is all about.  It is a fierce and wild park and Mdonya is in a very wild area within.  With its great location you can rely on quality game viewing and you don’t necessarily need to spend that extra cash if luxury is not your priority.  Mdonya and has always delivered and we have a lot of faith in this little camp.

Mdonya Old River Camp – The Facts

Mdonya Old River Camp is located in a remote region of southern Ruaha National Park. The main area of the park is the southern boundary by the Ruaha river.  Mdonya is luckily north of the few other camps in this area.  It is a 45 minute drive from the airstrip.

Often used in conjuction with its sister camp in the Selous, Mdonya is a vital piece of your Tanzanian safari holiday jig-saw.

The main area of Mdonya is open on all sides.  The roof is a large khaki canvas that creates an enormous area over a number of armchairs, cabinets and a small book shelf.  It looks empty but when you are sitting in this area with elephant, buffalo, zebra, impala and the rest walking past, you really get a sense of how alive this camp is.

The rooms are basic Meru-style tents and all 11 of them are well spread out creating good privacy.  Each has an extended bathroom with a shower under the stars.  There is no electricity in the rooms but the lanterns and candles make for an even better African atmosphere.  During midday you can even enjoy some peace and quiet from a deck chair on your veranda and at night, the stars glisten above as the lack of light pollution allows for some breath-taking views.

Mdonya offers a great Ruaha Safari to say the least and this is also due to the Park itself. Being the size of a small country, Ruaha National Park only contains a handful of lodges. This allows it to maintain its wild and untamed feel. The wildlife viewing here is incredible. Apart from the very healthy population of lions, elephants and buffalo, leopards are also regularly seen as are the rarer and more elusive creatures such as serval, aardwolf and lesser kudu. For a wildlife enthusiast it is perfect as it offers a blend of Southern and Eastern African wildlife.

Mdonya offers vehicle safaris in open-sided game viewers as well as walking safaris. If you want an all-day safari to explore more of Ruaha, just ask! Your guide will be more than happy to accommodate you as best as possible and ensure you get the most out of your stay.

Mdonya makes for a perfect combination with its sister camp in the Selous, Lake Manze. Structured in a similar way and maintaining the same ethos of being eco-sensitive and delivering an authentic and rustic safari, a mix of the two compliment each other. As do the contrasting landscapes between the two parks. Whilst Ruaha is dry and rugged, the Selous is lush and vibrant. By mixing the two parks, you can experience the best of two very unique and different habitats.

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Price start from $510  per person