Kilindi is run by the very reputable Elewana. Originally privately owned and built to be Zanzibar’s new big thing, Elewana has done a great job at keeping it a top property.

Management has reformed Kilindi into one of the best two-person accommodation options in Zanzibar.

The pavilions are what make Kilindi, with two private plunge pools, massive bathrooms and bedrooms and great views.

There is also a family pavilion and with the ever-increasing standard of service, it’s certainly one of our recommended top hotels on Zanzibar.

Kilindi Zanzibar  Resort

Kilindi is located on the North-West coast of Zanzibar about an hour’s drive from the airport and Stone Town.

Zanzibar is only a 20-minute flight from Dar es Salaam. The location of Kilindi allows access to Kendwa and also remains very private.  This is a top-end Tanzania holiday destination.

Kilindi refers to its rooms as pavilions, which could be an understatement.

Kilindi is designed to make wise use of all its space. Each pavilion consists of a seating area, two cooling plunge pools from which to soak in the views, a comfortable shaded baraza sun deck and an enormous wet room with a rain shower.

One of the plunge pools sits at the foot of the spacious bed to naturally cool the main room.

The eco-designed rooms have domed roofs, that collect rainwater to water the gardens and simultaneously reflect the heat of the sun.

The fifteen pavilions, spa and restaurant are dotted around the property exploiting the elevation and expanse, to ensure each unit has uninterrupted views over the beachfront.

The plot has been logically landscaped to retain the natural appeal of the coastline that was here before the lodge was built, whilst the spa and each pavilion are enclosed within the walls of its private tropical garden.

The restaurant, that looks over the sea and the 25-metre T-shaped infinity pool, has built a great reputation for its fresh and vibrant cuisine that is served exquisitely.

A premium wine list also offers guests the extra choice of the very best South African, Italian, French and Lebanese classics.

Kilindi has an onsite spa with various treatments which make for a perfect afternoon of pampering and relaxing.

All typical activities like diving, snorkelling, sailing trips, fishing and many more can be arranged from the lodge itself.

Kilindi is the perfect way to round off a romantic Southern Tanzania Itinerary after an adventurous safari in Selous Ruaha, or both!

In Selous look no further than Beho Beho. With their ultra-luxurious bandas and their very special treehouse, spending three or four nights here will find you surrounded by opulence.

If you were to also visit Ruaha then Jabali Ridge offers the most luxurious stay in this National Park.

With open and airy rooms and an infinity pool with a view that is unrivalled, a mixture of these properties and Kilindi would make for the most romantic and luxurious holiday or honeymoon one could wish for.

Kilindi is probably the most romantic lodge on the island and is one of the best options for a Zanzibar honeymoon which is why combining it with an ultra-luxurious safari makes for such a perfect blend.

From the waterways of the Selous to the baobab-dotted landscapes of Ruaha followed by the crystal white beaches of Zanzibar, there is no better way to spend two weeks

Price starts from $ ^50 per person

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