Greystoke Mahale  Lodge

The high-roofed main lodge stands in the center of the beach. Is completely open-sided, allowing the breeze in, and making the most of the verdant views.

It houses the main dining area and a small seating area. Where you can read up on the local birdlife and wildlife, as well as detailed information about the chimpanzees you’ll be tracking.

Upstairs, there is a relaxation area with board games. A library, and some extremely comfortable bean bags.  Set right at the peak of the thatch, with a great view across the lake.

There is also a very good little camp shop. Selling a variety of curios and stylish gifts.

Raised on the rocks on the far corner of the beach. There’s also a “Sunset” bar, where guests normally gather for drinks before dinner.

The views from up here are fantastic and there are several secluded seating spots to enjoy the vista in private.

There is plenty of other wildlife to see while searching for the chimps.

Birds such as red-capped robin chats, crested guinea fowls, palm nut vultures, harrier hawks, and African crowned eagles. 

As well as the small blue duiker and silver and red colobus monkeys live in the forest. You may come across clay pots left by the BaTongwe tribe.

They used to inhabit the area before it was made  Mahale National Park.

Greystoke Mahale Lodge Rooms

The six bandas at Greystoke Mahale are set further back from the beach and nestled into the vegetation.

They’re well spaced out with a good degree of privacy, and all face towards the lake, although some of the more private bandas have a slightly less clear view of the lake.

Each double-story banda is broadly the same. They’re completely open at the front, with no doors or zips at all, although there are heavy curtains that can be pulled across and secured to the floor if you want a little more privacy.

Greystoke Mahale’s bandas are spacious and well put together. The majority of the furniture in the room is crafted from old recycled wooden dhow boats salvaged from nearby lakeside villages; the result is a unique, rustic style in tune with its surroundings.

Thoughtful touches, such as kikois and towels for the beach, and water bowls to wash the sand off your feet, are very welcome. 

The rooms are open-fronted with great canvas drapes which can be closed in the event of a storm.

The twin or double beds nestle beneath a canopied net. A dressing area leads to an en-suite bathroom.

There’s running water here, with a boiler that is lit on request to preserve energy and a flush loo.

Greystoke Mahale Lodge Facilities

Balcony / Deck, Lounge Area, Shower, Mosquito Nets, Tea / Coffee, and Laundry Service available complimentary.

Other facilities include 24-hour Security, battery charging facilities, Internet access, a library, Verandah, and a restaurant.

Chimpanzee experience

One of the best experiences during your stay in Greystoke Mahale is to visit chimpanzees in the wild.

You will spend your day tracking the troops, this will surely make you happy, and perhaps it can be one of the best experiences you ever forget.

Greystoke Mahale Lodge