Chem Chem is a luxurious lodge in a beautiful location but it is not for those wanting a pumping safari lodge. It is about taking things slow and seeing another side to safari. Great for the few who have the time and the budget.

Chem Chem Lodge – The Facts

Chem Chem is situated just off the south eastern shore of Lake Manyara, Chem Chem offers the chance to visit both Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Parks. Although Lake Manyara is within sight, the national park of the same name is actually 45 minutes away while Tarangire is just 20 minute drive and, therefore, the more convenient of the two. The lodge is actually within a private wildlife management area, itself within a migratory corridor that sees a decent number of animals during dry season. Although that number of animals is slowly growing, Chem Chem cannot be sold as a lodge for game viewing and does not sell itself as one. The idea here is to take things a little slower and relax in the beautiful surroundings and very high end lodge.

Although it’s not a term we like to use, Chem Chem is a lifestyle lodge. It’s designed (successfully) as a place to enjoy and really take in. We do see their point. While safari is amazing, it is quite non-stop. Chem Chem offers a chance to take a step back and appreciate where you are, which is between a lake and a lush forest. The eight rooms and main area are all as open as possible while retaining a sense of unobtrusive luxury that respects the natural environment.

Unlike most safari lodges, Chem Chem is technically a 5 star property due to it’s strong facilities. You have a swimming pool from which to watch the game wander by, two fire pits, a lounge, library, viewing tower, a spa, a shop and wifi. Although game drives in the private area are offered, the lodge provides an alternative set of activities that reflect the light game viewing. You can walk with the Maasai and run if you’re feeling fit, have sundowners on Lake Manyara, learn to track animals, learn to photograph animals and do cultural visits. Although we couldn’t find any willing participants on our visit, you can even get married there.

If you’re looking to take a break from your Tanzania safari schedule for something a bit different, Chem Chem is the place to do it. We’re just not sure if any of our clients are looking to do this, especially for such a high price. Little Chem Chem is smaller, slightly cheaper and just down the road.

Rates starts at $1200