Chaka Camp is a semi-permanent mobile camp located in the Serengeti eco-system.  “Chaka” means “bush” in Swahili and this is what the Chaka Camp is offering; an authentic and intimate bush experience in the middle of remarkable areas of the Serengeti’s pristine wilderness.  The Camp moves twice a year to ensure its guests are very well placed to witness the Great Wildebeest Migration.

Chaka Camp – The Details

Chaka Camp is designed to be leightweight enough to move seasonally.  It is located in the Ndutu area from December through to the end of March and the Northern Serengeti from late May through to the end of October.

From December through March, the wildebeest migration moves in and out of the Ndutu area. Ndutu is located in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, just south of Serengeti National Park. Chaka Camp’s location provides easy access to prime game viewing areas around Lakes Ndutu and Masek. In addition to the almost two million wildebeest and zebra that move through the area each year, Ndutu is home to cheetah, lion, giraffe and hundreds of bird species.

During February’s calving season, the wildebeest congregate in their largest numbers and where they give birth to 8,000 babies a day. This is perfect for seeing huge numbers of wildebeest, but also a great time for predator-prey interactions. From cheetahs, lions and hyenas to occaisionally wild dogs, the Ndutu plains during the birthing season are spectacular.

From late May through October, Chaka Camp is located in Northern Serengeti. The camp is close to the Mara River, allowing easy access to several river crossing points in the area. During this time of year, the wildebeest migration is crossing the Mara River back and forth from Tanzania to Kenya. River crossings are common with crocodiles, hippos and large cats scattered throughout the area.

Due to its mobile nature the 8 tents are relativly simple compared to some of the other top options in the area.  It does have flush toilets and safari bucket showers, as well as large private verandahs to take in the vast and endless views of the Serengeti eco-system.  There are seperate dining and lounge tents and a small bar and library.

Chaka is one of the best value luxury camps in the Serengeti. Staying here will ensure you a brilliant experience that where you can enjoy game drives in open vehicles, romantic bush diners under the stars creating an authentic and intimate bush experience.  If you only have time for a Northern circuit, Chaka combines brilliantly with Rivertrees in Arusha and Ngorongoro Farmhouse in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This circuit would take around a week, with a night in Arusha, two nights by the Ngorongoro Crater before heading to Chaka for three or four nights. As well as being a great value circuit, it offers a great authentic safari experience in some of Africa’s most famous regions.

If however, you are not time restrained or limited by budget, flying to Ruaha or Selous in the South of Tanzania makes for a great, but costly, add-on. Similar camps like Lake Manze or Mdonya Old River Camp also provide the bush-camp feel that makes Chaka so special. Of course, after a week of safari, then all you may want to do is rest and relax by the beach. Although the North of Tanzania is not as cheap or as time efficient to get to Zanzibar as the South of the country, it is still very possible and combining a Northern itinerary with a beach lodge like Pongwe Beach Hotel or Zuri Zanzibar ensures a relaxing end to your holiday.

Price starts from $ 737 per person