Namiri Plains is a must for any cheetah enthusiast. The cheetah numbers here are vast and there’s plenty of everything else too.

Being owned by Asilia, Namiri Plains will most certainly deliver a world-class safari experience.

It’s not often that new areas open up in the Serengeti so we highly recommend a stay here.

Asilia Namiri Plains Camp Facts 

Namiri is located in the remote Eastern corner of the Serengeti, about a two-hour flight from Arusha.

The area was closed for 20 years to create a haven for the cheetah population to grow, but with the realization that sustainable tourism will secure the long-term future for the cheetah, it has reopened and Asilia has been appointed as its custodian.

This is a big cat country and undoubtedly offers East Africa’s best cheetah viewing opportunities and is a great safari destination for seasoned safari enthusiasts.

It isn’t just cheetahs that thrive here though, the lion and spotted hyena populations are booming.

Namiri Plains is tucked away in a grove of fever trees, this small very exclusive, and intimate camp has terrific views over the endless sweeping plains that surround it.

There are eight traditional safari tents with spacious verandas.

In Serengeti terms, Namiri Plains is extremely remote, with the nearest neighbor being 45 minutes away.

Guests can enjoy sunrise breakfast picnics on top of the Soit Le Motonyi Rock before continuing on your game drive.

The Ngare Nanyuki underground river creates pockets of permanent water that support year-round game concentrations like big cats and accompanying carnivores.

The plains are dotted with dramatic rocky outcrops and the sunrises over the magnificent Barafu Kopjes to the east of the camp never fail to impress.

For first-time safari goers, Namiri doesn’t offer everything you may want to tick off, however, if you are a seasoned safari enthusiast then this is the camp for you.

Located remotely and with very few vehicles around, if you have the patience then you can spend all day observing these big cats interact with each other and their surroundings including the possibility of the adrenaline-fuelled spectacle when the cats try to bring down prey – just like this amazing cheetah hunt!

With the rains comes the Great Migration. From November to May – the eastern plains adjacent to the volcanic highlands, which are rich in fertile and nutrient-rich soils deposited there millions of years ago, are blanketed with newly-sprouted grass that draws the wildebeest and other game to Namiri Plains like a powerful magnet.

As far as the eye can see, the plains heave and sway like a grey-black wave as hundreds of thousands of animals come to the feast at the lush green banquet.

When it is not Migration season though, Namiri is still an unbelievable place for game viewing.

There is plenty of plains game and predator-prey interactions are seen frequently.

These sightings provide competition-winning photo opportunities and if you can get space at the camp, you must go. 

It acts perfectly as a combination with a mobile camp like Kimondo or Ubuntu that follows the wildebeest herds throughout the year.

A typical Northern Itinerary would also see you visit the Ngorongoro Crater and staying at Asilia’s Highlands is a wonderful way to start your trip.

To learn more about the cheetah, take a look at our blog about the Tanzanian cheetah but we also have several videos below showcasing Namiri Plains’ great predator concentration.

Namiri Plain Camp Prices start at $1345 per person

Namiri Plain  Migration Camp Photos