Tanzania is the heart of the African safari. With beautiful landscapes and the largest wildlife reserve in Africa. But also the cultural heritage of this country creates a memorable experience.

Visiting Tanzania is the best choice you could ever make for your Africa safari. Expect to enjoy these experiences :

Big Five

One of the incredible experiences in Tanzania is the big five. It’s very common to see all the big five in one trip. And this distinguishes Tanzania from the rest of Africa’s safari.

The big five is the desire of every visitor to Africa. Africa Cape Buffalo, Lion, Elephants, Leopard, and Black Rhino. This term describes the nature of these animals: strength, energy, and aggressiveness.

Whether you will visit Serengeti or Ruaha National parks, it’s quite easy to see the big five in one trip.

Wildlife Safaris Experience

Tanzania dedicated one-third (1/3) of its land to wildlife conservation. Wild animals and thick forests are the key features of this country.

Whether you’re looking for antelopes or lions, they are quite easy to spot in any national park. You will enjoy the world-renown parks including Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater.

These parks are accessible throughout the year, though the best time is the dry season.

Birds Watching Experience

For bird lovers, Tanzania is bird heaven. Millions of migrating birds from Europe, Asia, and Australia perform the annual feast.

The wet season-specific in the southern highland parks, including Ruaha. Provide the best chance to enjoy birds in their natural environment.

Tarangire, Serengeti, and Lake Natron offer the best chance to learn and enjoy birds. Lake Natron provides refuge for lesser flamingos and is the only breeding site on earth.

Hotel and Lodging experience

Luxury is defined by many things, the decor and designs of the hotels and lodges add spice to your trip. It’s so amazing to stay in Tanzania hotels or lodges.

The perfect piece of art in design and location makes these lodges or hotels very unique.  The same five-star hotels in big cities, you could be amazed to find in the remote area of Africa.

Think of global chains of hotels and lodges like Serena, Gran Melia can be also found in the heart of Serengeti.

Best meals and international service are the key features in many places in Tanzania. Intercontinental and local cuisines are the precious gift you could offer to yourself.

Camping Experience

This is an ideal experience for adventure seekers. It is the only way to commune with nature. There is a huge shift from budget camping to more luxurious camping options in Tanzania.

You could stay in permanent tented camps like Ang’ata camps and Whisper camps. But also you can experience mobile camping especially if you’re interested in migration.

Many parks and lodges offer camping options for visitors. You can do camping either in Ngorongoro crater or within Serengeti national park.

Camping safaris offer you the best chance to travel either with the cook or camping gear like tents.

If you wish to camp in the heart of Serengeti, the Sorenera campsite is the best place. And if you’re interested in Ngorongoro Crater then you will camp at Simba campsite. All campsites are safe from wild animals.

Climbing Experience

Climbing is another experience Africa safari offers to visitors. Tanzania gives a chance to climb the highest peak in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro (5895m)

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the best summits on Earth. The gigantic volcanic eruption created the only free-standing mountain on earth. You can climb either for 5 up to 9 days depending on the climbing route.

The popular routes include Machame, Lemosho, Marangu, and Rongai routes

Apart from Mount Kilimanjaro, you can hike Mount Meru. Is the second-highest mountain in Tanzania. It offers a unique view of Mount Kilimanjaro and wild animals during climbing.

Walking safaris

The other ideal feature of African safaris is walking trips. You can experience local life by walking in the streets or walking on the Maasai highlands.

Walking safaris give you the advantage of enjoying nature, wild animals, and birds. You can have a closer look at birds or animals with a guided ranger.

As a healthy practice, taking a long walk can help to boost our immunity level and burn calories.

You can experience walking safaris in Arusha national parks, Tarangire and Serengeti.

Cultural Tourism

Tanzania safari remains a hot spot for people who are looking for authentic cultures. With more than 120 ethnic groups, Tanzania will expose you to a different world.

Apart from the Maasai people who are well presented all over the world. Tanzania offers you the best chance to explore other nomadic communities.

Learn and unlearn the customs of the Bantu people. Play drams and good music from the traditional artist. If you land in Bagamoyo or Zanzibar is quite funny to enjoy the moments during the evening.

The ideal plan to enjoy these activities is by combining them with other activities.

The heart of hospitality

It feels very different from being in Tanzania in other countries in Africa. Tanzanians are very friendly and ready to help on every occasion. You will experience that from the first contact whether on safari or in your hotel.

The beautiful smile of whether your safari guides or cooks, real defined hospitality. You will observe the commitment of your safari experts who always go the extra mile.

Most visitors who have been in Tanzania are ready to return time after time. Either for a safari or cultural tourism.

Beautiful nature

Despite the number of wild animals and birds, Tanzania offers something extra. Beautiful nature, nothing to compare to the dynamic view of the land. From the plain to the highlands, extended beaches to drylands.

You will witness the shift of the environment from thick forests to open grasslands. These changes add spice to your trip. The panoramic view of the Ngorongoro crater and the lowlands plains of Serengeti. Create a memorable experience in life.

Traditional Meals

Without the best meals and drinks, Africa’s trip is not complete. With hundreds of local cuisine, Tanzania stands out as one of the traveler’s choices in Africa.

If you decide to visit the coastal cities, prepare yourself with aquatic foods. Spicy foods are a common practice as a result of the Arabic settlement at the cost.

In the northern part of the country like in Arusha, barbecue is quite common. The Maasai and Chagga people influence this cooking style of eating roasted meat.

If you love traditional cuisine Tanzania is home to 126 ethnic groups. Each group offers its unique traditional foods. You could get the best chance to add to your trip through customized trips.

Luxury Transport -Safari Jeeps

The 4X4 WD customized Landcruisers and Land Rovers are a top-notch experience. The safari jeeps are designed to offer you the best luxury with open roofs to allow you the best view.

These safari gears give you every reason to visit Tanzania. It’s quite magical to explore Africa wild with confidence. The vibrant cars with enough space inside are the key to successful Africa trips.

With the kings of rough roads, Safari jeeps are incomparable. If you have ever been to Tanzania try once, and that moment will never fade away.

Whether you wish to visit Ruaha, Selous, Serengeti, or Tarangire. With safari jeeps, you’re the masterpiece of your vacation in Africa

Water sports activities

Tanzania is home to scuba divers, kite players, speed boats, swimmers, and fishing. Having Tanzania on your travel bucket list is the best choice for your Africa trip.

As a compliment to wildlife safaris, large water bodies found a home. The indian ocean, Lake Victoria , Lake Tanganyika na Nyasa . Offers the best place for water sports.

Either you’re in Zanzibar Island or along the shore of Lake Victoria. It’s possible to arrange for water cruising activities or fishing with speed boats.

These activities depend on the season of the year. Traveling during the dry season is quite recommended for these trips in Tanzania.

Beach Holiday Vacation

The sea breeze swiftly away challenges of life and create the clairvoyance of ideas. The soft sound of the waves soothes our hearts and whispers to our minds.

The endless plain of Serengeti was replaced by the stretched sandy beaches of Tanzania. The beauty of these beaches is beyond human imagination.

Visiting Tanzania beaches is unforgettable whether is Zanzibar Island or Saadani National park. The experience will charm you to extend your stay in this beautiful country.

Chimp trekking

Gombe and Mahale in Tanzania are the best parks to do chimp trekking. If your interest is chimpanzees Tanzania offers a unique style to explore their life.

The limited number of visitors allowed to enter the parks creates silence on your trip. The thick forest accompanying these parks is the best gift nature has to offer for visitors.

Exploring the chimp’s life gives you the highlight of human evolution. Though planning for this trip to Tanzania is quite important.

Hunting experience

Besides game drives, activities in Tanzania offer exciting hunting opportunities. For game reserves, visitors are allowed to hunt for some species that are not endangered.

Designated hunting blocks provide you with professional hunters (pH) for guidance. Is the best experience for trophy hunters in Africa.

Business and networking

Travel itself is business and beyond that, it exposes you to other potentials. Tanzania is the best country for investors in mining, real estate, and agriculture.

Visiting Tanzania gives you the best chance to travel from different cities. If you’re interested in business and networking, Tanzanian are so friendly to people.

If you’re intent is to visit Tanzania for investment, contact us for recommendations.


It’s a common practice to use travel specialists in Tanzania safari. All our teams whether safari or mountain guides own academic certificates in tourism.

Quality assurance is the heart of the service industry. Travel specialist goes beyond the lines to create a unique trip for you. It’s our intent in Tanzania to deliver beyond our visitor’s expectations.

It’s quite easy to see how people are presentable from your first inquiry to departure day. If you visit Tanzania for a safari, then will become your best African destination.


As we wrap up on what to expect from an African Safari in Tanzania, we remind you to consider a few things before confirming your booking for the safari. Make sure you book a trip with licensed tour operators in Tanzania.

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