Mount Kilimanjaro is a unique mountain compared to other mountains around the world.  The weather in Mount Kilimanjaro is so unpredictable. It can offer you everything from extreme cold to very hot weather.  The main reason for that is the different climatic zones available during climbing Kilimanjaro.

You will experience the difference from ascending point to descending point. The thick rain forest, the moorland, the Alpine desert, and the arctic zone. Is a unique experience to be found in a few places on Earth. Whether you in a seven (7) or eight (8) days trip, experiencing the different climatic zone is like traveling across the world in such a short space of time.

In total, there are five zones to consider, and as you climb you will notice the changes in

vegetation, the falling temperature, and the decrease in precipitation.

These climatic zones for Kilimanjaro are the key drivers for weather changes for Kilimajaro. Vegetation cover, temperature, and precipitation.  There is a slight change in temperature according to the season.  So, depends on which months you choose for your visit will determine the climbing experience.

A quick tip for the season in Tanzania. This country has two seasons which are dry and wet seasons. Most climbers for Kilimanjaro prefer the dry season which is from June to October and December throughout February. We don’t recommend climbing during the wet season.

If you’re so concerned about the weather pattern for Kilimanjaro, let’s dive in for more details on the weather month by month.

How is Mount Kilimanjaro’s weather in January and February?

These are the best months to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. January and February fall under the dry season of the year. You can experience plenty of sun with fewer clouds. The weather during the morning is amazing and can be so cold the same during the night.

The good things about these months are less rainfall or no rainfall at all. The trail is so dry and provides the best chance for you to walk lightly with shorts and sneakers.  We recommend these months for climbing Kilimanjaro, but sometime could be busy months.

What is the weather like for Kilimanjaro in March,  April, and May?

March marks the beginning of heavy rainfall in Tanzania. If you expect to climb Kilimanjaro during this time expect a muddy and slippery trail up to the mountain.  The sky is very cloudy m with more snow and ice at the higher altitude of Kilimanjaro.

April and May could be the continuation of those long rain. This rain normally lasts until the beginning of  June.  These months are very wet where the sky turns very cloudy,  very low cold, and muddy trails.

Blessing Safaris does not recommend climbing during this time of the year. It’s very risky for you and our team. The success rate during this time is not good for all routes. Rain can be so heavy, snow falls, and pause even challenge camping operation during your climbing.

How is the weather on Mount Kilimanjaro in July & June

These months mark the beginning of climbing and safari season in Tanzania.  During these months visitors to Tanzania experience, the coolest moth’s of the year. The sky is clear and sunny and the climbing trails are suitable for everyone.

This weather is the best for climbing this beautiful summit of Africa. We recommend climbing during this time whether for Machame or Marangu routes. We got you covered.

How is the weather on Mount Kilimanjaro for  August, September, and October

These are the three best climbing months for Kilimanjaro. The temperature rises slightly during these months which mark the driest season of the year in  Tanzania.  Climbing  Mount Kilimanjaro during this time of year will reward you with the best view of the mountain, open skies, and beautiful dry trails up to the summit.

Any of these months is the best-rated time to climb mount Kilimanjaro. Whether you choose to climb mount Kilimanjaro either through Lemosho or Rongai routes, you will make the most of it here in Tanzania.  Blessing Safaris highly recommends these months for all types of climbers.

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What is the weather like in Kilimanjaro during November and December?

November is the short rainy season in Tanzania.  This rain can last up to the beginning of December. The rain is not heavy compared with April or May.  Climbers during November might experience a week of rain or more.  You will also experience cloudy skies and muddy trails up to some altitude.

By the mid of December, the rain stopped, and the high season for climbers resumed. Is the best time for holiday climbers for Christmas or new year?

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Mount Kilimanjaro is the best mountain to add to your bucket list for Africa.  Reaching the summit of this mountain is a lifetime success you won’t dare to miss.  Keep in mind that the weather for Mount Kilimanjaro is unpredictable.  Packing the best gear for climbing is the key to successful climbing.   Do you need any assistance with Kilimanjaro? Contact us today!

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