Mount Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide 

kilimanjaro tipping guide

Mount Kilimanjaro’s tipping guide is focused to shed light on how you can distribute or manage tips for your supporting crew.  After the end of your climbing trip to mount Kilimanjaro, your supporting team expects to be paid the tips. YES, it is very appreciated! When and how do you pay for your tips?

1: You can pay for tips after the last meal on the mountain

You may pay for it in separate envelopes given by us before the beginning of the tour. You may hand over the envelopes to the head guide who will then help you to distribute them to everyone.

2: You can pay tips at the hotel after the end of your trek

In case you don’t want to carry money on the mountain, you may leave it at the hotel/bank. Then you pay your supporting team at the hotel soon after descending

3: You can pay for your package together with tips

For those who wish to receive the invoice for the whole package. (include tips), If it is possible don’t hesitate to tell us.
The following is the tipping amount in USD per person per day.
  • $20 per guide, per day.
  • $15 per cook, per day.
  • $10 per porter per day.
NB: The tipping cost will be shared by the whole group, as the company we appreciate you’re generosity. Bear in mind that the shared guidelines do not restrict any clients to contribute more. Read more about Kilimanjaro climbing cost