Tanzania and South Africa are the best destinations to visit for African safaris. Both are the best destinations for wildlife and marine life.

Though there is some variation in development. South Africa is more advanced than Tanzania’s in-term of infrastructure. The history of the Boer and Dutch settlement in South Africa exposed this country to the world.

Tanzania is a growing country by 2020 entitled to a middle-class economy. Tanzania has a lot of potential to grow in tourism and other economic sectors in the future.

This is our recommendation for an African safari trip. Whether Tanzania or South Africa?

When it comes to the wildlife population in Tanzania. This country brought home different world awards. With three of its destinations under seven wonders categories of the world. Tanzania is the hallmark of African safari destinations.

Why Tanzania is the best destination for African safaris? We invite you to explore with us the profound reasons for :

Wildebeest migration in Serengeti

No doubt that this is one of the most world-famous natural events that ever existed in human history.  This annual migration of millions of wildebeest each year. From Serengeti National park to Maasai Mara Game reserve in Kenya. Is one of the natural gifts you don’t dare to miss.

No other place on Earth you can experience that, not in South Africa or Egypt it’s only in Tanzania.  The river crossing is unpredictable most of the time around July to September each year.

The cycle has been on for centuries, visiting Tanzania is the best choice if you want to witness it alone. Remember the migration starts in Tanzania and ends here. You might miss the river crossing but witness the calving season in the southern part of the park.

You can not enjoy only the migration, but also the mobile or luxury tented camps along the migration zone. This adds more colors to your African safari than in any other destination in Africa.

Mount Kilimanjaro 5,895m /asl

The sign of victory for Africa. The highest peak in Africa and the tallest free-standing mountain on Earth.  Traveling to Africa is the choice but deciding where to visit is the decision.

South Africa has several peaks including Drakensberg’s 3,482 m mountain. Tanzania offers Mount Kilimanjaro at 5,895 m,. Meru at 4,566 m, and Oldonyo Lengai at 3,188m ( the active volcanic mountain).

Mount Meru rank as the third mountain in East Africa. Mount Meru offers the chance for acclimatization before Kilimanjaro climbing.

If you love climbing Tanzania is the best spot for mountaineers in Africa. Whether you will climb through Machame, Lemosho, Marangu, Rongai, or Umbwe routes. It’s possible to reach the summit of Africa within 5 to 7 days.

Preparation is necessary for Mount Kilimanjaro climbing including packing lists. The best seasons of the year, and altitude sickness.  Discuss with your climbing specialist before climbing.

Lion Glade of Ruaha National Park

Following the leader is a common practice among the lion communities. The lion glades documentary featured on NatGeo is being captured here.  It’s here where the hunters get haunted.

Compare to other destinations in Africa including Kluger National Park in South Africa. Ruaha National Parks stand the best chance to win when it comes to the highest number of Lions on Earth.

Is the only park in Tanzania where is possible to find a group of a thousand lions in one pride.  This is where the lion’s Glades kingdom comes in. It’s the best terror to witness along the river banks of the Ruaha River.

Apart from Ruaha other parks like Serengeti and Tarangire offers the chance to see the live hunt. It’s the best experience to witness the lion pride chase attempt for the prey.  Tanzania still wins the chance for wildlife’s best safari destination in Africa.

Zanzibar Island

The beauty of this island is remarkable compared to other islands around Africa. No wonder why is on the top ten list of the world beach holiday destinations.

Zanzibar comprises Unguja and Pemba.  One of the vibrant coastal cities in Tanzania to add to your safari bucket list. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the sea breeze, aquatic foods, or traditional music.

Zanzibar offers beyond extra. The beautiful architecture of the Island sends you back to history. The lifestyle and beautiful people of these islands have no words to express.

Compare to other destinations in Africa. This island is quite peaceful and popular. No threats of terror or hijacking. Remember Tanzania is one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

You can take some short trips including, Stone Town, spice tours or visit prison island. A good thing about the living cost on this island will depend on your service level preference.

Holiday vacation depends on your time and budget. We invite you to explore our tailor-made options here.

Oldoinyo Lengai

This is the Maasai word that translates as “God” mountain. This is the unique volcanic mountain in Africa. Is the only active volcanic mountain which emits carbonate.

Despite being active, it offers the best chance for trekking to its peak to witness its crater.  There are other volcanic mountains in Africa like Congo, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. Though the difference here is the ability to visit its peak as Oldoinyo Lengai.

Reaching the peak of this mountain offers you the free gift of a panoramic view of Ngorongoro. But also this mountain resulted in the formation of Lake Natron. This lake is the only breeding zone for Leser Flamingo around the world.

The Maasai and Datoga people also add spice to your walking trips to the mountain. The Maasai heroes are the only guides to the summit of this mountain. Is the land of adventure in Tanzania

Whether you want to visit Tanzania or South Africa, you should consider your odds. Which destination will offer you the unique experience of a lifetime?

Maasai People

Africa is home to genuine cultures which are still resistant to world civilization. Though the Maasai people remain an iconic culture when it comes to African safari.

The Khoisan of South Africa are also quite famous as featured in the “gods must be crazy” movie. The Hadzabe or the bushmen also live in Tanzania.

So being in Tanzania offers you the double chance to meet the Maasai, Hadzabe, and Datoga. These communities still practice nomadic life. Maasai are pastoralists while Hadzabe and Datoga remain hunters and gatherers.

Visiting Tanzania for a safari can offer you the chance to do a combo trip for wildlife and cultural trip. You have a chance to learn about the lifestyle of the Maasai and even taste their meals or stay at their home.  You could request a free quote from our team.

Serengeti National Park

The giant of the north! Nothing to compare with on Earth for the wildlife population.  With more than three million (3) animals roaming within the park. Serengeti national park deserves the crown of being the world-famous park of all time.

Compare this to Kruger national park (19,485 km2) which is popular for the Rhino population. Serengeti National Park (14,763 km2)  also gives a chance to see the Black Rhino and thousands of wild species.

The wildebeest migration within Serengeti remains an unforgettable experience for visitors. Besides, the endless plains of this park provide a panoramic view of the wild animals and birds.

Serengeti will never die is the common phrase once you visit Tanzania. Is a park which is full of life and surprises.  Thinking of where to stay in Serengeti? Yes! There is a chain of eco-lodge and Luxurious camps both mobile and permanent.

These accommodations are distributed across the park to provide luxury and comfort. Services like airstrips in Seronera and Grumeti connect this park to other areas. You can drink tea at Serengeti national park and eat your lunch in Zanzibar Islands.

Ngorongoro Crater

The only multiple-land on Earth. This is a quite unique conservation practice that ever existed in human history. This distinguishes Tanzania safari from the rest of Africa

The cohabitation of animals and people in Ngorongoro Crater remains a mystery. Visitors to this area are surprised by how Maasai lived in harmony with wild animals.

Besides this unique practice, the Ngorongoro crater is the best destination for wildlife. The crater rim provides life for thousands of wild animals throughout the year.

Ngorongoro crater is home to the rare specie of Black Rhino. All other big five including Elephants, Lions, Leopards, and Buffalos are easy to see in this area.

This park offers all the luxuries you’re looking for. You can either do a camping safari or a lodging trip. World service brands like  Serena Hotels, Gran Melia, and luxury camps are available inside the park. These accommodations add spice to your game drives with the best meals and drinks.

Ngorongoro Crater provides a flexible option to combine with parks. You can extend your game drives in Lake Manyara or Tarangire national parks.

The uniqueness of this park gives the best odds for you to choose Tanzania for an African safari.

The generosity of its People

Tanzanians were applauded globally for being very kind. Peace cultivated by the forefathers of this nation results in a generational gift. You can either visit the south or north, you won’t feel any difference.

People are so charming and welcoming. No history of racism or tribal wars since independence. People are free to intermingle and intermarry with other cultures.

Compare to other destinations in Africa. Tanzania is a peaceful haven for visitors either on the mainland of Zanzibar. You can decide to experience cultural tourism or attend an annual festival. Include Sauti za Busara (Sound of Wisdom) Saba saba ( Business) or Karibu Fair for Travel.

You can either choose Tanzania over other destinations for humanitarian reasons. You could join volunteering programs either in education, medicine, or conservation.

Gombe & Mahale – Chimp Trekking Experience

From wildlife to human-related species, Tanzania and South Africa offer these trips. South Africa with Chimp Eden. Tanzania provides three hotspots to experience including Gombe, Rubondo, and Mahale National Parks.

These are highly protected areas in our country in conservation. The profound job of Dr. Jane Goodal Institute contributed to the increase of Chimps.

You can visit these areas while on Africa safaris. You can spend enough time exploring and learning about chimpanzee life.  Thanks to good practice of limiting the number of visitors per day in these parks.

This provides a serene environment to relax and walk the forest or climb the Mahale mountain.  After a long trek, you could stay in lodge huts within these parks.

Visiting Tanzania, especially Gombe and Mahale creates a mental shift in how you see life.  Planning is the key to timing the best time. These areas are quite remote in Tanzania but the reward is incomparable for those who dare to visit.

You can either combine it with game drives in Serengeti or a cultural trip in Mwanza. Though don’t forget the beautiful lake of Tanyangika and Victoria you can add to your trip list.

Safety & Tranquility

Safety comes first when planning your vacation in any part of the world. Both these destinations are safe, and Tanzania is quite safe than South Africa.

The nature and history of Tanzania determine the quality of lifestyle among people. Tanzanians are very kind, with no history of racism or tribalism, or political chaos.

If you think about which city to visit, any part of the country is a free zone for visitors to visit for any purpose.

From the arrival point to departure, you could experience people with beautiful smiles.

This article has more details about your safety in Tanzania.

Safety in Tanzania: Is Tanzania safe to visit?

The strategic location of Tanzania

Knowing the entry and exit point are the best ideal for a successful tour plan. Both of these countries are in the southern part of Africa.

Though South Africa is far away to the south and Tanzania is in East Africa. Tanzania is well-positioned to connect to the other best destinations.

You can connect to Maasai Mara, Rwanda, or Uganda for Gorilla trekking.  If you visit Tanzania you can either exit to Kenya or Uganda by road transport or air transport.

Tanzanite experience

Tanzanite is a precious gemstone only available in Tanzania only.  You can find it in jewelry shops around the world but if you want to experience how it’s mined you should visit here.

Both South Africa and Tanzania are well known for Gold mining. Though Tanzania owns a limited gemstone which is Tanzanite. Only mined in Mererani.

If you’re traveling in search of the best metals then Tanzania offers the best spot to visit the source. You can arrange with us if you want to visit mining areas in Tanzania.

Selous Game reserve – 3x Times the size of Kluger

One-third (1/3) of Tanzania’s land is distributed for wildlife conservation. With the giant game reserve in the world, Selous in Tanzania stands a chance to be the largest game in Africa. Its size is three times the size of Kluger National Park in South Africa.

Because of its size, no one ever covered the whole park while doing the game drive. Whether your looking for lions or wild dogs  Selous game reserve offers everything.

There are many scheduled flights to this remote part of Tanzania. Connecting either Zanzibar or Serengeti. You can also experience the railway trip through TAZARA ( Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority)

This park is reachable from Dare-salaam or Morogoro in Tanzania. You can also extend your stay by combing with other parks including Ruaha and Mikumi.

If you’re interested to visit this game reserve planning is the key. Some of the accommodations during the rainy season close their operation.

Cultural Tourism

With more than 120’s ethnic groups. Tanzania beat any destinations which you will try to compare with. The slow adoption of modern culture is an opportunity for Tanzania travelers.

Thinking of modern life in South Africa and the indigenous culture. The more advance in life the more cultural disturbance.

If you find to visit Tanzania, each tribe still embraces its norms and traditions. Whether you visit coastal cities, you will observe the culture in Bagamoyo, Zanzibar. In the northern part of the country Maasai, Chagga, Datoga, and many others.

Because of travel, is possible to have a full package of cultural programs.  You can decide to stay either in Maasai Bomas.  Or you can combine it with wildlife safaris in Tanzania.

Green cities and natural reserves

Tanzania’s climate varies from one location to the other. The largest part of the country is occupied by water and mountain ranges.

The mountain ranges and large bodies of water supply the land with enough rainfall. If by chance you climb Mount Kilimanjaro you will observe the lowland areas.

The weather in cities like Mbeya is quite friendly and looks green throughout the year. But also if you visit Arusha, the travel city of Tanzania, the weather is so wonderful.

The weather pattern creates a blissful experience for visitors to Tanzania. Few industries make the air less toxic compared to South Africa.

The thick forest and extended green vegetation create a mind relief. Despite the leisure brought by watching wild animals. Nature provides us with the natural boost of our psychic energy.

Thinking about how you can enjoy your trip beyond normal. Contact us and we can customize together the eco-tourism trip in Tanzania.

Lake Natron -True Home Lesser Flamingo

You can see Lesser Flamingos in different parts of the world. Yes, though if you want to witness their only breeding zone, you should visit Tanzania.

The distribution of flamingos is wide. You can see Lake Eyasi, and Magadi in Kenya, Pakistan, West Africa, and Southern Africa. These birds are nomadic birds of the soda lake of the rift valley.

If you really want to enjoy the excitement of the breeding season, then visiting  Tanzania is the best idea.

You can combine this trip with other destinations including Ngorongoro and Serengeti.

Udzungwa falls – Sanje waterfalls

If you miss a trip to Victoria Falls in Zambia or Zimbabwe then we have the best alternative  in Tanzania.  The Udzungwa Mountain  National Park offers you the amazing opportunity to explore falls.

Enjoying the kaleidoscopic view of the Sanje Falls about 170 meters. Enjoying the swimming activities in the waterfalls plunge pool.

Visiting Sanje waterfalls gives you four hours of walking experience. Besides the amazing falls, you can get a chance to see Iringa red Colobus and Sanje Crested Mangabey. These are endemic species to this area only.

You can decide to overnight in the camps available in this area. Udzungwa is a very natural environment compared with parks in Tanzania.

You could combine Udzungwa falls with Mikumi and Ruaha National Parks in Iringa.

Tree climbing Lions in Manyara

It’s not a myth is the truth in Lake Manyara national park in Tanzania. Visiting this park awakens your curiosity about what it takes for lions to climb trees.

This phenomenon was recorded for the first time in this park. This practice is not an accident but is a common practice for the lions in Manyara national parks.

The rift valley provides underground streams to this park. This resulted in dense vegetation which support also the life of hundreds of birds.

Lake Manyara offers a chance to see zebra, giraffes, baboons, hippos, and many other species.

You can extend your trip to Ngorongoro and Serengeti national parks in Tanzania.

East Africa Rift Valley

The result of underworld forces created the great  East Africa Valley.  The final result is the outgrowing of rivers and streams, parks, and lakes.

This rift resulted in lakes Tanganyika, Nyasa, Manyara,  Eyasi,  Natron, and Magadi in Kenya. Observing this gigantic move in Africa, especially Tanzania is an amazing experience.

Whether you are on a trip to Serengeti or Ngorongoro crater you have the chance to cross this rift of East Africa.

You can experience the hot weather and very dense population within this rift valley. If you’re on a Tanzania safari, at Manyara national park you will have the best chance to see, feel, and experience.

To drive this topic home. Africa safaris are a life experience you won’t dare to miss. In the spirit of “Hakuna Matata” ( No problem ) (Pas de probleme). We invite you to these beautiful countries n Africa.