Wearing the right kind of gear for the summit is very important. Try to cover your body with many layers to avoid coldness during the summit.

Avoid wearing wet clothes, wear fresh and dry clothes for the summit night. Especially the inner layers to make sure you are always warm.

Cover & Protection

Cover your Cell Phone, Camera, spare batteries, and water bottles to avoid freezing. Turn ON your headlight, walk slow, stay behind your guide all time. Avoid frequent stops because it will make you feel cold and tired.

Walking Poles

Don’t forget to bring your walking poles. Your poles are very important for both ascending and descending. Remember to set the right size before you leave the base camp because might freeze and get stuck.

Drink a lot of Water

Remember to drink plenty of water at the beginning, your water might freeze as you climb higher. Try to blowback the camelback tube from time to time after drinking to avoid water freezing.