Tanzania offers not only a safe safari experience for kids but also stands as one of the most beautiful places on Earth—a true lifetime gift for adventurous families.

This destination boasts stunning attractions, from wildlife and sandy beaches to family-focused guides, providing an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy superb lodges with swimming pools and favorable weather.

Tanzania’s safari options are grouped into two travel regions, the northern and southern tourism circuits, each offering unique and exciting experiences for kids on safari.

What are the best regions for kids on Safari in Tanzania?

Northern Tanzania

This is the safari hub for wildlife tourism in Tanzania.

Filled with mega travel hotels and lodges. It’s a safe place to take your kids on holiday.

Kids will see animals, experience culture, and even join other kids.

Whether by visiting orphanage centers or child-care units.

Many lodges or luxury camps are designed with family suite rooms.

To accommodate families with kids on safari.

These tourism circuits might not be cheap but worth visiting.

The beautiful Island of Zanzibar
kite surfing zanzibar

The island itself is enough to make kids’ dreams fulfilled while on safari in Tanzania.

But Zanzibar is the perfect family destination.

Many hotels also have swimming pools. (ideal for passing the time while the tide is out) .

And spacious grounds, and there’s a wide choice of child-friendly cuisine.

Zanzibar Island is well-developed in terms of tourist facilities.

Including lodges, hotels, and hostels for tourists.

The price can vary depending on your choice.

Many lodges are built along the beach to give you and your family the real safari experience in Tanzania.

Zanzibar offers many excursions but many could not be friendly to kids.

Especially those under the age of 5 years. Many excursions can be either.

Scuba-diving, snorkeling, and safari blue visiting Prison Island and Jozani forest.

It’s better to plan and get all clear information.

Also knowing which activity will be suitable for kids while in Zanzibar.

North-East Tanzania

This is a less visited part of the country but worth spending time with kids on safari while in Tanzania.

The notable parks to visit include Saadani  National Parks and Bagamoyo.

Saadani is a beautiful park with its beaches.

The extending beaches in Saadani are incomparable to any other part of Tanzania.

The white sand beaches with less traffic will allow kids to enjoy and refresh.

The area is accessible from Dar- es salaam via Msata.

Bagamoyo is an old city with a lot of history and places to visit.

Bagamoyo is the cultural center of the Swahili coast.

A lot of things for kids to learn and enjoy. Learning is the main reason for traveling with kids.

Kids can learn many things during your safari in Tanzania

What are the recommended safaris for kids in Tanzania?

Wildlife safari

Tanzania is the best country to visit for a wildlife trip in Africa.

This country offers a diverse number of national parks and game reserves for the wildlife safari experience.

The question is: What are the best safari destinations for kids in Tanzania?

Ngorongoro Crater
lions of ngorongoro crater

Is the best destination to visit, suitable for a game drive and Africa’s Big Five experience.

Ngorongoro Crater is the only place in Tanzania to see endangered Black Rhinos.

Kids will also be able to see lions, elephants, buffaloes, impalas, and many other animals found in Tanzania.

The good news is, that Ngorongoro Crater is a well-established destination.

When it comes to the best places to stay for kids and families on safari.

Best lodges and luxury camps offer family suite rooms for night stays and all other extra services required by kids on safari.

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Saadani National Park

Saadani is the best place, where the bush meets the beach.

Is the beautiful park with amazing views for kids and even family while on stay?

You can organize a short trip from Daresalaam or Arusha for your family.  Kids can enjoy wildlife and the beach

If you need an escape from traffic then Saadani National Park is the only choice.

You could never think about it while in Tanzania with kids on safari.

While at Saadani national park kids can enjoy beach sports.

Beach meals and camping along these beautiful beaches.

There are a few lodges and hotels in this area including the Saadani Pak hotel.

Serengeti National park

This giant park of the north is an amazing destination to think about.

However, kids under the age of 5 years are not allowed on a game drive.

If you are traveling with kids above 9 or 10 years.

Many facilities offer 50% discount rates for accommodation.

Serengeti National Park is one of the most developed parks in Tanzania than any other.

Many services required by visitors are available. Air-strip and all kinds of accommodation.

Whether you are on a budget safari or a luxury safari in Tanzania.

Serengeti is the ideal place to visit for a family safari.

There is a high chance to see the big five within a short period.

With kids on safari, many facilities offer special suites.  And services focused on family.

You can also choose Serengeti Sky Safari to save time and avoid a long drive from Arusha or  Nairobi.

The road in the park is not a tarmac road.

So you should expect a bumping road experience while driving to Serengeti.

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Arusha National Park

If you’re in Arusha, this park is the best for day trips with kids on safari.

Is a very small park in Tanzania but very beautiful.

With the best view of Mount  Meru and the open sky, you could even get a chance to see the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Arusha National Park is ideal for wildlife safari and walking safari.

If you’re traveling with kids above the age of 11  years, you can try something different.

Whether walking or a full-day game drive.

Arusha National Park offers the best chance for kids to visit  Lake Momella. Enjoy wildlife near the open plain known as the small Serengeti.

The high number of birds and plants are the best attractions of this park too.

The picnic sites are the best places to enjoy lunch with kids in this park. You can return to the hotel or lodge after the trip.

If you will need to extend to other parks like Tarangire is very possible.

Ruaha National Parks & Selous

If you’re planning to visit the southern part of Tanzania for a wildlife safari.

Then Selous and Ruaha are the best places to visit.

These parks are Ideal for older children and also offer safari in open vehicles.

Visiting these parks may need a flight either from Zanzibar, Arusha, or Dar-salaam.

It’s possible for day trips or multi-day tours. May camps offer family-friendly suites?

Also, kids will get the best chance to experience river cruising while on Selous.

If you’re interested in visiting Selous or Ruaha, feel free to contact us.

Cultural Experience

Tanzania is the only country with more than 126 ethnic groups. Living with peace with harmony.

Taking kids on safari to experience culture will arouse their curiosity.

And add something new to their perspective on the world.

Maasai are not only the tribe available in Tanzania.

But there are many other unique experiences across the country.

You can take kids on safari to experience the Datoga or Hadzabe. (

Bushmen) or take kids to Chagga people in Kilimanjaro.

All these tribes love to share their culture with travelers.

Kids can learn how to prepare coffee, African food, or even Milk cattle with Maasai.

The cultural program can be customized for more than day trips.

You can either decide to live with Maasai or  Hadzabe for days.

Request a special package from your safari specialist in Tanzania.

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Beautiful beaches and Lakes

Lake Victoria
lake victoria

Zanzibar is not only a place in Tanzania with beautiful beaches.

Lake Victoria is a beautiful place to visit in Tanzania either in Mwanza or Mara.

Lake Victoria offers very family-friendly beaches which are safe for all ages.

If you visit Mwanza or Musoma in Mara you can stay on Malaika Beach.

Tunza Beach, Tembo Beach, Matvilla, or visiting Saanane Island with kids.

Kids can enjoy fishing and beach sports.

But also meals including Tilapia and African cuisine are available for an affordable price.

While in Mwanza or Musoma Mara.

You can organize a day trip or a multi-day safari to Serengeti National Parks.

Both Mwanza and Mara offer flight services in case you want to travel to Zanzibar.

Or Kilimanjaro International Airpot for departure.


Before traveling with kids to Africa or Tanzania.

Make sure you have insurance coverage and pay for your visa.

The good news is, that getting a visa to Tanzania is made easy with just a few clicks online via the Tanzania e-visa system

Taking kids on safari is very safe. Though it’s very important to plan.

Research the best safari operators in Tanzania before traveling.

Thank you for taking the time to read our article about traveling with kids on safari.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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