This is the question that needs a clear answer for whoever thinks to visit Tanzania.

Animals are beautiful people whether domesticated or wild animals. As humans, we have a love for nature, since nature is life.

Our curiosity to see or play with animals like dogs, cats, horses, or even castles is natural for all.

Through media, games, and even drawing we have learned and understood natural life.

As we mature our burning desire to witness the life of animals takes place. We start to search for information on where to go.

“No wonder Africa may come across your search”

Though Africa is not a single country right? Yeah !, You narrow down your search for specific countries with abundant wildlife.

No wonder Tanzania appears on the top list of African wildlife destinations. For years this country won many awards for being the best safari destination.

With its renowned parks like Serengeti and Ruaha not to mention Ngorongoro crater.

Tanzania like other countries in Africa is quite huge. From the North to the South wildlife are everywhere.

Though to be specific there are areas that have been set for conservation.

These areas are national parks, game reserves, marine parks, and game-controlled areas.

Depending on your choice, every part of this country you will visit is full of life.

The well-known documentary “Serengeti Will Never Die” was recorded in this beautiful country.

People around the world get excited to visit Serengeti to see the great migration.

Despite Serengeti National Park being famous, there are other prime destinations.

You won’t dare to miss Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire to the north. Ruaha and Selous to the South.

To clear the myth of Africa safari. Many visitors assume that animals are available in every part of the country.

The truth is NO. Wildlife parks are located in the interior part of the country far from cities in a range between 50- 300 km.

Despite that knowing where to go and when is the bonus to your Africa safari experience.

Tanzania has a lot more to offer than you might think and every national park is unique.

We invite you to our favorite destinations and learn what you should expect while on your trip.

Serengeti National Park

This is home to millions of wildebeest and thousands of wildcats including lions.

Serengeti is popular for wildebeest migration, this natural event attracts thousands of visitors.

Apart from enjoying the great migration, Serengeti offers the best view of wildlife.

The nature of this park is endless plain with short grass this is where its name comes from in the Maasai language.

Wildlife viewing in Serengeti is by using 4X4 WD cars.

The open roof on our safari cars provides the best chance to take pictures and have a closer look at the big five.

Also, you can opt for walking safaris where you could have the best chance to explore nature in its origin.

All walking trips should be accompanied by an armed ranger for your safety.

Ngorongoro Crater

Visiting Africa for a safari without Ngorongoro Crater is a big regret.

This iconic crater which gives life and shelter to thousands of wildlife is amazing.

The unique form of conservation is the grace of the Maasai people.

They are allowed to live and raise their cattle. Is a mystery to many visitors who dare to visit.

Like other parks, game drives are the best activities available. We use the best safari jeeps for game viewing.

Though you can choose a walking safari or bike tour along the plain of Ngorongoro.

You can visit Olmoti and Empakai Crater but also you can have the best chance to visit Maasai families.

Maasai people are very charming and welcoming to visitors.

Ruaha National Park

This is the gem of southern Tanzania. Is the second-largest park in Tanzania. Ruaha is well known for large groups of lions and Elephants.

During the wet season, this park experiences thousands of migratory bird species.

These birds migrate from Asia, Europe, and Australia to this park, so for bird lovers, this is heaven.

Game drives and walking trips are the best experiences here.

You can combine them together. You will spend some days on game drives and others on walking safaris.

Also, don’t forget the best accommodation either within or outside the park. You can choose either budget or luxury camping

Tarangire National park

The myth of a cursed tree is here. When earlier societies thought of the outlook of the bao-bao tree as a curse from Gods

Is a fascinating story once you’re in this park crowded with big bao-bao trees and open savanna.

Tarangire also is very popular for the largest groups of Elephants in size.

During the dry season, this is the best park ever to visit in Tanzania.

It becomes so easy to see animals and birds seeking refuge along the Tarangire River.

Game driving and walking remain options for viewing wildlife. But also the new night game experience is available.

Other activities like hot air balloons provide an amazing experience for game viewing.

Tarangire is the best park to combine with other national parks. Is the best park also for those with limited time? Yes, It’s possible to do day trips.

Lake Manyara National Park

The tree-climbing lions were first discovered in this park.

The nature of lions climbing trees has been the best experience for many visitors to this park.

Whether for a game drive or walking this park provides the best opportunity for visitors.

With a high number of birds, zebra, lions, and other wild animals. This park is ideal to visit while in Tanzania.

The location of this park allows you also to visit either Ngorongoro Crater or Serengeti.

Arusha National Park

This park offers a complement for wildlife viewing and mountain views.

Is a very small park though beautiful. For nature lovers, Arusha National Park is the place to be.

The thick forest, Momela Lake, Waterfalls, and small Serengeti plain are magnificent.

You can visit this park throughout the year and the dry season is the best time to explore.

The rare White Colobus Monkeys, African Cape Buffalo, Giraffes, Elephants, and Antelopes.

You can enjoy other activities like canoeing in Lake Momolla or you can do walking safaris.

Don’t forget the picnic lunch. Always served within the parks. Enjoy the beauty of Tanzania.

Selous Game Reserve

One of the largest protected areas in Africa. Selous is a gem of the southern highland.

Easy accessible from Dar es Salaam of Zanzibar. Whether by air, road, or railway.

Visiting this park is the best choice you could ever make in Tanzania.

Despite it is size, the highest concentrations of wildlife and beautiful bird species.

Selous is so famous for wild cats like lions, cheetahs,s, and leopards.

But also is best to see rare species of wild dogs in large groups not easy to see while in Serengeti National Parks.

Selous Game Reserve offers the best accommodations whether luxury or budget.

It’s better to plan in advance since during the wet season some camps close until the dry season.

Game drives, walking safaris, and cultural tours are common activities available.

This park offers the best chance to visit other parks including Mikumi and Ruaha

Gombe and Mahale National Parks

These two parks offer a unique adventure for chimps trekking in Tanzania.

Decades of dedication by Dr. Jane Goddal and her team created safe haven for chimpanzees.

Located in the western part of Tanzania. There are restrictions on visiting these parks for larger groups of people.

It’s better if you have an interest in chimp trekking, you better plan in advance

The bonus adventure while in these two parks is the presence of Lake Tanganyika. One of the deepest lakes on Earth.

Enjoy swimming and sunbathing along the beautiful sandy beaches.


Wildlife viewing in Tanzania is not a story to tell. The moment you reach any of these parks you will realize how African safari is so unique.

The countless herds and large pride of Lions are quite common to see.

Combining wildlife safaris and cultural tourism adds spice to your trips.

Experience the authentic life of Maasai and Hadzabe in the northern part of Tanzania

You can camp at Lake Natron and enjoy Lesser Flamingos or you can camp in Maasai Boma and experience them. Tanzania Safari is beyond imagination.

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