Forest Hill Hotel is built between the natural vegetation associated with its riverine open woodland setting. The abundance of trees, plants and accompanying undergrowth sustain the many species of smaller mammals, reptiles and birds that reside around the property—a hotel where an awkward taste has not counteracted the natural beauty of the grounds.

There is a choice of accommodation, the warm decor and contemporary fittings ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. All rooms have close-by parking spaces which allow for unpacking, dusting off and repacking before your onward journey.

Forest hill hotel is located in Kisongo, just 1.5 km from Arusha Airport

With 32 elegant rooms, two restaurants, three bars, a coffee lounge, a children’s playground and a discotheque “Club Safari”, Forest Hill Carnival offers many options for an enjoyable entertaining stay.

Experience Africa’s greatest dining experience “Carnivore Style” at Forest Hill. Here, a huge variety of delicious meat is roasted over a spectacular fire. Together with the exciting atmosphere and excellent service, your dinner will be an absolute treat.

Forest Hill Carnival Hotel offers a place to relax and make new lasting memories.

LocationArusha, Tanzania


OtherCarnivore bbq & disco party

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