While Alex Walker’s Serian is arguably the best camp in the north, in the south it stands head and shoulders above the rest. This is largely down to his location, which allows guests to enjoy walking, fly-camping and cultural visits to the Hadzabe, something no other camp in the south offers. Alex Walker also has a smaller camp inside the borders of the Serengeti. Called Kusini, this four tent camp is an intimate and again very secluded way to experience the migration.

Serian Serengeti South Camp – The Details

Alex Walker’s Serian moves twice a year. When the camp is not up in Kogatende (Serian Serengeti North) it is down in its own private piece of the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area. Further south of his competitors, Alex Walker has found a beautiful and secluded segment of wilderness the likes of which no other mobile tented camp can offer. But, unlike the north, Alex has two camps in the south. Serian Kusini has just four tents and is located to the west of the Ndutu cluster, on the border of the Maswa reserve. The tents are identical, as is the Alex Walker safari atmosphere.

In the main camp, the 6 tents are the same tents as their northern counterparts. Large, elegantly furnished, with very comfortable beds, all have en-suite bathrooms with flushing toilets and bucket showers. Unlike some camps, the tents do not have running water. The guiding, food and service are excellent. Alex Walker is famous for creating the perfect safari atmosphere and Serian Serengeti South is no exception.

What separates the southern version of this mobile tented camp from its competitors is not the excellent overall quality of the product, but the unrivalled location. Do not let the fact that it is outside the Serengeti put you off – the herds of the great migration are as likely to be here as anywhere else. While they are there (and even if they are not) you have an unmatched number of ways to take your Tanzania safari. Walking is a speciality here and is done along the shores of the nearby seasonal salt lake, Lake Eyasi. Fly-camping, a chance to spend a night or two under the stars, is also possible. Uniquely for the Serengeti you can also experience some traditional African culture. But don’t expect a Masai tourist village, this is real thing. The Hadzabe are the last traditional hunter gatherer tribe in Africa and what few are left live along the northern bank of the lake.

Combine these activities with the private vehicle with driver AND spotter that comes as standard at Alex Walker’s Serian Serengeti South and you can see why this camp is such an office favourite.

Out to the north-west, Kusini’s 6 tents make it perfect for both larger groups looking for a camp to rent out or as part of a Tanzania honeymoon who are looking for an even more intimate experience. Serian Kusini also offers off road game driving, another rarity in the Serengeti. Combining the two camps is proving ever more popular as it doubles your odds of seeing the migration while giving guests the option of experiencing the Alex Walker safari product for longer, a chance we would jump at!

One of the biggest choices to make when heading on safari in the Serengeti is choosing what type of camp would suit you best. There are some big differences between permanent lodges comapred to your mobile camps. The permanent lodges don’t move throughout the year and have more facilities such as swimming/plunge pools. This makes them perfect for families with children who enjoy spending the middle of the day splashing around in the cool water, yet they do come at a much higher price.

On the other hand, mobile camps are what encapsulates the Serengeti. Permanent lodges can be found all over Africa, but a camp that moves with the wildebeest migration is only found in Tanzania, and we love them! Apart from being great value for money, their movements ensure you are in the best possible position to view the migration throughout the year. Mobile camps allow you to really immerse yourself in nature and give you that authentic ‘Out of Africa’ feel which is what draws so many visitors to East Africa.

Price starts at $ 1242 per person