Tanzania is a safari hotspot in Africa. With more than 22 national parks. No wonder it is the best wildlife destination in East Africa with its world-renowned parks. 

Whether you’re visiting Tanzania for wildlife safaris, beach holidays, or Maasai. Tanzania has a lot of luxury experiences to offer to its visitors. 

Are you thinking of the best luxury safari holiday in Tanzania? It could be yes. Here is the list of luxury safari ideas and itineraries. 

1. Luxury Lodging Safaris

Tanzania is home to exclusive luxurious lodges and hotels. These facilities offer world-classic services to their clients.

Most of these hotels or Lodges are part of the global chain of luxury accommodations.

Luxury lodging safaris are so focused on using these facilities for clients overnight. Our packages are inclusive of all services from arrival day to departure day.  

Most of these lodges or hotels range from 3- 5 stars. For instance Mount Meru Hotel, Melia Serengeti, Sopa Lodge, and Four Seasons. And Singita Faru Faru Lodge. 

Overnight prices range from $450 to $ 12,000. This is one of our itineraries for 8 Days Tanzania Tours 

3 Days Crater  Jewel Safaris. Spend three days in Tanzania by visiting the Ngorongoro crater, one of the seven wonders.  This tour overnight in a 5-star hotel and Luxurious lodge with the Ngorongoro crater. Here is the link for this luxury lodging safari. 

5 Days Tanzania Safari. This is the best short safari in Tanzania. Visitors get the best chance to visit Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire, and Serengeti National Park. In the northern circuit of Tanzania. Here is the link for more information about this safari in Tanzania

6 Days Big Five Safari. What better trip in Africa than a big five safari? This luxury safari’s main focus is to explore the big five including. Lions, Elephants, Africa Cape Buffalo, Rhino, and Leopard. It covers the best safari parks of Tarangire, Ngorongoro Crater, and Serengeti. Here is the link for more information. 

2. Luxury Camping Safaris

Camping safaris are an old yet classical form of adventure. The adoption of new ideas and heavy investment have changed the landscape of camping. 

The old assumption of camping has been replaced by luxury ideas. From mobile camping or temporary camping to permanent tented camps. This brought together all the luxuries of camping.

The notable services offered in five-star hotels can also be found in Tanzania camping.  The quality and unique style of these luxury safari camps is an awesome experience. 

The well-known camps to perfect the art of luxury camping safaris include Ang’ata camps. Kirurumu Under Canvas, Kigelia Camps, The Whisper Camps, Tortilis Camps, Selous River Camp. 

Many of these camps are distributed across Tanzania safari circuits either southern or northern.  This is the selection of our luxury camping safari packages in Tanzania. 

6 Days Serengeti Migration.  The main focus of this trip is the Serengeti migration. You will spend all days in Serengeti following the migration. Here is the link for this luxury camping safari.

7 Days Tanzania Adventure.  This tour combines the best of  Tanzania wildlife parks and camps. For days one and two you will experience lodge options at Arusha and Manyara. Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti are typical luxury camping experiences. Here is the link for this trip.  

5-Day Luxury Camping  Safari. This is the best combined luxury camping safari in Tanzania. Visitors get the best chance to visit Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire, and Serengeti National Park.  Cultural experience in the northern circuit of Tanzania. Here is the link for more information about this luxury camping safari. 

3. Zanzibar Luxury Holiday & Safaris

Zanzibar Island is undoubtedly the best island in Africa. The stretching sand beach will send your mind to the future. This Island is quite unique and lovely. 

Zanzibar offers exclusive luxury safari services and facilities for visitors. Most of our trips are either typical Zanzibar or combined with wildlife to spice your trip. 

The notable chains of luxury hotel and lodge brands are available on this Island. Think of Melia Zanzibar , Zanzibar Serena, Zanzibar Palace Hotel .

9 Days Camping Safari and Zanzibar. The best safari and Zanzibar combination.  This tour gives the best chance to visit notable safari destinations in Tanzania. Serengeti, Tangire and Ngorongoro Crater and tour end in Zanzibar. Here is the link for more information.

5 Days Soul of Zanzibar.  This is a typical Zanzibar Island vacation. The main focus is a historical tour, Spice tour, and Safari Blue. The accommodation on these trips is of international standards. 

10 Days  Colors of Zanzibar.  Total relaxation, exploration, and learning are the core of this luxury trip. The history, culture, and beaches of Zanzibar are covered here. Explore this tour for more information.

4. Honeymoon Luxury Safaris

Tanzania is a honeymoon galaxy in Africa for honeymooners. Offering the most romantic luxury experience you could ever imagine. 

It’s our priority to make sure that everyone involved in this tour is aware that this is your luxury honeymoon. We always go beyond the lines to create an unforgettable experience in life.

What better way to begin your honeymoon!? Tanzania is the perfect destination. Its endless horizons, vast open plains, and plenty of wildlife, birds, and nature.  Tanzania luxury safaris are everything you imagine them to be and more!

Our luxury safari honeymoons can take you anywhere you like in Tanzania. From the endless plains of Serengeti to the highest peak of Africa Mount Kilimanjaro. 

11 Days Honeymoon Safari. The extended tour for Mount Kilimanjaro climbing to Serengeti and Lake Victoria. This is a luxury safari that combines the Marangu route, and game drives in Serengeti. Lake Victoria beach relaxation in Mwanza.

It carries all the taste of a lovely journey. Focusing on the Kilimanjaro fool moon is a unique experience to spice your honeymoon. Here is the link for more information.

7 Days Honeymoon Safari. Perfect designed tour plan to offer you the taste of Tanzania’s prime destinations. This trip will include one overnight at Mount Kilimanjaro. Arusha National Park, Serengeti m Ngorongoro Crater, and Tarangire. 

Enjoy the local cuisine, stories, and cultural exchange with your team. Surprises and the best game drives are the key focus of this tour. You might want to learn more about this luxury honeymoon safari.

5. Mount Kilimanjaro Luxury Safaris

Mount Kilimanjaro is a premium luxury destination in Tanzania. The beauty of ice on top of this free-standing mountain is the symbol of hope and freedom for Africa. 

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro can be a challenge. However, the reward of reaching its peak is beyond imagination. Position on the northern circuits of Tanzania. It offers the best chance to connect with other ideal destinations.  

Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Zanzibar can be combined with Kilimanjaro climbing. The best hotels and lodges within the parks are the ideal features of this tour. 

11 Days Tanzania Classic Safari.  After six days of climbing Kilimanjaro through the Marangu route. We throw away climbing sticks and hold binoculars ready to enjoy the wildlife.  

On this trip, you will visit Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and Serengeti.  Experience the best services from lodges and tented camps in Serengeti and Karatu.  Read more about 11 Days  Tanzania Classic Safari.

14 Days Camping Safari. Two consecutive days of exploring  Tanzania. The six-day challenge to the summit of Africa through the Machame route. 

Relax after climbing for a spa treatment and on the next day your wildlife safari. You will visit Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, and Tarangire National Parks. 

Stay in luxurious lodges, hotels, and camps in Tanzania.  Including  Mount Meru Hotel, Ang’ata Camps, Manyara Wildlife Camp, and Enayati Lodge.  Read more about 14 Days Camping  Safari

Luxury safari holidays in Tanzania are not fixed trips. You can customize it to fit your best interest.  

The Safari add-on includes Hot-Air Balloons, Horse riding, City tours, and spa treatments. Cultural tours include Maasai and Hadzabe.

It’s also possible to take a flight to and from Arusha to other parks instead of a road trip. This could add up your budget but save time. 

In case you need more help contact our team for more information about Tanzania tours and safari. 

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